Subway Target Market (age, Gender, Salary + More)

The most notable aspect about Subway is that it is a popular fast-food restaurant, that provides people with sandwiches and other foods made with bread. It has many different locations across the country.

While there are many food choices out there, I’ve found out that Subway is targeted towards college students, young professionals, and even older folks.

Subway’s Target Market In 2022

Read on for more information on the career path, growth opportunities, and industry outlook at Subway!

What Age Range Is Subway’s Target Market?

Subways are great because they are affordable, quick, and also nutritious. The brand is also very popular worldwide, which is why children all across the world love them.

The company has been targeting children and families with healthier snacks, including promotional material for kids’ films and TV shows on its packaging, and training the staff to improve their interactions with kids.

The main idea is that if you go to college, you might as well eat like college students.

Where Is Subway’s Target Market Located?

Subway restaurants are located in the United States, and they generate revenue of around $10.2 billion in 2019. They target rural and urban locations in the United States.

With that, the Subway restaurant chain is becoming available around the world.

What Is Subway’s Target Salary Bracket?

According to official data from Subway Japan, it seems that the average salary of the company’s employees is around $30,000 per year. So the company is planning to recruit people who are willing to work at a lower salary that’s far below the company’s own target.

However, Subway attracts both, regular customers, as well as, “higher-income” customers and “lower-incomed” customers.

An example would be that upper middle-class people are more likely to go to Subway because of the price.

Not only that, but they also give you a free small drink when you buy a large drink for your group.

Which Gender Does Subway Target More?

Subway will be targeting both males and females to come to its restaurants.

This is a very important point of the research. Fast food is very popular among men, so this is actually very important in finding out a lot of information about this population.

Fast food is a fast food restaurant where patrons sit at a counter and eat a meal in a short amount of time.
However, there are some who may not be aware that certain fast food stores have more healthier dishes compared to others.

Further, both men and women find Subway appealing for different reasons, whether to have a sandwich, salads, cookies, or more.

What Are Subway Customers Looking For When Ordering At Subway?

I know that a subway can be a bit healthier than an average fast food chain, but I also like to save time and don’t mind eating fast food.

The company is able to fulfill your order quickly, and serve you the meal within minutes. The sandwiches are tasty, and the company has an easy to use system for ordering and placing your order.

And the result of this is that it is a very high-level programming language.

The company also has some healthier options, a salad instead of bread option, and a variety of freshly chopped vegetable toppings.

Subway is a brand that makes you want to try it. The quality is always good, and you’re guaranteed to have fresh ingredients. But if you’re looking for a discount, Subway gives you coupons.

How Does Subway Cater To Its Target Market?

Each day, Subway customers have over 38 million options to choose from at their local Subway locations.

There are both filling items and lighter snacks, like salad and pizza, to cater to people during various times.

Also, Subway has an app which offers many discounts on your local restaurant. You can use the app while you’re at Subway.

What Kind Of Lifestyle Do Subway Customers Have?

Subways targets people that like to be active and eat healthy. Subway is in the restaurant industry, so we want to target people that are busy and need to eat on the go.

Subway also attracts middle aged people and older adults because of the health benefits and the availability of their low priced sandwiches.

What Degree Of Loyalty Do Subway Customers Have?

Not all of the customer service issues were just an isolated problem, they were just one of the many reasons that people were not happy with Subway.

This company is one of the quickest and most convenient brand that people love.

The customers that like to eat at Subway are those that have been to other restaurants and like to have a fresh, clean, and generous sandwich.

What Factors Are Most Important To Subway Customers?

Subway’s quality food makes its customers’ lives better. And its consistency means you’ll always be safe from subbed-out and other health hazards.

It’s not unusual to see staff wear uniforms with Subway branded items like aprons (even the back of the head) as well as wearing sandwich bread in the hair.

Subway’s range of bread, proteins, cheeses, sauces, and toppings makes it a hugely popular place to grab a bite.

How Many People Does Subway Serve?

If you’re interested in Subway’s customer service, you may be interested to know that they hire over 400,000 people in the US alone.

Now let’s try to find even more information.

How Do Subway Customers Feel About The Company?

Even with the Subway chain, a lot of customers aren’t happy with the sandwiches’ taste.

For example, a customer who is served by a human being at Subway feels delighted with the service of the human being.

But most of the customers feel that the company should improve the freshness of its items, like frozen chicken and beef.

To find out more about Subway, you might also be interested in reading about fast food, the food processing industry, and grocery stores.


Their target market includes females and males aged 16-30, targeting people with medium education levels or higher, aiming to attract customers from across all socioeconomic strata, including students.

One of the reasons that Subway is getting in the hands of the market in the United States is that it has a loyal customer base.

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