Is Sam’s Club Worth It For A Single Person? (What You Need To Know)

Sam’s Club is a wholesale club that sells bulk products at competitive prices. To shop at Sam’s Club, you must have a yearly membership. Sam’s Club’s yearly membership allows them to keep overhead low and keep prices low for their customers.

You may be wondering if a Sam’s Club Membership will help you save money over the long-term. Continue reading to learn more about Sam’s Club memberships and how they may work for you.

Sam’s Club: Is it worth it for one person?

Sam’s Club memberships are an investment that can be made for one person, but it may be worthwhile depending on your specific needs. A Sam’s Club membership, while not worthwhile for someone who shops only occasionally, is well worth the investment for someone who shop regularly.

Sam’s Club shopping is best when you carefully consider your buying habits and what Sam’s Club has for you.

Which are your buying habits?

Sam’s Club sells their products in bulk, which is the most important thing about shopping there. This is why you need to evaluate your shopping needs and your grocery buying habits.

Bulk buying of non-perishable goods is easy. It’s a good idea to have more than one item on hand in case you need it. What about items that go bad or rot?

It would be smart to prepare meals if you are thinking of buying food from Sam’s Club. A large amount of fresh food is not a good idea for one person. Food can become spoiled even after a week. Although Sam’s Club doesn’t have the most variety of fresh food, the average meal prepper can save more over the long-term.

It is becoming harder to find generic brand products. As they release more products from this brand in their stores, you may see more Member’s Mark on shelves.

It is a good rule of thumb to buy within your means. Perishables are a matter of personal choice. Do you think you can finish them? If so, it will be a waste.

Sam’s Club Free Trial

Sam’s Club once offered a One Day Pass for new customers to give them a taste of what they would get when they shop there. This has now been discontinued.

Sam’s Club offers a better option for shoppers who are looking to see if Sam’s Club fits their lifestyle.

Sam’s Club now offers a free 90-day trial to potential customers who haven’t had a Sam’s Club membership in the past 6 months. Sam’s Club offers a 3-month trial to new customers so they can see if it is right for them long-term.

If bulk buying is something you are interested in, then maybe consider a 90-day trial to see if it’s worth your time before you commit to the membership.

Sam’s Club Online Catalog

Their online catalog is also available on their website. Although you might want to join, Sam’s Club members do not have to be able to shop on their website. Non-members will be charged an additional 10% for purchases.

If you only want to purchase a box of sliced cheddar cheese once a month, however, it shouldn’t be a burden on your bank account. If the amount of the surcharge you pay exceeds the annual membership fee, it’s not worth signing up for a membership.

Save Money on Memberships

A Sam’s Club membership might not be worthwhile for a single person. Sam’s Club offers several ways to save money when you shop there. It is possible to split the purchase price between you and a friend who has a Sam’s Club Membership. This will allow you to get half of the product at half the price.

A collegiate membership is also available for college students. The collegiate membership costs the same as regular Sam’s Club memberships, but there are additional benefits.

Each year, you can receive a gift certificate (often worth $10 or $15) during renewal. Splitting the membership can be done, effectively reducing your annual membership cost by half.

Are You Really Going to Need a Membership?

Don’t hesitate to sign up for Sam’s Club membership if you’re interested. You can still access some Sam’s Club facilities by walking into your local Sam’s Club with a one-day pass.

First, it is not necessary to sign up to a Sam’s Club membership in order to walk into one. Sam’s Club still offers services that must be made available to the public.

Before you decide whether to join, you can still look at the shelves and conduct your own market research. You should do your research on prices and how they change over time. Prices may also fluctuate depending on where you live.

Sam’s Club is well-known for its wide selection of in-house liquor. You don’t have to be a member just for the booze. You can also purchase alcohol from the bar by entering without paying $45 per year.

Sam’s Club also offers other services to the public, including the pharmacy, food court and online shopping. These services are available to the public for free.


Sam’s Club memberships are not for everyone. It is worth the investment depending on your specific needs. Sam’s Club memberships are only for one person. Your buying habits will determine how much you’ll benefit from Sam’s Club shopping.

If you don’t want to spend too much on your quest for savings, make sure to carefully consider all options before signing up at Sam’s Club.

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