Instacart Dress Code (interview, Delivering + More)

I was hired through the Uber platform and was instructed to drive to a certain location. The rider did not have a driver, but wanted me to drive them to a bar downtown. The rider was unable to open the App, or was not able to speak English. I am unsure of the exact reason for their request.

But there is a dress code at Instacart, and it is simple: no shorts, no jeans, no skirts. There are no rules about how long the shopper should dress.

Yes, the dress code is pretty liberal. You can wear your favorite jeans, but I recommend wearing something that can go over heels.

Does Instacart Have A Dress Code In 2022?

Instacart does not have a formal dress code or requirements beyond what was mentioned above, however they do recommend shoppers wear close-toed shoes and tie their hair back from their face. Beyond these guidelines, shoppers are free to wear whatever is comfortable, ranging from the ultra-casual (sweats, hoodies) to business casual (khakis, polos). Shoppers might consider wearing an Instacart t-shirt for ID purposes.

To find out more about dressing for any interview, either an Instacart interview or any other interview for which you need to buy an outfit or bring something from home, keep reading.

You have to be smart about your business card.

How Should You Dress For An Instacart Interview?

I can’t usually get an interview for a full-service job because of the amount of customers I’m up against. However, for an in-store job, I’m always in the mix and can get interviews.

You should wear something you’re comfortable in but that makes the other person feel comfortable.

I’d say it depends on the company, but be one step dressier than the work environment.

You are safe if you have a clean and pressed outfit and a business casual attitude.

Now that you have your outfit planned out, it’s time to find your shoes.

In other words, nice slacks or khakis, a polo or blouse. Closed-toe shoes, like loafers or even nicer sneakers round out the look.

You should never come to a meetup in sweatpants and a sweatshirt or anything resembling pajamas.

If you really want the job – and they’re great jobs to get, because you’re an actual employee of Instacart, with a guaranteed wage and other benefits – dress to impress.

No matter what kind of interview you’re going to be interviewing for, the most important thing is to show a professional image. This means your clothes must be clean and pressed. Your hair should be clean and pulled back into a bun or ponytail (if you’re interviewing with a male interviewer, you may wear a bandanna tied around your bun to make it more visible).

Does Instacart Give You A Shirt?

It appears that people do not get free shipping and/or shirts for their first delivery with Instacart. You should be able to receive the shirts as part of the welcome package.

All the shoppers I saw wore some sort of green shirt. And the shirt was so bright green, that the shoppers were invisible.

“Dude, your green shirt is so stupid and dorky looking, I never wear it,” one commenter said on this Reddit thread.

“I knit my own shirt out of repurposed produce bags. It’s a really good look for me,” another joked.

People were amused by what they considered stupid attire, or at least, a lack of forethought.

The easiest way to dress up for a grocery store is to take a normal Instacart shirt and add to it.

You get a credit card like the ones you use to pay for groceries, so you can use the app on your phone.

Yes, if you are a person who always has a purse or bag with him/her then you could use a clip and attach it to your bag’s handle.

When you’re not wearing the right t-shirt, it can be hard to be taken seriously.

The Etsy website for handmade clothing is a great place to shop for quality custom t-shirts for your next party.

Someone suggested asking the shift lead for Instacart at a grocery store and was told that they don’t have a shift lead at the store where I shop and that Instacart would have some sort of person in a grocery store who would know about the program. You also suggested a place to talk to them.

They are possibly going to give away t-shirts for the in store shoppers and you could also ask to get one for yourself for free.

Do You Have To Wear An Instacart Shirt?

The only requirement for shoppers is to have an Instacart account so that they can check-in with the app on delivery day.

The more common security ‘cams’ in the doorbell area are also becoming a lot more common which means a lot more people who’ll be checking them aren’t getting a good enough view of what’s going on – I could have a key or a letter in my hand as I open the door and still be out of view of the camera.

An Instacart shirt is a great way to get people to you faster.

You may be mistaken for a store employee while you are shopping and asked about the whereabouts of a product.

What Can You Wear While Delivering Instacart?

Instacart is great because you can buy whatever you want. I can just buy whatever I want.

You’re an independent contractor. You get to decide whether you want to work. And when you make a decision someone else can’t tell you what to do.

It is also a good idea to always close your shoes when you are leaving the house.

You should also wash your hands often.

If that something is even a can of tuna and you kick it in the head, then it’s going to hurt.

I really wish all the people who work at Instacart were required to wear polos or business casual, it would be easier to avoid.

I think the most popular one is the one where you go to some “full service” shop and they do it all for you.

The word “clothes” can be used to cover a wider range of articles, but it is generally considered offensive to imply that something obscene or lewd was worn by the person involved.

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The company’s dress code for full-service shoppers is simple and basic: you are expected to wear closed-toe shoes, but you are free to wear whatever is comfortable.

When dressing for your interview, you don’t want to wear something that irritates your skin or is too tight for comfort, as you will be thinking about that instead of the job in front of you.

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