What Does “Being A Tool” Mean? The Actual Meaning Of Words

The word “tool” has been in use for a very long time. It originally referred to a device used to perform a task. However, the term has lost its innocence and has gained multiple meanings over the years.

The word “tool” now conveys a negative perception of someone. Some of its meanings are derogatory, and others can be very insulting. It all depends on the context of its use. Today, this word has become a norm in society as more and more meanings have emerged. Read on to find out more.

What Does “Being a Tool” Mean?

Being a tool is a term used to describe someone who cannot make their own decisions but blindly follows and accepts the opinions and ways of others.

It refers to a person who allows themselves to be used by others to carry out their motives and is too blind to know that he’s being used.

Being a tool is a derogatory term. It’s in no way a compliment because it speaks poorly of the person.

What Does “Tool” Mean?

The word “tool” dates back a long time and has since acquired new meanings from its original one. It originated from the words “tol,” which means “to prepare or make,” and “lo,” which means “that which does something.” Both words combined to give the interpretation, thus, “something used to prepare or make something.”

It originally described an item or instrument used to do work but has since gained various meanings. In the 17th century, it was a popular reference to unskilled workers who did every bidding of their employers. It also describes a person who’s easily misled.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it refers to a person who lets others use him for their purposes. A tool is someone’s puppet and is too stupid to say no or act otherwise.

The Urban dictionary defines “tool” as someone (especially a guy) who thinks too highly of himself and often behaves like a jerk to attract attention because he thinks he’s cool and admired by people, whereas he’s a buffoon.

It also refers to someone who is very egotistical to the point where no one likes him anymore, and he is too blind to know this and still thinks himself to be something important; a self-important fool.

The earliest slang meaning of a tool referred to the male generative organ. It also means “dick head,” “ass,” “jerk,” “a fool,” “stupid,” “schmuck,” and other deadly dirty derogatory words you can think of.

When A Girl Calls A Guy A Tool

When a girl calls a guy a tool, he’s an egotistical player. These guys are selfish, full of themselves, use girls only for what they can get from them, and see girls as toys to be played with, not treasures to be pampered. They’re only concerned about their reputation, and they only relate to others based on what they can gain from them.

They’re highly manipulative and seek young, naive girls to feast on, playing with their emotions, which keeps them coming back. The worst of it all is that they’re not ashamed at all. They’re so ego-bloated that they almost think of themselves to be demi-gods.

Ways To Not Be Used As A Tool

Life is about the survival of the fittest. And, unfortunately, the strong oppress the weak, and the winner takes all. It’s therefore imperative to know how to keep yourself from being used as a tool in our society today. Here are a few ways:

Be a lover of yourself:

Don’t put yourself down in public or your eyes. Love yourself till you wish you were you and not someone else. Society puts so much silent pressure on us, and we do all we can to meet the demands of society, family, culture, religion, etc., and in the end, we can’t even find ourselves. We end up doing things for others to the point where we forget ourselves and get frustrated. Don’t do that to yourself.

Salespeople have made a fortune selling products and services that tend to build personal appeal. They feed fat off others, inventing products and services such as cosmetics of various shades and colors, dating sites, friendship sites, etc.—all in a bid to help us fill that emptiness inside. They use advertisements that promise true, everlasting love, the beauty of a goddess, and highly exaggerated words to entice the worldly-used man.

Educate yourself:

Be sure to investigate the ventures you invest your skills in. As a person with good people skills and a track record of success in an industry, people will solicit you for help with their products. However, you need to save your brand and image by not letting others feed off your skills, letting you work like an elephant but feeding like an ant.

Don’t always say yes:

You can say no, and it’ll still be okay. Make the most of your life. Don’t let people use you and put undue pressure on you to do their work simultaneously. If you’re asked to do something that will demean you or something you don’t want to do, say no.

You don’t have to let people pressure you into doing their dirty work. Live for yourself sometimes. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be considerate or help. It simply means you should listen to yourself and not hurt yourself in a way you can’t heal while trying to please others.

Surround yourself with positive-minded people:

Money, they say, has lots of friends, but poverty is a lone ranger. When you are successful, life is full of friends and fun. People from way back, even people who knew you from your high school deskmate, will all surface wanting to partake of the cake, but when you’re in a jam and need help, no one is in sight.

Don’t be fooled by the people flocking all around you when you’re successful. Instead, seek out those who care about you and your success and help you achieve more in life. They’ll always show up for you and won’t exploit you. These people should be your close allies. Why? TheY represent what family should be.

Don’t be scared of being alone:

Many people are afraid of being alone. They can’t seem to see themselves as complete without being attached to another person. Some people are so dependent on a relationship that even when they are trampled upon, they still allow themselves to be used just because they can’t bear the thought of being alone.

They see being single as being alone and lonely. If “tools” leave a relationship, in no time, you find them in yet another relationship with a guy they just met some days ago or an old friend who has been asking them out.

Don’t be scared of being alone. Enjoy your life. See a movie, attend a comedy show, have fun with family and friends, live your life in the best possible way. For your good, Be self-dependent.

How To Stop Being A Tool

You may have been acting like a tool for a long time and now desire a change. Here are some tips:

Develop self-confidence:

Tools lack self-confidence, which is why they bend to the will of others. Learn to have confidence in yourself. If you know you are good at what you do, then place a reasonable demand worth the value of your ability. They’ll always need your services, so act as you own them, not the other way round.

Stop bragging about your achievements:

It’s tiresome to constantly brag about things like accomplishments, including what you own or who you are, especially when there’s no evidence to back it up. Furthermore, no one is interested in what you can say, only in what you can do. Instead, do more and let your actions sing your praise to others.

Learn to respect women:

Some tools are exploitative of women. If you’re one of those, then it’s time to stop preying on women. Instead, treat every lady you come across with respect and love. Taking advantage of them doesn’t enhance your status.

Stop snubbing or bullying others:

It makes you look insecure and like a miserable brute. Bringing others down, they say, won’t lift you. Instead, spend more time helping others.

Learn new skills:

Learn new skills to enhance your value and open yourself to better opportunities where employers don’t have to be hounded. New skills can even make you self-reliant.


The word “tool” originally referred to a device used to perform a task. However, it has now evolved to imply other things, including negative perceptions.

The earliest deviation from the traditional meaning of tool dates back to the seventeenth century about unskilled workers who did every bidding of their employers. A tool is a person who lacks a strong will and bends towards others in modern usage.

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