The best transcription software in 2022

It’s not a secret that transcription is a widely used and extremely demanded service nowadays. Translation services for businesses are required by professionals in many fields — from medicine workers and lawyers to podcasters, bloggers, and even students.

Transcription is a great tool to convert your lectures, webinars, job interviews, online conferences to text, and even increase the rankings of your website, podcast, blog, or YouTube channel. 

Using a transcription online saves tons of time, brings incredible results, and even can be a great SEO tool. If you have never used transcription in your business or professional activity, you definitely should hurry and do that. You should highly appreciate all the benefits it offers. 

Of course, using the first service you see is not wise. It is necessary to pick only the most reliable and reputable providers and the following list of such companies and software items will help you do that. Read carefully and choose the one that suits your needs and requirements! 

  1. Transcriberry — the best for high-quality transcription

Transcriberry is one of the best transcription services that will be suitable for everyone. No matter what your purposes are, you will definitely find what you are looking for on this website. It is a professional service that offers all types of services related to transcription and subtitles. 

Moreover, it is one of the most affordable services that even a student will find reasonable. Transcriberry works with all types of transcripts and delivers high quality. Unlike many other modern services, it delivers both manual and automatic transcriptions. Here are the main differences between these two options.

Automatic transcription will allow you to upload your file right on their website, wait just up to 30 minutes, and receive your text file back. Although this option is really cheap and will cost you only $0.25 per minute, it is not suitable for those files that require the highest accuracy. Such a feature will bring you 80-85% accuracy and if necessary, you will be able to edit the file manually.

This option is more suitable for such audio and video files that do not contain extra noise and the background of which is clear enough. However, if this is not the case, you’d better hire their professional human transcribers who will guarantee at least 99% accuracy. The quality is great and the turnaround time is around 12-24 hours depending on the length of your file.

Such an option will cost you $1.25 per minute. This price is one of the most affordable in the market nowadays. In general, that transcription provider is not limited to transcription only. They also offer foreign subtitles, translation into 40+ languages, etc. Whatever you are interested in, you will find it here.

One of the greatest perks of this software is that you don’t have to download any apps and can use it right on the Internet. This service provides a reliable transcription and a really wide range of services that anyone will find helpful. With their expert help and up-to-date equipment and tools, you can transcribe your lectures, webinars, Zoom and other online conferences, YouTube videos, audio files, and even blogs or podcasts. 

It works well for everyone and their academic and business transcription is really great for anyone who may ever need it. Timestamps are great bonuses and they are really necessary. 

  1. Amberscript

Another transcription service for your needs and requirements is called Amberscript. Just like Transcriberry, it works well for different categories of people and professionals. Their accuracy is pretty high and the cost is also quite affordable and reasonable. Their customers are some biggest brands, including Netflix and Amazon. 

Based on your needs, you will also find several solutions on this website. Automated and human transcriptions are those options. Automated features will fit you if you want to receive your transcription as cheaply as possible. This will allow you to receive the file really quickly, however, do not expect the highest quality. 

Professional manual transcriptionists will be good if you need the best accuracy. Their guys work well and are pretty quick. This company also offers automatic and manual subtitles, annotation of data, custom and API models. Uploading, editing, and exporting an audio file is really easy with their advanced tools. 

  1. GoTranscript

One more company that does a great transcription job is called GoTranscript. It doesn’t lose its popularity for many years, so its efficiency is also proven. Many transcription needs can be met thanks to this website. One of their main benefits is their turnaround speed. Thus, on average, it is 6 hours. It is very fast and at the same time, the accuracy guaranteed is 99%. 

There is no need to download and install any software. Instead, you can do everything online very quickly and efficiently. Upload your audio file and receive your text file in a while. There is no need to purchase any premium services for that. However, this is how automatic transcripts work on all the above-mentioned websites on that list. Such brands like Entrepreneur and Forbes are also among their customers. Verbatim features also work well here. The ordering process is very quick and doesn’t require you to speak to anyone for long. 

  1. Scribie

The company with such a cute name Scribie provides audio to text transcribing services online. Just like the previous websites, this one offers two types of transcription — automatic and manual. Their automatic transcripts are not perfect as you can imagine while a human job will guarantee 99% accuracy to everyone.

Of course, manual transcriptions will cost you a little bit more — at least $0.80 per minute of an audio file — but they will be more accurate. This price is not high compared to the rest of the services but they do not work with video transcription. Thus, if you are going to transcribe a video file (for example, a YouTube video to increase the SEO rankings of your blog or channel), you will hardly do it. 

Their benefits are quite low costs, high accuracy for manual transcriptions, and a very convenient online editor for automatically transcribed files. You can use it right within your user interface. If you are not in a hurry with your document, consider this transcribing service. 

  1. GMR Transcription

On this website, you will not find automated services, unlike on all previous ones. It is fully human-based. However, this company does not have its team. Your transcriptions will be given to a professional freelancer hired by them. If you want to receive a perfect output file, you are welcome to hire one of the freelancers working for GMR Transcription.

If you wonder about the quality of your text, no worries. Transcriptionists from all over the USA are working for them. Thus, all transcriptionists are native English speakers and will write your text in the best possible way. 99% accuracy is guaranteed. Of course, if your file is of good quality and you don’t need high accuracy and can edit it on your own, then paying that much for a human job could be not very reasonable.

This company is also well-known for its customer support. It is ready to solve your issues whatever they are very quickly and efficiently. Their customer support isn’t operated by a bot but by a professional human. Among their customers, you will meet McDonald’s, Dell, Amazon, and many other big brands and corporations. 

Apart from audio files, they can transcribe your video to text. One of the benefits is their free trial. 

  1. Rev

Rev is another transcription provider that isn’t limited to one option only. On this website (you do not need to download any software either), you will be able to order audio, video transcriptions, subtitles, captions, translations, etc. In other words, Rev provides a whole bunch of transcribing services. 

If you are looking for a service with a low error rate, you have found it. 99% quality and extremely quick turnaround are the perks of Rev. The texts received are almost perfect. Unlike many other services, this one returns your output files within just a few hours. The quality does not suffer at the same time. 

This company is AI-based. Their human transcriptionists use the latest AI technologies that allow them to recognize any speech, even the most complicated one. If you need just an automatic option, you can also use it here. It costs $0.25 per minute while human transcriptions will cost you at least $1.25 per minute. Automated transcripts can be only 80% accurate. 

All transcriptions fully comply with accessibility guidelines according to section 508 requirements. If you are looking for captioning or subtitles, this company will deliver these services as well. Zoom meetings, webinars, and conferences can be successfully transcribed with their help.

Foreign subtitles for your international audience can also be ordered here. You can even create multi-language subtitles. If you are not happy with using an online version, you can install their mobile app for both Android and iOS users. It will allow you to transcribe all of your audio and video files on the move. You can also order urgent transcripts at an additional cost.

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