Does Walmart Accept Tricare? (try This Instead)

If you’re a member of a military family and you’re active or retired military, you might rely on the health insurance plans that come from Tricare.

Whether you shop at Walmart, Sam’s Club or other stores, you can use your Tricare plan to shop with confidence.

Does Walmart Accept Tricare In 2022?

The Defense Commissary Agency has announced that commissaries nationwide will now be able to accept a new debit card, called VISA(r), as an approved form of payment for military ID cards. The debit cards will be used in place of a credit card to pay for commissary purchases.

To know more about Tricare, where to use Tricare, how to use Tricare at Walmart, and how vision care works with Walmart vision centers, read this blog post!

What Does Tricare Cover At Walmart?

It appears as though Walmart and Sam’s Club no longer accept Tricare and the cost of a prescription could really be exorbitant if you are not a member of Tricare.

The Tricare insurance can be used at most of Walmart’s pharmacies.

When you search for a participating pharmacy you will find the list of participating pharmacies. Then you will select the pharmacy that best meets your needs.

All prescription drugs should be covered, whether you have insurance or not.

In some cases, where a generic is available, it appears Tricare defaults to that medicine, and may cover the generic completely. For example, if it is determined that the drug is a generic equivalent of a brand, and there is no other evidence that Tricare will not cover the generic, it appears the plan will cover the generic.

 Tricare does not cover vaccinations given by a doctor unless they are a listed part of the preventive or emergency services.

My understanding is that there is also a Medicare advantage program which provides extra benefits and lower co-pays to qualifying members. The advantage part is not discussed much because it is subsidized by Medicare and not subject to the same government regulations as Part B benefits – but it makes sense to compare that too.

Always make sure to review your specific plan before making any drug selections to ensure that you will be eligible to receive the same benefits.

Medicare Beneficiaries
A Medicare beneficiary’s primary care physician (PCP) or medical specialist is the person responsible for prescribing the covered drugs. If your provider is not listed in your Tricare program, please refer to the Tricare website.

How Do You Use Tricare At Walmart?

I am a vet. Walmart has stopped accepting Tricare. That is a real problem. It is an example of what is wrong with this system. I am still a vet, but I can’t get my medications from my insurer.

The Walmart and Sam’s Club no longer accept Tricare as a health insurance provider.

As Walmart’s insurance provider, Tricare gives their families free health care. They offer a variety of doctors at their pharmacies and clinics for free. They also have a 24/7 nurses hotline and a pharmacy for prescription drugs that’s open for 7 days a week.

Per the Tricare website, you will have your medical care provider forward your prescription electronically to the Walmart of choice, or you can bring the prescription to Walmart to fill it at the pharmacy.

With all other insurance, along with your insurance card, you will have to show your military ID card.

Can You Refill A Prescription Online At Walmart With Tricare?

If you have Tricare insurance, you can refill your Tricare prescription using Walmart’s online pharmacy service.

If you do not have the existing prescription on file, or if you have reached the prescribed number of refills, please see your local pharmacist.

Even if the drug is in a pharmacy, it is still illegal for a customer to walk out with a prescription that has not been filled yet or that is not yet due. And the customer is liable to be hit by a fine, even if the medicine was picked up last week.

Does Walmart Vision Accept Tricare?

I am a vet. Walmart has stopped accepting Tricare. That is a real problem. It is an example of what is wrong with this system. I am still a vet, but I can’t get my medications from my insurer.

The Walmart and Sam’s Club no longer accept Tricare as a health insurance provider.

At the end of the day, the VA must provide you with a comprehensive exam, and then send it off to a contractor for processing using Tricare Vision. You can take advantage of this service and can be seen within two weeks.

The military health care program will cover exams, glasses, and contacts.

They also have an app that allows you to find your glasses/contacts coverage, but they claim the app is only available for service members who are currently in a hospital.

For more information on Tricare vision benefit coverage, you can visit their page here.

If you have questions or comments about Tricare, do not hesitate to contact our nearest USO Customer Service Center by telephone at 1-800-342-8387. You can also email us or complete our online form.

When you go to Walmart, it is important to ask and find out if your Walmart location accepts Tricare.

What Is Tricare?

The insurance plan would provide coverage and services to military members and their families, and provide healthcare information and resources for military members and their families.

Tricare also covers survivors of deceased members of the military. Injured military members and their families are covered by Tricare. Retirees are covered under Social Security only.

`Our families’ includes unmarried and married people, including spouses, children, parents, parents-in-law, grandparents, grandparents-in-law, and spouses of those in each category.

Your Tricare benefits are provided to you by a contracted health maintenance organization (HMO), which is provided by a contracted carrier.

With Walmart as a network pharmacy with Tricare, military families have the convenience of thousands of locations to get their prescriptions filled.
There you go, the transcript for that video if I could have gotten it to transcribe, I wouldn’t have had to upload a bunch of this garbage.

Walmart’s name is synonymous with cheap, and it’s a familiar presence in every town, so it’s a great place to expand your business.

If you are wondering about whether or not Walmart offers military discounts, if Walmart has vision center prices, and if Walmart accepts GoodRx, then you have come to the right place. The information on our web site is provided for reference purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. You should not rely on this information as a replacement for either purchasing the product or obtaining legal counsel.


Walmart has partnered up with Tricare to provide health insurance services for it’s customers.

Even though military families are stationed all over the world, they have access to Walmart in-store and online pharmacy services.

And they can get good eye care. As a matter of fact, some Walmart Vision Centers are Tricare Vision providers.

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