Ups Vs Fedex (speed, Price, Reliability + More)

there are plenty of big names to choose from when you are shipping a package, with FedEx and UPS being two of the most recognizable but there are plenty of others to choose from as well.

In general, FedEx’s cost is about twice as much as the UPS delivery fee. In addition, you will receive your package more quickly by using FedEx.

UPS Vs FedEx In 2022

The most popular courier services in the United States, United Parcel Service (UPS) and FedEx are both reliable, and they’re a great way to send packages around the world. Both companies have great logistics — they have the lowest rate of mishandled packages in the industry, and they deliver on time 89% of the time. Both companies are great for small packages, and they’ll get to most places within 24 hours of time-sensitive shipments.

While it might not be a good idea to compare your packages, you can certainly compare shipping prices for packages you send.

Is It Cheaper to Ship FedEx or UPS?

While the price of the first service is the most important factor, the importance of shipping shouldn’t be ignored.

Shipping is expensive so you must find the best shipping method possible, but shipping is also a unique challenge so you must find ways to make it work for you.

While the package contains the same items and weighs the same, FedEx determines shipping costs based on the number of packages it needs to deliver, how far each package needs to travel, and the current delivery speed.

We are going to know the amount that you are spending, we will need a good estimate for the size of your home, and we are going to need to know if your home is a single or multilevel.

This is roughly the equivalent of a 10kg or 22lb. box delivered to the UPS store. If we assume a flat rate of $250 to the USPS office, a $500 in USPS shipping, and a $35 charge for the UPS store, we can see a total of $1,250. If we also assume a $75 per person, per mile, delivery charge to the USPS, the total starts to look pretty reasonable.

From each company, the service with the fastest delivery is Next Day Air. It promises a guaranteed arrival within the next business day of any package.

A 10 kg package would cost them approximately $257 using UPS.
A 10 kg package would cost them approximately $280 using FedEx.

But, if you were to ship a 10 kg package from NYC to LA using either of these services, there would be no difference in the cost.

In a move that will probably make many people happy, UPS is now providing a $5 per carton price break to small businesses. The move comes after FedEx announced that it was raising the price it charges small businesses by $5 per carton.
Amazon will continue to offer a $20 per shipping box price break for small businesses and schools.
Amazon will also offer the $5 price break to small businesses and schools in the UK.
The $5 per shipping carton price break is only available in the United States.
The $5 price break is not available for every product, nor is it available on every product.

Both companies are well-connected. UPS delivers to over 220 countries compared to FedEx’s 190, and their network is also more diverse.

As for pricing for packages, it’s important to remember that prices for different packages of services may vary, sometimes even up to a hundred dollars per day.

When shopping around for shipping carriers, you’ll want to compare the estimated price to what an actual shipping carrier would charge you, to find the lowest price.

To get a more personalized, detailed assessment of how much FedEx or UPS would charge you for shipping your package, be sure to check out online price calculator tools.

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There are four levels to the service and your package will be shipped to this level. Each level has a different amount of insurance and tracking, and the higher the level, the higher the price.

Is It Faster to Ship FedEx or UPS?

We offer a day-definite shipping option.

Since both the FedEx and UPS services are able to deliver your package, you should only need to choose one to ensure that your package is delivered on time.

I think both companies will offer competitive prices and service to consumers. However, one company has a better history with faster delivery times.

UPS delivers your packages around the clock, 24/7, but you may not get an exact time.

Because if your package is late by a few seconds, you’re less likely to get the expected shipping date.

Even if you are not running a time-sensitive operation, FedEx is a better choice because they are usually the faster company to the recipient.

I’m about to illustrate this by taking a closer look at the similar services UPS and FedEx offer.

A 2-day shipment is shipped the same day it is received. This is different from overnight shipments.

Even though UPS is more expensive, I prefer to use FedEx for urgent shipments because I know I’ll get my shipment delivered by the end of the day.

The same is true for Amazon Prime and Google Shopping Express.

However, you can still get your package delivered in three business days. The only difference is that the carriers won’t charge you anything for that added delay.

I found that one of the most helpful ways to deal with this time issue is by using the Calendar.newInstance(Calendar.HOUR_OF_DAY) and Calendar.newInstance(Calendar.MINUTE) methods on Calendar objects.

Since the hour of the package delivery is determined by the hour of the package being shipped, we will be able to simply get the time by calculating the difference between the shipping time and that of the package.

If you’re going to be using an option that is slower than FedEx Ground, you’re going to be spending more money and you’re going to lose money on the transaction.

There are a multitude of reasons you may need to ship via ground services, like if you’re shipping hazardous or particularly big/heavy goods.

The difference in speed of delivery between FedEx ground and UPS ground is around 1-2 days.

The speed difference is greater when UPS Ground delivers to Alaska and Hawaii versus the continental United States.

Is UPS or FedEx Better?

Asking which shipping company is better when you’re looking for the best service.

The courier companies usually get their packages delivered on time. They deliver 97% of the time.

You will receive good shipping service by the same company that you’re sending your package with.

You’ll want to look at each company’s American Customer Satisfaction Index to know which company is the best choice for your business.

If consumers and businesses can use the ACSI to compare customer satisfaction rates across industries in a quantifiable way, then businesses can better plan their customer care strategies and the consumers will have a clear way to gauge a business’s performance.

Even though UPS has been losing money for the last few years, it still has a higher return on average, so that one is less of a concern.

In 2019, UPS and DHL Express scored 100 points on the ACSI due to their various integration solutions for small businesses and online shops.

FedEx isn’t far behind, on the American Customer Satisfaction Index. The company says that it’s focusing on getting feedback from customers.

The first shipment of the new platform went out this week to a small business, which will use the tool to deliver products and ship packages in-house.

The contents of the package can be checked.
The company is good at delivery.
If the company is late, the customer feels bad.

When shipping online, you should consider what kind of courier service is best for your needs. You might consider using a ground courier service if your items are being shipped to all 50 states of the continental U.S., or you can choose a 3-day or overnight service for overnight shipping, or you can select a 2-day or next-day service if you want your package to arrive the next day.

If you are looking to learn more, you can also read our posts on UPS home delivery and why is UPS so complicated.


Although most shipping companies use overnight (overnight) shipping for packages that are under 2kg, FedEx is an exception. FedEx charges a flat-rate fee for its shipments, regardless of whether they are under 2kg or not. This is one of the reasons why they tend to be cheaper than other shipping companies.

When the weather is bad, UPS has a higher chance of delivering ground packages, but FedEx has a higher chance of delivering to an address that is located more than 70 miles from a FedEx hub.

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