How Do You Get A Usps Po Box? (step-by-step)

Whether you travel a lot and want to ensure your mail is stored safely, or run a business and want some privacy, there are many reasons to get a USPS PO box.

**What is a USPS PO Box?**

A USPS or Postal Service Point of Business mail box is like your own little P.O. Box, and it has many uses.

If you want to rent a PO box for your business then make sure you do some research first to make sure it’s ok to do so.
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How Do You Get A USPS PO Box In 2022?

When it comes to the PO boxes, they aren’t free and the process is a bit complicated. First of all, they need to be in a ZIP code where you have a physical mailing address. They can’t be registered at the main Post Office or the regional Post Offices in those areas.
Once you have your PO Box, you need to fill out PS Form 1093 and send it in with your application.

In order to find out more about how USPS PO boxes work, make sure to read the rest of the article!

Step-By-Step On Getting a USPS PO Box

PO Box is a postal mailing address used for a specific purpose. It differs from a residential or business address.

To obtain a visa, you must apply at a U.S. Consulate. You must apply in the country in which you will be entering. If you are planning to travel to multiple countries, consult a U.S. Consular Officer in the foreign country or the nearest U.S. Embassy.

When completing your application at a post office other than where your PO Box is located, the postmaster may ask you to provide the verification of the PO Box.

You can apply online by selecting the ‘Apply On Our Site’ button or by accessing
If you are applying for many jobs, you may get a ‘Success’ page after completing the form.
If you do not, please try a different browser or make sure that the form is not being redirected to a secure page.
Also, make sure that you have JavaScript enabled in your web browser.

After you’ve submitted your post office box application, you’ll see a confirmation page, with a summary of your order details, along with instructions about how to activate your box.

If you are required to show identification in order to check what you have in your box, you can do so by showing your driver’s license or another form of identification. If you do not have identification, you can ask for the nearest post office to verify your delivery address.

After completing the transaction, you will receive your keys or box combination.

What Do I Need To Open A USPS PO Box?

The process of getting a PO box is quite simple as long as you have valid identification.

You must have a valid ID that is current, has enough information that confirms you are who you claim to be, and can be traced back to you.

Therefore, Social Security cards, credit cards, and birth certificates do not adequately identify you as a lawful permanent resident.

a) government issued photo ID such as a driver’s license.

b) official document showing name, address and date of birth.

c) copy of passport or passport card, or

d) copy of a passport that is in good standing.

You’ll need to register again at Form 1096 to add your spouse, business partner, and children to your PS Form 1099R. In order to add any other relatives, you’ll need to request an extension from the IRS.

You must present some form of identification, a state or federal picture ID, or what’s called a passport.

How Do I Find A PO Box Near Me?

You can search for Postal Service locations near you using the search bar under the “Reserve A Mailbox” link on USPS website.

Then, select the one you want. You can edit the location at any time through our My Locations form.

You’ll be able to see which PO boxes are available at each location, as well as any additional services they offer (e.g., Premium PO Box Services and Parcel Lockers).

How Much Is A USPS PO Box?

It depends primarily on how much space the box takes up and how long you’ll be renting it for.

The object has a width of 6 and a height of 4 and a depth of 3, the size of the box is 6x4x3.

If you want a box to fit letters, you’ll need an extra-small, extra-large or large. A small box will probably just hold catalogs, a medium box will hold magazines and a large box will hold larger boxes like the ones you find at your local post office.

However, small boxes are often cheaper than large boxes.

These boxes will be added to the header after the last box.

Rental Term:

The rental period will start after the order is placed and will continue until the delivery is complete. You can choose between 1, 3, 6 and 12 months.

Box rental prices vary based on the period the box is rented and there are two other factors that affect the prices. They are the size (the number of cubic feet the box has) and the location of the box.

But with that, the cost is lower, depending on the length of time the customer rents their box for.

The number of bits of information you can store in a box is fixed, so the larger boxes get.

To determine a rental rate, USPS uses a formula that takes into account the postal code, population & concentration of people, and the average parcel volume for that location.

As we grow into the suburbs, we see less of a need to be near a business offering private mailboxes. As we grow into the suburbs, we tend to be surrounded by people who live on their own. With this, we generally give up our PO boxes.

But box owners in market-dominant locations have other problems.

Additionally, your “unlimited” shipping service is only $5.99.

The USPS will deliver a package anywhere in the country for $4.99 per address. This is the standard, flat rate you can expect.

In a market, prices are set by competition and are often determined by a supply-and-demand imbalance.

But if you rent the same-sized box in Boston, MA (a competitive location) for the same amount of time you should have to pay $43.

If you’re a web designer, or if you happen to host your own website, you can use a service like Wix to make it look like you have your own website.

A few new fees have been added. The most significant is the additional $25 flat fee for deposits over $5,000 and for all foreign wire transfers. Another new fee is for “Settlements” in amounts over $25,000.

Cost of the order
Shipping costs

Once the order is processed, your item will be delivered to you.

Depending on the payment you make, there may be additional fees charged by a payment solution provider like Paypal.

How Can I Get A Free USPS PO Box?


USPS will provide you with a Group E PO Box for free if you have an address outside the USPS delivery area. They will give you a form to complete and return it with your payment.

If your physical address or business address is listed in the appropriate section below as eligible for a P.O. box, then you may request a P.O. box for free.

If you meet all of the requirements, it’s best to not use the online application. Contact your local Post Office for more information.

If you want to find out more information, you can visit our post on how to use a PO Box, or see USPS’s post on how long does USPS delivery take.


We recommend a post office box to anyone needing a secret address or secure mail system.

The PO box can be rented from most post offices around the world and can be used by any mail recipient, including overseas residents, military personnel, and political figures.

If you would like to get this form before you apply for a PO box, you can order the form at

Now that you know everything about PO boxes it’s time to reserve your box today!

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