Amazon Notifications Not Working (12 Potential Fixes + Faqs)

Are you trying to get your alerts and notifications from Amazon? If yes, then this video can help you fix the “Amazon Notifications are not working correctly” problem.

Hey, I’ve been researching this topic and have found some great fixes. So, keep reading to learn what I’ve learned!

Why Aren’t My Amazon Notifications Working In 2022?

Not to make waves, but if you’re having issues notifying Alexa when her notifications would have come through, you might want to give that a try too. For starters, you can check your device’s battery life, just in case it died while you were sleeping or something.

You can try to run the application again to see if the issue fixes itself or not. If this issue has been reported by many users, it is likely a bug that hasn’t been fixed yet.

It is suggested that the device be restarted to have it operate correctly with the latest version of the software.

If you are having any issues with your Amazon notifications, the first thing to do would be to restart your mobile device, whether it is on an iOS or Android device or even an Amazon device.

Further, restarting your computer can clean out cached files and clear out any memory issues, which could be causing a notification not to work properly.

– If your website has not already implemented a push notification solution, then you can use one of the many existing tools that are available.
– If you have implemented a notification system, you should make sure that it is enabled.

While it seems quite obvious, you also need to be sure that the Amazon application is enabled, both for iOS or Android devices.

You can go to your settings and then select either “Notifications” or “Apps,” and then find the Amazon app and double-check they’re all enabled.

You can uninstall and re-install the Amazon app.

If you delete the app and then reinstall it, you can fix the issue. However, this only works if you don’t have any existing Amazon preferences or settings.

If you want to fix the error faster, please first uninstall the Facebook app from your phone if you already have it installed.

Turning off battery-saving measures may cause the system to run at peak capacity.

Battery optimizations makes sure to remove the notification tray icons from your device, so if you were noticing less notifications coming through it could be that your battery optimizations are taking over.

You can accidentally press this option when a notification has been sent to a different application on your device, and not realize it.

If you’ve specified an alert for this time zone and are not seeing the expected delivery, it might be that your Exchange server has not been configured properly.

If you go into settings on your phone, you can make sure the time is set correctly, and click about your location to see how accurate it is.

If you get the message ‘App is missing required permissions’ then follow these steps to ensure that your app is configured to have the required permissions.

If you go into the Amazon app and check which permissions it needs to access your Amazon account, it will show that it needs your permission to get notifications.

You can find this option in the settings of your Amazon app by clicking the App Store icon on the upper right, selecting “Settings” and then selecting “Apps & Notifications”.

Change the Do not Disturb (Do Not Disturb) or Stop Notification Settings to turn on or off these options.

Go into your settings in your phone and make sure that do not disturb is off. I personally have the notifications off for Instagram and Twitter.

If you want to stop the notifications for certain times of the day, you can go into the Amazon app and make sure there isn’t an inbound schedule that starts during a certain time and stops during that time.

It’s time to test that your device can show previews.

If your device isn’t showing previews, make sure that you have set up Amazon notifications properly on your device. Check for previews on your device.

You can go to Settings menu and choose “Notifications,” and make sure the “Show Previews” box has a checkmark next to it.

I run the battery test on my phone to show the software, but found the battery is always under 50% after running it for a while.

Xiaomi will put software on your device that will disable apps that it thinks aren’t important, which can lead to Amazon notifications not working. There is a fix.

Xiaomi has a “Security” software, which will disable some apps that the user won’t use, to save power.

If you’re on an Android device, you want to search “disable Amazon” and clear Amazon from the list of disabled apps.

Check on the Amazon App Store for updates and downloads on the Amazon App for Android.

If notifications aren’t working for Amazon, make sure to update the app to the latest version. If possible, upgrade the app to the latest version, since older versions can hinder functionality and limit features.

However it won’t be easy to update the app as you have to go to the app store or phone settings to download the updates to your apps.

Make sure that the App can run in the background and be responsive to incoming messages.

There is a trick to get some apps off of your phone and turn off apps from running in the background, which means you need to turn off power first.

If the Amazon app isn’t allowed to run in the background, it could be why you’ve noticed Amazon notifications not working, so check the setting on your device to see if it’s enabled.

With Android, there is a setting you can enable where you have to approve any apps that the system wants to access your data, such as location, contacts, calendar, etc. Go under Settings, then Apps, Notifications, and then Battery and then see the settings under Background Restriction.

It is good to check your connection with your web host. They may have a specific message that would help you to solve any issues.

So at some point you might have not been able to receive notifications, if somehow you had trouble connecting to your network.

So, in terms of the data plan, it’s always a good idea to check the data plan you have, just in case.

The lack of good signal, you won’t receive app notifications, so it’s always worth checking your network connection to make sure you have a strong signal through Wi-Fi or Cellular.

How Do You Turn on Amazon Notifications?

It can be useful to get notifications about an order that has already been delivered if you’re not home to accept it.

After adding your mobile number to your Amazon account, you’ll be notified once the package is ready to be delivered.

How Do I Turn on Amazon Notifications on My iPhone?

Go to Settings
Tap Notifications
Look for the “Amazon” icon
Tap “Add.”
Tap the “Add Notifications” button

Note: For some reason, the Amazon logo and “Add” button are not displayed on my iPhone version of the page.

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If you can’t use a notification from Amazon, you can try to restart your device, delete the Amazon app, and reinstall it. If you can’t use a notification, check your network connection. If that doesn’t give any results, check for app updates.

It is possible to turn off the power-saving mode. You can disable any software that is disabling the notifications or applications.

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