Why Is Subway So Expensive? (11 Reasons Why)

You don’t have to buy a hamburger at a Subway restaurant for $1.29 — it is usually more like $2.00, making this sandwich the most expensive one on the menu.

I’ve done some research, and I’ve found out that Subway is expensive because the ingredients are expensive.

Why Is Subway So Expensive In 2022?

However, some consumers are concerned with Subway’s environmental impact, and they look for lower-cost fast food. This leads to fast-food chains, like Taco Bell, trying to attract people by cutting costs. These new fast-food restaurants have better-quality ingredients that cost less. If this process continues, fast food will continue to shrink the fast-food industry.

Keep reading to see more reasons why Subway’s prices are somewhat higher than other fast-food chains!

1. The Cost Of Fast Food Is Increasing Rapidly

Fast-food chains have reported that prices for fast-food items are on the increase. The price hike mainly affects Subway.

The fast food industry is getting a lot of attention from consumers because healthier food is now becoming a lot more important than the taste of a food.

Because Subway is able to increase the price of their food, they can now charge less for their food.

However, the need for fast food has never diminished. It is a convenience that outweighs the option of cooking at home for many people.

The demand for fast-food companies will gradually increase as time goes on, that’s why companies will raise their prices.

2. The Increase Of Minimum Wage Has Increased Labor Cost

The minimum wage should be raised to $15 for everyone.

This increase in the minimum wage makes it harder for businesses to operate, as one of their biggest expenses are labor.

When profit is lost because of higher labor cost, the business owner would have to raise the price of his products to make up for the profit loss.

You can’t afford to live in New York City on $6.75 an hour and still get the job done. And a sub? With the price of a small salad? No way.

3. The Subway Store Owners Need To Make A Profit

Subway store owners usually don’t make a very good living, and they often own at least three Subway stores to make a decent living.

The price of the ingredients costs too much to buy and the service charges are very expensive.

Additionally, store owners are working almost all day and are not able to spend enough time to go to a local club to just have some drinks and meet some girls.

4. The Quality Of The Ingredients

It was also a cause for worry to Subway’s food quality because Subway was not a high-quality restaurant.

The owners of a Subway restaurant decided that the food had to taste better.

Now, the price of the products is much higher than before. To make a long story short, they started buying cheaper ingredients.

Because they want quality ingredients at a cheaper price, Five Guys is the first chain restaurant to open a kitchen.

5. Subway Uses A Lot Of Fresh Ingredients

Ever since Subway started experimenting with a more natural, fresh approach to its menu. It has since expanded its line of sandwiches to include more vegetables and healthier options.

In response to the demand for a better price, the farmers of the area are forced to increase the prices for vegetables.

The produce needs to have a good quality so that it looks and tastes good.

6. It Will Cost More Money to Make Your Subway Order At Home

Buying a Subway sandwich at home has higher food quality than buying it at Subway.

If you buy a sub at the deli, you’ll be buying a few different things. You won’t be spending more money on the one sub, but you’ll need to keep track of a grocery list in order to buy what you’ll need.

Also, they are very good for you. They are delicious, healthy, and of course filling. Not to mention, they’re just fun to eat.

7. The Portion Sizes At Subway Are Very Generous

But if you consider the amount of effort and time it takes creating a sandwich, the price might seem a little expensive.

You can get as much bread as you like, as much protein as you like, as many toppings as you want, and as much sauces as you please.

It might seem silly that the top sub doesn’t cost more, but because they don’t have to make a whole sub, they can charge a higher price per pound.

8. The Massive Cost To Run A Subway Restaurant

It can be expensive to own a Subway restaurant. There are the purchase costs, rent, and building fees to consider.

If they’re open for most of the day the electricity bill is gonna be massive.
The day-to-day costs are expensive. The electricity bill alone can be massive due to the stores staying open for most of the day.

You also have to be careful about the amount of food you’re eating.

9. Subway Is Very Convenient

Subway has so many options, making it great for the customers. Also, it has high-quality ingredients, making it good for the customers.

Subway is the fastest place to get food.

But why do we say, “It takes a lot of work to make fast food”?
It turns out that most fast-food restaurants use the same methods that most other types of restaurants use too.

10. Subway Sandwiches Are Well Prepared And High Quality

I like fast food, but I want to find a company that makes their food consistently every time.

Subway is known for its consistent quality of food because Subway sandwiches are made fresh and toasted upon order and topped with fresh toppings.

But as with any other business, to be sustainable, we will have to raise our prices.

11. There Is A Lot More Prep Time Than Other Fast-Food Chains

If you buy a bag of potato chips, you expect them to be done.

A supermarket also needs to make sure the ingredients are available on the shelves so the customer doesn’t have to go all the way to the meat department to get lamb.

All of the prep time is added to the cost of the product, not just the prep time in the recipe.

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The main reasons why Subway is expensive is because it has to maintain the equipment. They have to pay for food, labor, and more.

Subway is aware people will pay more for a consistently good quality product. They have set the price such that it does not make sense to pay much more for the same sandwiches at a more expensive sandwich shop.

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