What Is Commercial Acting?

A lot of you might already know about the general term ‘acting’ and its sub-categories. There are so many types of acting over there that you can pursue as your acting career.

If you’re thinking of pursuing your career as a commercial actor then this guide is for you. Here you will find all the information about commercial acting.

If you are wondering, what is commercial acting then let’s help you with it. Commercial acting which is a subcategory of acting is an art that majorly focuses on acting for commercials.

Typically, commercials are not longer than 60 seconds. Hence, commercial actors need to have a special set of skills to deliver the commercial’s message adequately to the viewers.

More than you may realize, commercials are a starting point for actors and artists. And the reason is simple: a commercial is a reputable credit that actors can put up on their resume as it provides the ultimate on-set experience.

You might or might not know already that many celebrities like Brad Pitt, Courteney Cox, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, and Mark Hamil started their acting career through commercials only.

No matter how you look at it, commercials are a great way to give your acting career the push that it deserves. Acting in commercials can help you get some valuable acting experience, build networks, and a way to make some extra cash.

Most actors prefer to work in commercials to build up their connections and skills to pursue other acting projects.

No matter what kind of dreams you have got for your acting career, commercials can help you achieve them.

What Do Casting Directors Look for in a Commercial Actor?

Actors in commercials are required to build a believable character far more than in film, theatre, or TV acting.

Casting directors cast personalities to act in commercials, not just the actors. The main objective of a commercial is to sell a product to the audience. Therefore, casting directors look for someone who is ‘Real’ enough for the audience to relate to. 

Along with that, actors who can perform various types of acting styles are preferred for commercials. A good actor can manifest a range of looks and acting skills.

This ensures that he or she will be the right fit for the wide kinds of commercials for a very long time.

Even if you do not have a model-like face or figure, you can still star in advertisements. Casting directors and commercial agents are looking for new faces and actors with good skills of all ages, sizes, shapes, and looks to help them sell their products to the audience.

Hence, getting a TV commercial can open doors to bigger acting roles and lead to better career opportunities.

Is There Any Training Required to Become a Commercial Actor?

You don’t need to be a well-established actor to audition for a TV commercial but you definitely need to have some sort of formal training.

Some acting classes such as improv, commercial, or on-camera acting can certainly be helpful in jumpstarting your acting career.

These classes can help you improve your performance skills and gain some confidence and experience in front of the camera. Improv classes can work wonders for those who are auditioning for the commercials.

It is a requirement of commercial auditions to ask for improvisations therefore actors planning to audition for commercials should be familiar with improv.

Acting classes are also a great medium to meet with other aspiring actors and find out about auditions.

How Long Does it Take to Film a Commercial?

While commercials only last for a few seconds, it may take a few days to complete its filming.

Commercial acting like many other mediums requires actors to work for long hours and put up a smile on their face even in extreme weather conditions or wearing uncomfortable garments.

And since commercials are so brief, attention is given even to the minute detail of the actor’s look. It may take hours for an actor to get ready with accurate makeup and garments to ensure he or she looks as convincing as possible.

How to Find Auditions for Commercial Acting?

If you are planning to become a commercial actor, the first thing you have to do is to find the acting auditions. There are several ways to do this including:

Create Your Resume

First thing first, just like any other job, you need to create your resume to build your commercial acting career. Include your name, phone number, talent, gender, skills, hobbies, or past experiences if you have any. Pass your resume to your other actor/ aspiring actor friends.

Follow Brands on Social Media

Take advantage of the internet and follow brands you care about on social media. Most brands notify on their social media accounts whenever they have any upcoming auditions for new models and actors. 

Hire an Agent

Talent agents can help you find the auditions that are best suited for your personality. Since they are professional and know the industry well, they can recommend you to the producers, casting directors, and other influencers.

Use Your Connections

This could be the best source for finding the auditions. You can ask your fellow actors, friends, and acting coach if they know any acting audition that will fit your profile.

Contact Your Local Film Office

Most commercial directors who are looking for some new actors and models for their ads share requirements with the film office. These offices can help you get in contact with the casting directors who are currently hiring for commercials.

How to Prepare For Commercial Acting Jobs?

When preparing for your commercial acting job, you should have your resume and headshot ready. You can create a commercial demo reel that showcases your skills and experience.

You can also have some distinctive or memorable traits as they can help you stand out from a crowd. Also, remain flexible in your approach so that you can pivot when a director gives you a note.

And as discussed above, commercial acting can work perfectly in terms of giving you exposure and can lead to bigger career opportunities.

It can open doors to promising roles. And if you are going for a commercial audition, good luck, and nail that role.

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