What Is Usps Tracking Plus? (all You Need To Know)

I have gone back to check on the status of my package only to find that the USPS has reattached it to another package. Is there any solution to this problem.

Ans: We cannot provide tracking number reattachment solutions. We suggest you call USPS Service Center where you obtained the tracking number to find out if the number can be reattached to your package.

USPS Tracking Plus is a way for your USPS delivery to track your parcels, and even tell you where your package is as it travels through the system.

What Is USPS Tracking Plus In 2022?

Tracking Plus can only be accessed by online accounts and is not available through USPS retail locations.
To join, customers must be enrolled in the USPS Global Connect service, or be a customer of FedEx Freight or FedEx Home Delivery.

When purchasing a package online, if the service is purchased by the customer, a $5 shipping fee is added to their purchase total.

The new USPS Tracking Plus service allows customers to track their shipments on a map and even get a real-time update of their tracking numbers. This is a lot like the free Priority Mail and Standard shipping services, except for the fact that they have these maps and they are constantly updated.

How Does USPS Tracking Plus Work?

Tracking your package can be very helpful if you’re expecting it and need to trace the progress of your package. Let’s go through USPS Tracking Plus and how you can buy it.

As a rule, it is better to use the ‘overview’ section to tell people what your program will do. It is also useful to include a picture to help people understand the general idea. This does not have to be a picture of your program. A picture of a simple box or a window is fine.

 USPS Tracking Plus allows customers to extend the tracking record for many different shipping services including UPS, FEDEX, USPS, and more.

– Any package with a destination that is at least 20K miles from its origin.
– A package with a destination outside of the United States, but which is the
recipient’s final destination.
– Any package shipped to a Canadian address.

The tracking details will be provided to you as soon as we have provided to the carrier, in case they have tracking information available. If you request international airmail postage, your package will be tracked to a delivery point in the USA.

If you have not received your package within 90 days from the date of delivery to the carrier’s office, you have the option to contact us via email. We will also provide you with the tracking details for your package.

Shipping services covers different terms like a minimum duration of six month; three months; or a year and tracking too.

You can not get a refund. I paid for this product and I will not receive a refund.

Although it appears that the most popular method, which is to use a combination of GPS + GLONASS + GPSD, is not the cheapest, it is actually the cheapest because the cheapest of the 3 types of tracking methods is usually the most accurate. However, most are surprised to learn there is a way to do the same thing with only a GPS receiver, which is a much cheaper option.

And with Plus you can request archival status for your files and documents so that they can be preserved in the cloud, with up to 5GB of storage and 50GB of online backup.

The Statement of Tracking can then be used as a permanent, official record of tracking on the Plus account once the Plus extension has expired.

How To Purchase USPS Tracking Plus

When you sign in to your USPS.com account, you can see your USPS Tracking Plus subscription and enter your address information.

To make sure the parcel is eligible, you need to open the Parcel Service menu and go through the “Find My Parcel” process.

Once the Tracking Plus appears, you’ll be given the tracking number and time zone of the shipping office that will deliver your package.

If you click on the drop-down menu, you should see a choice between “Tracking” and “Tracking Plus” as shown below.

You’ve now selected the Add a New User option.

With that, you know that in order for you to keep the tracking information for that item, you have to click on the plus button.

See the price of a single month, the price of a 3-month subscription, and even the price of a yearly subscription.

So, you have selected the “Terms and Conditions” that are required to be signed before you will be admitted to the program.

Now, you could either go ahead and continue with the registration, or you could hit the “Continue Later” button.

After reading the text, click on the “Sign up or log in to update your account” button, this will take you to the “Sign up or log in” page. On this second page, click on the “Account settings” button to update your account information.

* also, make sure you have read and understood everything, so you can press Save & Continue if you want to add more items. It’s up to you.

You’ll be directed to the payment page. You’ll have a choice of either PayPal or Google Checkout, and once you click that you’ll have to either sign up for a free PayPal account or sign in through your Google account.

You’ll be able to track your transaction and you’ll never have to worry about printing or carrying a copy of the original bill. The app also allows you to pay bills through your phone.

After Your Purchase

If you can’t get the tracking information, then you can always call the post office and get the shipping tracking information.

This is a printable version of the website and the documents, so you can always carry a paper copy, but this is better than storing them in the browser as a text file.

Is USPS Tracking Plus Free?

USPS Tracking Plus is not free and starts at $0.99 to extend a normally three-month tracking record to six.

1) a $10 booking fee (when there is no deposit made in the game)
2) and a $2 deposit that goes to your first roll.

Plus, you can purchase an archive statement of tracking for 8.75 and an archive signature letter for 15.75.

Why Would You Need USPS Tracking Plus?

If you want to use our USPS Tracking Plus, it is recommended that you use only one tracking number for each package. Tracking methods will be the same for each order.

If you are a lawyer, Tracking Plus would not only help you retrieve proof of delivery, but also serve as a legal record.

If you are a small business owner and a claim is brought against you the records might help your case.

So, let’s say you are an online pharmaceutical company. A drug that you are interested in developing and that may have to go through the FDA approval process. It would be great if your application was successful, but if it isn’t, you’d like to have the data to see why it didn’t. And if there were any changes to the application that might have led to approval, you would like to track those as well.

If you are looking for the best price on your flat rate shipping, you can try our online flat rate calculator.


The new delivery method is a very affordable way to track your parcel (or parcels) journey and arrival at their destination.

You can purchase Tracking Plus for $0.99 per month (starting at $.99 per month), or you can purchase Tracking Plus and a Statement of Tracking for $1.99 per month. Customers can also request a Signature Letter.

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