Does Walmart Take Apple Pay? (Updated 2022)

Walmart is the largest retailer in the world with an annual revenue of over $500 million. There are many ways to pay for a shopping transaction, including e-wallets and fintech.

These options include Apple Pay and Amazon Pay. Is Walmart accepting Apple Pay, Amazon Pay and Samsung Pay? Continue reading to find out!

Is Walmart Taking Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is not accepted by Walmart. Walmart instead accepts WalmartPay, their own e-payment system. Walmart Pay can be used at any point in the sales process for physical retail stores.

Walmart Pay is not the only option. You can also pay with MasterCard, Visa, Paypal, Amex and Amex. Walmart doesn’t accept Walmart Pay for online stores, or stores owned by Walmart, such as Sam’s Club.

How do I set up Walmart Pay?

It is easy and seamless to set up Walmart Pay. Walmart Pay can be used in all of the above-mentioned sales channels once it is set up.

Here’s a step-by -step guide to setting up Walmart Pay.

How to Use Walmart Pay

Walmart Pay is easy and convenient. In the following steps, we’ll show how to use Walmart Pay. Ask the cashier at duty if you have any questions.

How to Use Walmart Pay

My personal tip is to always have a power bank with you wherever you go. Walmart Pay and the electronic payment system are rapidly becoming the norm. A power bank can be your lifesaver if you leave your phone without charging overnight.

Is Walmart going to take over Apple Pay?

Walmart doesn’t accept Apple Pay, or any other brand of e-wallets, and it has no plans to. This could be a problem for loyal Walmart customers. Apple Pay can be used at any retail store.

Why does Walmart not accept Apple Pay?

Walmart will not accept Apple Pay and they don’t want to. Walmart was also part of the Merchant Customer Exchange, a joint venture that included some of the nation’s biggest retailers like CVS Health and Best Buy.

CurrentC was MCX’s main product. It is a mobile payment platform that allows users to scan a QR code. Although MCX may have closed its operations in 2016, Walmart could have created its own mobile payment platform rather than using a third-party’s.

Apple Pay is not accepted by Walmart because it does not give Walmart as many customer data when customers make purchases. All point-of sale (POS) software collects customer information whenever they make transactions.

Walmart doesn’t collect this data because Apple Pay is managed by a different company. Walmart is unable to customize their POS system to suit their needs such as ordering stock or managing employees.

Walmart can create their own payment system, which allows them complete control over the entire process. This gives them the ability to make any adjustments they wish.

Walmart Pay: Where can I use it?

Walmart Pay can be used at any Walmart store provided you have Walmart Pay set up.

Walmart Pay: Where can I not use it?

Walmart Pay cannot be used to pay for transactions at’s online shop. You can however use your linked card to pay for transactions at

Walmart Pay at Walmart fuel pumps or Sam’s Clubs is not allowed. Walmart Pay at Walmart is the only option.


Walmart doesn’t accept Apple Pay, and it has no plans to. Walmart instead uses Walmart Pay to provide a seamless and quick shopping experience.

It is easy to set up Walmart Pay. You only need to download Walmart App and log in to your account to select Walmart Pay. You can then set up your preferred payment method (debit or credit card), and you’re done! You’re good to go with Walmart Pay

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