Does Cuba Have Mcdonald’s? (yes, But Not What You Think)

McDonald’s is not in every country but it’s still a world famous fast-food restaurant.


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It all started when I was reading a news site called “The Cubadebate” (their English language website) and I saw this article titled: “Cubans are leaving the country to eat McDonald’s in the US”. At first, I thought this was a joke, but it turns out that the Cuban government is serious about this McDonald’s issue.

Does Cuba Have McDonald’s In 2022?

Cuba does have McDonald’s, but only one location throughout the entire country for Americans not allowed to visit. However, it’s not a restaurant that Americans can go to because it’s located on Guantanamo Bay, which means only the American army can go there. That said, the location is operated and owned by the Department of the Navy, and it opened in 1986.

A McDonald’s restaurant was opened in Cuba for the first time ever. This new McDonald’s is located in the Habana neighborhood and is owned by local Cubans, but it is still a franchise and managed by McDonald’s USA.

How Many McDonald’s Are In Cuba?

The fast-food chain only appears in Cuba and is very popular with both the locals and the tourists who come to the island.

McDonald’s never mentioned their plans to have a restaurant available to the general public.

10. For those who have not yet seen it, we will now play the clip from the first film, in which the restaurant is the scene of a riot on the day before Christmas, and a fight takes place between the patrons. In the second film, after the fight during the day, a man arrives at the restaurant at night to find that it has been shuttered.

Where Is McDonald’s Located In Cuba?

Unfortunately, the people of Cuba can’t go to McDonald’s because it is located on the Guantanamo Bay American military base.

The McDonald’s franchise is owned and operated by a civilian contractor who owns the company in the USA. He sends the franchise operator to Cuba and the franchise operator is responsible for the food and operating the restaurants.

And, uh, you can’t deny the United States can own it, and they can maintain a military presence on it.

What Other American Restaurants Are Located In Guantanamo Bay?

Starbucks, Subway, Pizza Hut, and Dunkin’ Donuts. Other restaurants like McDonald’s and KFC are now located in the Cuban capital of Havana.

While Cubans can’t go to the military restaurants, there are plenty of other restaurants in the area. McDonald’s on the other hand, only has one location.

Does Cuba Have Fast Food Restaurants?

Cuba did have this type of fast-food restaurants, El Rapido, but this restaurant wasn’t owned by the government, it was owned by private individuals.

El Rapido is a fast-food restaurant which comes in many different sizes but is more commonly available in the Havana.

At El Rapido, you’ll find standard fast-food menu items, including soda, fries, hamburgers, and hot dogs, so it’s similar to the food you get at American fast-food restaurants.

> 1 is not the same as [original statement]: At the El Rapido, there are only 2 items on their menu: hamburgers and hot dogs.

Due to economic sanctions, embargos, and the relationship between the two countries, there are no fast-food chains in Cuba, resulting in a limited food supply.

McDonalds doesn’t exist in Cuba. You might run into a Burger King or KFC at Guantanamo Bay, but those are probably going to be the only places you’ll find them in Cuba.

What’s A Common Food At Cuban Restaurants?

You’ll find typical Cuban meals, such as Ropa Vieja, which is shredded beef in a stew-like form. Lamb is an option as well.

I would love to try the food of the Philippines. Their food is very nutritious and delicious.

The other staple is of course Cuban food, which is all about the beans, rice, and vegetables. There are some common dishes, like Cuban sandwich, and the Cuban cake, but the food is not exactly the same across the country. And of course, there are many different regional dishes as well.

Are Restaurants Expensive In Cuba?

The prices in Havana are a bit higher than in other parts of Cuba. Prices for food in Havana vary depending on the kind of restaurant. In general, food in Havana is expensive, unless you find a good place. Havana is the best place to head to when dining out in Cuba.

However, other cities have more expensive restaurants, so it depends on your location and what type of restaurant you’re looking to go to.

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There are vendors for people to buy and eat street food and local food in Cuba. There are also grocery stores and bakeries.

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You’re going to have several options for food and the prices reflect all of the different options.

Alcohol is available at most restaurants and bars. Prices are typical of buying alcohol at restaurants in America.

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McDonald’s serves Cuban people by transporting them over the Cuban border and then it is transported back into Cuba. That is the only way that Cubans can get food from McDonald’s.

          However, in addition to being located on the Washington Naval Yard, it’s not like Navy personnel go to this fast food place all the time.

It is extremely unlikely that fast food will be made available in Cuba anytime soon.

If you are looking for something to eat, you might also want to avoid dining in the state-owned Cuban restaurants.

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