Why Is Kfc So Good? (9 Reasons Why It’s So Delicious)

KFC is a brand that has enjoyed tremendous success and is continuously growing. Their chicken is delicious and their product line is extensive. They have loyal customers and have a large fan base.

The first thing is the famous “finger lickin’ good” taste. Second, KFC uses a lot of fresh chicken in most of their recipes and the meat is always moist.

Why Is KFC So Good In 2022?

To start, KFC prepares chicken using a pressure fryer, which means its food will have a crispy texture. Besides, KFC cooks every item itself. Then, KFC prepares its food using an extensive series of steps, which includes preparing spices, soaking them in buttermilk, rinsing them, soaking the chicken in a solution of sodium chloride, and mixing them with the spices. Lastly, to give its chicken a unique flavor, KFC adds a secret spice blend.

The secret ingredient that makes KFC taste so good is chicken and not the oil and salt that the restaurant serves their customers!

1. KFC’s Food Is Formulated to Be Addicting

However, KFC food isn’t meant to be good alone. KFC chicken tastes better when combined with other ingredients, like coleslaw salad dressing.

KFC is doing everything possible to increase the number of its customers. It has created items that have three main tastes; sweet, salty, and umami.

2. KFC Uses MSG in Its Food

Not only does MSG add a great flavor to food, it also helps the body absorb certain minerals and vitamins.

There was an incident a few decades ago when MSG, as an artificial flavor enhancer, got a bad name.

KFC really adds MSG into their food because they just cook it better than other restaurants. For example, their chicken tastes like it was actually fried in a pan.

3. KFC’s Extensive Chicken Preparation

The main reason why KFC chicken is so tasty is because the staff cooks it properly.

The process is done to ensure that the chicken is safe. But it can also have an impact on their flavors.

 The chicken is made and placed in a fryer which is the same equipment that produces the popular side item, the hash browns.

This is because the chicken is cooked and shaped for a minimum of 3 days. The chicken is then sliced and shaped once more and is ready to be fried.

Now, let us briefly look at the process of creating chicken in the first place.

4. KFC Pressure Cooks Its Chicken

Although it is true that pressure-cooking chicken makes its flavor more delicious than other types of cooking methods, it also makes the chicken more susceptible to bacteria.

Chicken cooks without a loss of juiciness because the fat and skin are rendered from the chicken before it’s cooked.

Korean fried chicken has a very strong flavor, that’s why it is said that it is so flavorful.
Its color can be quite dark and even black, just like other types of fried chicken meat, but the chicken meat inside is very juicy.
It is a very delicious fried chicken.

Because chicken cooked in a pressure cooker tastes juicier, KFC customers keep coming back for more.

5. KFC Only Uses Fresh Ingredients

They start by buying only the best quality chicken. Then they take all the excess fat and skin and toss them in the trash.

At first, KFC got a good reputation for this. But after a major problem in the supply chain, people started to question where the chicken was coming from. KFC had to issue a statement assuring people that it got chicken fresh and never-frozen from local poultry companies.

Although they are in the form of frozen biscuits, the preparation process is done by hand.

6. KFC’s Menu Contains a Lot of Sodium

KFC is known to be the place where the chicken lovers hang out so that they can satisfy their crave for chicken. Almost everyone has a soft spot for an Original Recipe(r).

You don’t need to consume a lot of sodium if you are healthy and it’s essential to consume it if your body is under stress.

Even though KFC knows that using salt is an important part of their product, they can still improve the food by adding more salt.

7. KFC Leftovers Taste Just as Good 

KFC’s food brings together high quality, American-style chicken fast food with KFC’s famous recipe of Kentucky Fried Chicken(r) food.

According to KFC fans, the chicken is always delicious, regardless of the temperature.

You can microwave Chicken “Kentucky” as soon as the power has been restored. Also, you can use the air fryer and the microwave to reheat the chicken and make it taste better.

8. KFC Makes High-Calorie Foods

As a human, I know I like to eat, so I always need salt and other things like my daily bread and other foods that are high in calories.

Because people have been raised to be good eaters, they keep on eating KFC meals.

This is why it’s essential to only consume KFC regularly, as consuming too much salt and calories can negatively impact your health.

9. KFC’s Secret Spice Blend

A major factor that contributes to KFC’s popularity is that the restaurant has a secret spice blend that contains 11 herbs and spices.

The spice blend is never released and only the recipe is kept secret in case someone copies their recipe.

The company makes use of chicken for a number of different options and it’s the seasoning that makes it such a big success.

KFC is a chicken restaurant chain that started in the 1940s in the United Kingdom.

The original KFC is now owned by Yum! Brands.

It is known for a fast-food restaurant chain and its signature Colonel Sanders.


Some say that the company’s food is filled with all kinds of additives that are harmful to your health.
And some say that KFC is so good because it makes a lot of salt.

Also, the way KFC prepares its chicken stands out from the rest of the food in the food industry. The chicken tastes so good because they pressure cook it.

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