Why Is Kfc So Expensive? (9 Reasons Why)

This is because KFC is known to be the cheapest fast food joint in town, but they are also one of the most expensive. Not only do they have the lowest prices, but they also have the largest servings.

So, why is a chicken so expensive? The price is the result of a very important decision and decision-making. The chicken is not cheap because it costs nothing at all. It costs a lot because it is a premium.

Why Is KFC So Expensive In 2022?

KFC is more expensive in 2022 because of their secret spice blend, fresh chicken, and family-oriented meals. Also, the chain is not using a dollar menu so they have larger family-oriented meals with higher prices. Finally, KFC fans are willing to pay more for the addictive food.

If you want to know more details as to why KFC is a bit more expensive than other fast-food chains, keep on reading to find all the information you need below!

1. KFC’s Herbs and Spices Blend

This fried chicken tastes so good, because of the secret herbs and spices and secret spices they use to spruce up their breading.

Also, because KFC’s 11 spice blend can’t be properly identified, it justifies the higher prices KFC charges its customers.

If you think of KFC as a restaurant where a customer gets “fried chicken,” then you would understand why it stands out.

KFC was able to capture a wide range of people’s tastes with their secret blend of herbs and spices.

2. KFC Has Unconventional Menu Options

While at KFC, I noticed that instead of having a dollar menu like other fast food places like McDonald’s or Burger King, most of KFC’s menu items are more than $5. That is one of the reasons why KFC has the high prices.

On the other hand, you don’t pay a lot for food at KFC, they have some of the best menu items at a lot of their locations. They can easily be found with a good search, so they should be on your list if you ever need more chicken! KFC is still one of our 10 Best Chicken and Waffles Locations in America.

3. KFC Offers Family-Style Meal Options

Unlike other fast-food chains, KFC designs its menu options to include family-style meals. With the family-style meals, you really can’t go wrong.

The average price of KFC’s Family Fill Up includes 20 pieces of chicken, 10 patties, a side of mashed potatoes, and a large drink — which is about $15.

If a family of four goes to the store and buys $20 worth of food, they can expect about eight servings.

4. KFC Lost Sales During 2020

Another factor that led to KFC increasing its prices is the unprecedented global events that occurred during 2020.
The global coronavirus pandemic caused the world food prices to skyrocket.

The price increase could be attributed to the fact that they had to increase their price to make up for the lost sales.

I am not sure about the exact reason of the price shift so I cannot give any detailed explanation. However, I suggest you to call a service center of your nearest location to ask them.

KFC wanted to increase prices to pay for the new advertising campaign. KFC felt the slogan was inappropriate at a time when the world was concerned about the spread of germs.

5. KFC Only Uses Fresh Chicken

Because KFC only uses fresh and neverfrozen chicken, the restaurant charges more.

The reason why customers are content with paying a little more for fresh chicken instead of frozen chicken is because most other fast food chains use frozen chicken.

The company has different local suppliers of chicken and uses only the finest quality chicken.

6. KFC Pressure Cooks Its Chicken

In chicken preparation, KFC has mastered the chicken preparation process, which is primarily to get rid of the smell of the chicken.

The first step in preparing chicken is to grind the chicken into small pieces.

By using a pressure cooker, KFC chicken will maintain the juiciness and add a crunchy texture that people crave.

7. KFC’s Food Is High in Calories

The reason why KFC’s food is a little more expensive is because of the number of calories it contains.

KFC is famous for being the most cheap and the most expensive in the country.

For example, KFC’s food contains a lot more calories than other restaurants so you’re getting what you pay for in terms of calorific content.

8. KFC’s Crispy Chicken Is Addicting

Because the business is based on the addictive nature of the chicken, the company can charge higher prices because it knows people will continue coming back.

With that, you can say KFC’s food contains a lot of sodium, which is naturally addicting to humans.

But what sets KFC apart from other fast food chicken places is the crispy, juicy tenders that are seasoned properly. They also do the chicken right.

9. Customers Are Willing to Pay for KFC’s Prices 

Even though the fast-food chain continues to charge, it is still serving food that is available in a lot of restaurants.

One of the things that makes KFC stand out from other fast-food chains is its unique menu items.

So customers will pay a little more to get food that tastes better.

If you want to learn more about why is KFC so good, or why is KFC so popular in Japan, or what is KFC.


Several factors have caused KFC to raise their prices over the years. One factor, like the global events of 2020, were out of the KFC’s control.

However, other elements, like the secret spice blend, and the fresh chicken are luxuries that fans will pay more for at KFC.

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