Does Meijer Hire Felons? (All You Need To Know)

The United States is one of the few countries in the Western world that still has a ban on hiring felons, even after that has proven to be detrimental to many workers with convictions and has even contributed to the overincarceration of non-violent offenders. For example, nearly 20% of felony inmates in federal prisons are there for drug offenses and, if they were released, almost 60% would return to prison within three years for violating parole.

Although Meijer is a huge grocery chain (especially in the Midwest, where it is headquartered) not all the Meijer stores have an in-house pharmacy.

Does Meijer Hire Felons In 2022?

The applicant has to be truthful during the job application process when he/she is asked to provide the reason for his/her conviction. The company also does background check and the depth differs with the location. But the applicant has to be honest during the job application process.

Check out the complete list of Meijer hiring tips for people with a felony record. The list has all the questions you need to ask when applying for a job with a felony record at Meijer.

What Are My Chances of Getting Hired at Meijer with a Felony?

Unfortunately, your criminal record could hurt your chances of getting a job at Meijer.

There are no longer any interviews that ask the question “Are you a criminal?” Instead, interviewers can see the applicant’s arrest history when they browse the police blotter.

Meijer has a number of locations in other states that have the ban box law and others that don’t.

If the law passes, employers will not be able to require an applicant’s criminal convictions, including nonviolent offenses, from the applicant’s criminal record.

If you have a felony conviction, it might be a red flag. They will ask you directly.

It is best not to panic, but convictions should not be good enough for being a diplomat.

In addition, Meijer does not have special programs to hire felons to avoid discrimination. You all attend the same job interview.

How Do I Get Hired at Meijer with a Felony?

The first step is to customize your resume to align with the requirements of your dream job.

I have more to say about it, but there are some interesting things to do for a student who wants to take a course in human resources.

If you have previous business experience, it would be better to submit your resume.

The advantages of online education is that you can complete your studies whenever is convenient. You can study anytime you want which is perfect for those who are working. Furthermore, you get to learn at your own pace. It’s a great advantage since unlike in a traditional institute, you’ll be the one to determine how fast or slow you want to progress.

I had to do a similar situation before. I also had a conversation with another person who had something similar to this and they gave me enough info for me to prepare a detailed resume and cover letter that I could send to the job provider.

If you are not experienced, do some research on the job you are applying to see what it entails.

During the interview, explain why you will do the job and be open to learning more while you’re doing it.

I have taken a few classes in the past

That may be a little vague, but it sounds to me like you have done some work.

The classes you’ve taken will help you to stay competitive and keep up with the latest changes in technology.

It is also an indication that you work more hours than other people in your field, and your employer would be proud of your work ethic.

In case you are fortunate enough to get a Meijer job with a felony, you need to be at your good behavior. So, you’ll maintain your job and secure a future position with ease.

Does Meijer Perform Background Checks on Applicants?

Meijer is very serious about making sure that its own employees are legally able to work.

State background checks usually involve searching the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) databases.

In addition, Meijer also performs background checks on all of its employees to make sure that its hiring standards are met.

If the job applicant is a felon who has been previously convicted of a crime, a background check often includes a check of the applicant’s conviction records.

Meijer stores may check the criminal background of individuals who apply at some Meijer stores, but not others. They will also ask about your past offenses.

What Felony Convictions Will Reduce Your Chances of Hire at Meijer?

Your convictions may be an obstacle in your job search. You should compare them to the job you are applying for to be sure.

It is unlikely that anyone will hire you if you were convicted of crimes such as shoplifting and vandalism. However, if you have been convicted of shoplifting and have paid your fine, as well as avoided jail time, you will likely be able to find job.

You have an addiction to alcohol or other drugs.
You have a history of violent crime.
You were convicted of certain sexual offenses or have a record of sexually based offenses.
You have a bad credit report or have unpaid debts.
You were arrested or convicted of a controlled substance offense.

The state won’t allow you to work as a retail salesperson at Meijer.

Is Meijer Misdemeanor Friendly?

The fact that the crime is a misdemeanor is an important part of Meijer’s decision to hire the applicant.

Indeed, the store did hire persons with past misdemeanors.

What Is Meijer’s Hiring Policy?

Meijer has a nondiscrimination and equal opportunity hiring policy. It has been actively recruiting for over 40 years to build a workforce that reflects the communities it serves.

Applicants are welcomed to apply regardless of race, sex, religion, physical or mental disabilities, and any other classification protected by the law.

What Is Meijer’s Hiring Process?

Meijer, a chain of grocery stores, announced a new hiring process where candidates apply for a job through the career portal, after which the company uses an algorithm to evaluate if they meet the needs of the store.

Once you complete the interview, the results appear on a weekly timeline in your inbox. You can view the results at any time if you choose.

Successful candidates and all of the employees at Meijer are required to pass a drug test, and we hire you because you passed it.

In the event of a hiring mistake, the employer can be fined in the process.

If you have a Meijer employee discount at, you can apply for a Meijer employee bereavement policy using this form.


I’ve had similar experience with a well-known national retailer, but I’m not going to name names.

It also does a background check on your criminal records, and your automatic disqualification is if your criminal convictions relate negatively to your post of application.

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