How To Stop Junk Mail Usps? (+ Other Common Faqs)

Back in the day, if you were in a relationship, you might send a letter to your girlfriend or boyfriend because it was the only method of contact that wasn’t on the internet and therefore a safer method of communication.

But even with the digital age, our mailbox are just as full as ever thanks to junk mail. The best way to stop junk mail? You can learn how to deal with it before it gets sent!

How Do I Stop Junk Mail From USPS In 2022?

If you don’t want to receive junk mail in the future, you might be thinking about cancelling your mailing services. If you don’t want to receive the mail anymore, then you should look into the service DMAchoice. Signing up for this service allows you to request that the USPS stop sending you outbound mail. You will have to sign up on a quarterly basis, however, in order to keep your request in effect.

If you want to know how the post office manages to waste so much money on junk and the best way to stop the post office from wasting your money and getting rid of your junk mail, keep reading for useful facts and tips!

Why Do You Get So Much Junk Mail From USPS?

Unfortunately, the U.S. Postal Service makes billions of dollars a year from sending out massive amounts of junk mail, which is done due to congress mandating that the post office try to either turn a profit or break even.

Many people consider unsolicited junk mail to be wasteful. For instance, people in the United States waste more than $1.7 billion every year on unwanted direct mail.

Mail you get that hasn’t been properly filtered will become spam with some effort, but it is possible to make a big difference by filtering as much of it as possible.

Credit offers are a big way of scamming people. They send you a message saying that you’ve been pre-approved for credit or something else that isn’t really true.

Can You Stop The Post Office From Delivering Junk Mail?

I think junk mail is extremely difficult to get rid of because junk mail is essential for mail carriers to do their jobs.

It’s also a good idea to contact the companies sending you junk mail to tell them you don’t want to receive their mail.

You can opt out by requesting they only communicate with you via email. This also has the benefit of keeping you off those company sponsored lists.

If a company is giving you the run-around, take legal action.

The US Postal Service has a section of the Postal Service Laws titled: “Prohibition of Pandering”. This law states that the US Postal Service is prohibited from accepting advertisements that are “offensive” in any way.

This form allows the recipient to request only what they want to receive, so it can be used instead of opting out of unwanted mail altogether.

It is an example of a postcard return receipt. The recipient of the postcard is required to return it to the sender. It is used as a means of acknowledging delivery of a letter.

To prevent receiving junk mail, you can just fill out the address information and attach a form you found online.

You may file a complaint at The IRS has a website where you can file a complaint regarding the federal government. The website also has instructions if there are any changes in the complaint process.

How Do You Stop Junk Mail At The Source?

However, if you don’t want to fill out multiple individual forms for every single piece of junk mail you receive, other options are available.

The best thing for you to do to stop receiving junk mail is to visit which has flexible options that let you opt out of receiving mail you don’t want and continue receiving any mail you do want.

All you have to do is make an account, and then you can pay a $2 processing fee and stop receiving messages from direct mail companies for 10 years.

It’s also important to note that the 90-day window is based on the time it takes for the new rule to be enforced, which could range anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

Another popular junk mail category is credit offers, which are offers from banks and other financial institutions soliciting loans and credit cards. Junk email can also contain other “junk mail” categories like advertisements, software offers, or sweepstakes entries.

There are a number of reasons you might receive offers from credit bureaus that you feel are misleading or inaccurate. It’s important to understand that, unless you give consent to receive offers from a particular issuer, it’s not possible for that issuer to send you offers. However, the issuer can continue to contact you with solicitations about credit cards or other financing.

You’ll need to provide a few bits of information, including your Social Security number and your credit score from Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. This process is not required and you can opt out from being on the list any time by calling 888-5OPTOUT.

It’s very important to check your credit reports and credit score at least once per year. Most of us do our best to pay them off on time, but it’s good to check, and if you notice anything missing, dispute it immediately.

While you can usually change the email address associated with your account and even stop receiving promotional emails, it can be hard to remove yourself from some of the mailing lists that sell your email address.

How Do You Stop Getting Other People’s Junk Mail From USPS?

If you receive unwanted mail at your workplace you can ask the mail room service to help you in rejecting the junk mail.

I had a letter from the Post Office that was not delivered because it was returned to me. I placed it back in the mailbox and told the postal worker that I did not want to receive mail at this address.

There is no way to know if a package has been delivered to you if it has been sent by postal services. However, you can confirm if it has been delivered or not by checking the tracking information.


You can stop junk mail from a particular company using the opt-out information that they give you, visit the DMAchoice website or call 1-888-5-OPT-OUT toll-free.

As mentioned above, you may not be able to control who receives the junk mail that’s coming to you. What you can do though, is make the junk mail less relevant and less appealing by changing what information is included in the email.

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