Petco Complaints (How To Make One, Common Types Of Complaints + Contact Information)

Petco is a company that sells pet products and services for pets and pet owners.

It can be argued that the complaints that Petco receives are all unique. As such, the complaints that the company deals with are unique. So, if you wish to know the type of complaints Petco customers make, and how the company deals with them, kindly read on!

How Does Petco Handle Its Customer Complaints In 2022?

Customers can reach customer service through several channels to lodge complaints regarding product and service quality, customer support, charges, and ethical issues around the handling of pets in 2022. If Petco doesn’t resolve the complaints satisfactorily, customers can escalate them outside Pet retailer’s channels. A few review sites rate Petco’s customer support as disappointing.

Continue reading to learn more about Petco and how you too can have a happy and healthy pet filled with health related products.

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How Do I File a Complaint Against Petco?

Complaints against any company can be filed through their own channels.

For in-store complaints regarding the service being provided, there are complaints channels that customers can lodge with the store management.

In the case of a service related problem, you can call the number below to reach us.

The average wait time is about four minutes, and though it works all day everyday, the best time to call is 9:30 am.

Customers can mail in requests or contact customer care through the company’s social media accounts.

mail letters to Petco’s corporate headquarters for their official mail.

What Are Petco’s Contacts for Filing Complaints?

1. By visiting their website at

Where Else Can Customers File Complaints Against Petco?

Petco’s internal complaint resolution mechanisms are used to try to reduce the number or length of complaints against Petco. Customer complains to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau which is the agency protecting consumer interests.

The “best” alternative for a customer is to try going under the counter to pay at the register.

You should inform the staff about any species of animal being in danger at Petco.

If the dogs are not behaving out of the ordinary, it may be that they are part of the dog pack, and the owner will need to contact the local police or animal control officers for help.

You can lodge a complaint at other veterinary clinics, especially if they sell the type of dog food that had been involved in the incident.

You can lodge your complaint with the company of your choice in the state that you think it was a product or service related issue. You will need to include your name or an address and a brief description of the problem.

Customers are able to report Petco and other manufacturers’ practices that are deemed to be overstepping of the boundaries of what is proper.

The Better Business Bureau is a good source of information if you are a complaining customer.

Because Petco is a company that sells pet merchandise, customers can come to them if they have a complaint about how they handled something.

There are many complaints against for a breach of contract.

In a report of the survey, it says that most of the complaints involve amounts under $10,000, which is within the jurisdiction of the Small Claims Court.

If you want to open a case in Small Claims Court, you need to bring it in writing. You must have a claim that is worth at least $4,000. You do this by filling out a form that gives a detailed description the problem and the monetary amount of damages you are seeking.

In this case, the use of the present tense with the auxiliary verb to have is incorrect.

You file your claim with the court clerk. If your claim is approved, the clerk sends a letter to Petco letting you know. You have time to file a response to the letter.

On the date set, you can come to the hearing or you can do anything you want to do.

What Are Common Complaints Lodged Against Petco?

A consumer said the pet store does not provide the quality or service that Petco has promised.

 The animals are kept in cages too small, they don’t have enough space to move and it is too hot.

Petco products usually get damaged during daily use. For example, cages that fall apart easily, or pet beds which are easy to scratch.

People have complained that the grooming products or pet food is the wrong formula and it is not a good product for the pet when used.

Many customers complained that the grooming is not good enough and some even complained about infections. The company said that it would improve the services.

I’ve heard that employees of the facility, sometimes, get stressed during handling of the animals.

Sometimes when pets are treated as a commodity, pets are sold at a lower rate, such as 50 cents less than the actual value.

In an independent investigation, Petco was found guilty of treating animals in cramped spaces which is where they were kept. Petco also was blamed for not feeding them enough and relying on unskilled volunteers.

The government is accusing Petco of being one of the companies that throws away unsold pets.

We found that customers are often dissatisfied with the way they are treated when they call the pet store to inquire about a problem.

The customer service employees will treat you with the lowest level of personal care, are rude, and just don’t take your complaint seriously.

How Effective Is Petco’s Complaint Resolution Mechanism?

Petco has been ranked the 388th company for customer service from 996 companies, with an overall score of 34.96/200 from 476 ratings.

Most of the complaints were about the fact that they are not able to provide pets at this location since it is not a Petco. Also we are not able to provide any refunds for the pets we did purchase.

While Sitejabber rated Petco 4 stars, based on 88 reviews. From 18 reviews, Petco earned 4.4 stars by

The site was flooded by unhappy customers when Petco decided to start charging for overnight shipping.
[Original]=[Original]: Customers said the company was treating them unfairly and they felt ripped off.

There were a lot of complaints about this store, like one of them was about the fish they sold.

At Consumer Affairs, Petco performed better than Pissed Consumer, where it attained a 3.9 star rating based on over 1,000 ratings.

Petco is the only business selling services for dogs. Petco is the only business that cares about dogs.

Though there are mixed reviews for Petco, the indication is that Petco customers really don’t care for how the company resolves complaints.

If you want more information, you can also read our posts on petco coupons, petco free shipping, and petco promo codes.


Petco has a system of internal complaints, and complaints against the company can also be lodged with consumer bodies and also with the animal welfare and other relevant organisations.

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