What Is 711’s Dress Code? (uniforms, Colored Hair + Other Faqs)

Dress codes usually have to do with a company’s culture. It’s how a company wants its employees to look. You’ll need to know about the dress code of 711 before you even start interviewing for a job.

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What is 711’s Dress Code In 2022?

Since 711 location is not very familiar to people, they may not know what to wear. So in advance, you should ask the specific store about the dress code, including what to wear. Usually, it includes only black slacks, and many stores provide the uniform. You also need to ask which uniform is provided.

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What is the 711 Dress Code?

711 employees are provided with a uniform which is great if you want to save on your clothing budget.

A white polo shirt is included with the uniform but you can also find stores that sell a variety of different polo shirts to go with the uniform.

The most important issue is that black shoes are considered the symbol of a funeral as they are worn by corpse bearers. It is, however, allowed for you to wear white shoes with black shoelaces.

Most stores require you to be wearing business attire. However, most stores also allow jeans with t-shirts or short sleeves.

Can You Have Head Tattoos Working at 711?

The policy will be similar to or similar to what is described above.

To clarify, any place will refuse you because the policy for that specific store is that head tattoos are not allowed. While you can try to appeal this policy in the store, it is unlikely that you will be successful.

There is no risk to getting a tattoo while working. Even if you are fired for getting a tattoo while working, you are not losing any of your legal rights, such as right of union membership.

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We highly recommend that you ask your management to consider and discuss these matters.

Can 711 Employees Wear Capri-Length Pants?

There will be a chance of getting fired if your boss doesn’t like your shorts. Once again, it depends on the company.

If you ask a clerk in a clothing store, they may say that they only allow leggings, sweatpants or slacks.

Are 711 Employees Allowed to Wear Shorts?

It’s a good practice to keep in mind. It usually depends on the particular situation, but it seems that the police in the U.S. and the police in the U.K. are more lenient as far as clothing goes.

It is also worth mentioning that while employees are generally prohibited from wearing a short, there are certain circumstances in which that could be acceptable.

Does 711 Hire People with Face Tattoos?

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Some owners do not care, some owners do not allow it, and some owners will not allow it if you have two dogs of the same name.

Not only could an employee reject you if you got a tattoo, they could also refuse you if you were wearing pants with chains, a button up shirt without a collar, a tie or a hat.

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If you want to take advantage of the convenience and lower prices of buying online, you may be able to get around a brick and mortar location with the help of a friend or family member who is willing to ship your order for you.

Does 711 Allow Colored Hair?

It depends on the owner, but he could choose to let you have the most unnatural and impossible hair color.

711 allows everyone to take a part-time job while in college, after graduation, even after the age of 18.


The company itself provides a very lax set of dress code rules for their franchise stores. Many stores don’t even have required dress code guidelines and are open to most people. However, some stores are strict and have their own rules that apply to everyone.

Most stores do provide uniforms, although it is a matter of store policy. Therefore, the vast majority of stores will not expect you to buy the uniform. In addition, many stores will also provide the uniform (except shoes). This is especially true of larger stores.

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