Is Sam’s Club Cheaper Than Walmart? (Yes, But Also No…)

You now know a lot about Sam’s Club. You are also familiar with Walmart. What is the difference? What’s the difference?

Walmart Inc. owns Sam’s Club, a chain of wholesale clubs that is membership-based. Membership helps to keep bulk items at a low price. Members can also enjoy many discounts and other benefits while shopping at Sam’s Club locations.

Sam’s Club Warehouse Clubs are great for people who want to save a bit on big purchases for the week.

Warehouse clubs are low-cost stores that offer what customers want without having to be fancy. This helps keep their prices low. Are they actually cheaper or are they just as good?

Is Sam’s Club cheaper than Walmart?

It’s complex, short answer. Sam’s Club products are sold at lower prices per unit than those sold in regular grocery stores or hypermarkets like Walmart. This depends on the product you’re buying and how much.

There are a few things that will determine whether Sam’s Club is worth the extra money compared to Walmart. It is also difficult to compare all prices dollar-to-dollar, as prices change constantly and the market changes.

Continue reading to discover if Sam’s Club is really a better option than Walmart.

Sam’s Club Membership Fees and Walmart Membership Fees

Sam’s Club as well as Walmart offer memberships with different perks to their customers. Sam’s Club membership is required in order to shop there. This helps to cover overhead costs, and allows the warehouse club to offer the lowest prices.

You can shop at Walmart by simply walking into any brick-and mortar store, picking up a snack and then leaving.

Sam’s Club Membership Fees

Sam’s Club requires a minimum of a standard membership in order to shop there. The Club Card is the standard membership and costs $45 per year. The Plus Card is a higher level of membership that costs $100 per year. An Add-On membership can be purchased for $40 if they are part of your household.

As a customer of the standard Club Card, you get multiple benefits such as:

  • Select items eligible for free shipping
  • Sam’s Club Car Repair Services Free
  • General open return policy
  • Some items eligible for cashback or rebates
  • Gas prices discounted

The Plus Card comes with a few additional perks, such as:

  • Pickup at the curb is free
  • Most items eligible for free shipping

Walmart Membership Fees

Everybody can shop at their local Walmart for their weekly groceries. Walmart doesn’t require you to buy a membership to shop at any of its outlets. Walmart offers an optional membership called Walmart+ that can be purchased monthly for $12.95, or annually for $98.

What are the benefits to a Walmart membership if you can shop at Walmart free of charge?

  • No minimum order required for shipping and delivery
  • Gas prices discounted
  • Prescription medication rebates
  • Mobile Checkout and Purchases

The perks of Sam’s Club and Walmart memberships are very similar. A Walmart+ membership is almost the same as a Sam’s Plus Card, with almost no difference in price.

Walmart+ memberships are more expensive than Sam’s Club Card members, but this is the main benefit of shopping at Walmart.

Sam’s Club: What’s more worth it?

Sam’s Club is a bulk warehouse and therefore has lower prices. However, you need to know exactly what you are shopping for and how many. Sam’s Club can help you save some money, sometimes even a few pennies, by calculating the cost per unit.

Sam’s Club customers can save money on their medication, regular groceries, pet supplies, as well as quickly replenishing their home necessities. Surprisingly Walmart is a better choice for electronics and clothing.

If you’re not careful when shopping for perishable items, Sam’s Club could end up costing you more. Consider how much you’ll use your groceries in a week.

Fresh food quickly goes rancid, so buying in large quantities and letting them spoil is a much better option than purchasing them in smaller amounts at Walmart.

Sam’s Club’s exclusive in-house food selections are worth more than the individual items. Quality items such as alcohol and cheese are well-known. Sam’s Club membership is not required to purchase alcohol.

Sam’s Club gift cards at Walmart

Let’s say you are unsure which retailer is better. You can ease your worries by using Sam’s Club gift cards at Walmart and other Walmart-related services. Even better, you can also use a Walmart gift certificate at Sam’s Club and Sam’s Club-related services.



The answer to the question, “Is Sam’s Club more expensive than Walmart?” depends on your shopping habits. When comparing Sam’s Club to Walmart, you should consider how much you can buy at once, how many people your stock is being purchased for, and why you want to buy large quantities of products.

If bulk buying is not what you need, the $45-100 annual Sam’s Club membership may be more expensive.

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