Why Are Commercials So Loud?

Have you ever got yourself in a situation when there is a sudden increase in your TV volume when the commercials come on?

This is not a new situation, and it has been happening for a long time on purpose by the advertisers. Loud Commercials are a technique the advertisers use to try and grab the viewers’ attention. Advertisers adopt this technique so that they can sell their products and services. 

Americans are complaining about resolving the loud audio issue when commercials come on. This issue was inactive for some years due to the emergence of smartphone use.

Recently it has become a big issue. The difference between the loudest and quietest sounds in commercial sound is 6-7 dB. 

This technique is divided into three different stages: 

  • Low Range, which you hear for about 2-3 seconds.
  • Mid Range is the moderate sound that lasts for the next 4-5 seconds.
  • High Range sound remains high throughout the Ad in the most important parts.

The sound professional experts are working on a strategy that they call multiband compression to combat this situation. 

This article will help you learn about everything related to the commercials and why they are so loud. Apart from this, we will look at ways to combat the issue. 

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Are Commercials Louder Than Regular Programming?

Yes, commercials are louder than regular TV programs. This happens on purpose in order to grab the public’s attention so that they will pay attention to the advertisement. Advertisers do this by using loud volume and catchy music. 

This attention-grabbing technique helps them throw their products and services in the faces of consumers.

This happens with a technique to fool the legislature. The average volume of the commercial should be the same as the average volume of the other TV programs.

So, the commercial advertisers insert 2-3 seconds of silent passages and increase the volume later to maintain the average. This is why the CALM act is modified and announced a new algorithm to fix this loophole.

Are Loud Commercials Legal?

All the modern-day streaming platforms are revolutionizing the way human beings watch TV. People who love watching television grumble about the crazy volumes that spike between the shows.

Between 2020 and 2021, there was a 150% increase in the complaints about the loud commercial hearing on cable TV with the obnoxious volume level.

It is far more than just being annoying when it comes to loud commercials on the broadcast TV and stations. Disturbing the people also goes against the legislation rules.

The commercial advertisement loudness mitigation act (CALM), in the year 2011, announced that the volume of TV commercials should not exceed the average volume of the other shows running on the same channel.

What Can You Do to Get Relief?

As per the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) act, TV stations are prohibited from boosting the average volume of commercials to an exceeding level.

It should not be louder than the average volume accompanying the programs in simpler terms.

Here are some tips and tricks you can do to adjust your TV volume and get some relief during commercials.

  • Adjust the Settings

The first thing you can do if you are experiencing too much volume during the program and commercials is to adjust your settings. 

You can make specific adjustments to stabilize the loudness of your system. This will not let you experience spiking sounds. 

For that, you can check out the features on your television or home theater that works to control the sound. 

It will include an automatic gain control, audio compression, or audio limiter that can provide you with a constant volume across all the channels while running the TV shows and commercials. 

  • Invest in a Sound Regulator

If things are not running well with the current TV, you can invest in a good quality sound regulator. It will cost you somewhere around $50-60. It amplifies and manages the audio of the room where you put it. Moreover, it works wonders in serving the purpose you are struggling for.

But unfortunately, people don’t rely on this kind of device for regulating the voice of the TV. The first reason for their concern is the high pricing of the regulator. Because the regulator is not something that is compatible with all devices.

But, several built-in technologies are developing to battle such rising volume during commercials.

  • File a Complaint

If you cannot track the settings of your television or home theater to control the loudness, you can file a complaint. FCC will take up your complaint and look into the matter.

But, your complaint must include the following:

  • It must include the advertiser’s name or the promoter of the product in the commercial.
  • The date and time you saw the commercial must be present in the complaint.
  • At last, it must include the channel number, name of the TV program, TV station, or broadcast station. 

The complaint must include all the factors that are listed above. If it meets the above, the concerned authorities will approve it and further look into it.

Final Thoughts

Advertisers are known for increasing the volume of their commercials in order to get the attention of consumers.

About 57% of Americans are not comfortable with this sound jump and complain.

Because of the CALM Act, about 80% of the advertisers are trying to figure out how they can achieve a balanced volume. Hopefully, in the future, you won’t be listening to sound spikes during commercial breaks while watching tv.

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