How Much Money Does Mcdonald’s Make A Day? (Updated 2022)

McDonald’s – We’re all lovin it. McDonald’s is a well-known fast food chain with more than 37,000 locations around the world. McDonald’s has been a household staple, regardless of where it is located, and has become the face for fast food branding.

How did a 1938 company grow to become one of the most successful fast-food franchises in history?

What is McDonald’s’s annual revenue? Are you interested in joining this company? Continue reading to learn more!

What is McDonald’s Daily Income?

The average McDonald’s employee makes $7000 per day out of 14,000 locations in the US. This amounts to approximately 2.6 million dollars per year. This is a lot of money!

Let’s add a few numbers: McDonald’s earned $23 billion in 2021. This is a 13.8% increase over the $7.66 billion it earned last year.

With the pandemic, costs are increasing and profits are falling. However, more people are choosing to stay home and order in, thereby creating a new culture that encourages drive-thrus and curbside pickups.

This is how McDonald’s’ overall revenue continues to rise.

How does McDonald’s make money?

McDonald’s is a big business. It all comes from where?

Fast-food giant McDonald’s serves more than 68 million customers each day. It depends on where the franchise is located and how populated it is. However, we can assume that McDonald’s serves almost two thousand customers per day.

McDonald’s is a brand that sells food, but it’s not a business that succeeds solely on its food. A company cannot earn approximately 2.6 million dollars per year selling low-margin muffins and burgers. What’s the secret to their success?

McDonald’s has franchised approximately 95% of the worldwide outlets. Franchisees can open their own McDonald’s outlets on properties owned by McDonald’s. This generates a huge stream of income for McDonald’s.

The Golden Arches is not a fast-food restaurant, they are a real estate conglomerate.

What are the Average Sales of Other Fast Food Chains?

McDonald’s is a giant. But how does McDonald’s compare to other fast-food chains?

Investing in McDonald’s Franchises

Would you consider opening a McDonald’s franchise after seeing how much McDonald’s makes? Continue reading to find out what you should consider when opening a franchise.

What amount of money do I need?

It is impossible to open a McDonald’s restaurant from scratch. People who have the capital and resources to open their own franchise are often granted franchising. Franchises in a particular area may be owned entirely by corporations, and not individuals.

A $45,000 franchise fee is required to be permitted to franchise a McDonald’s. The cost to open a McDonald’s location that looks and works like one can ranges between $1 million to $2.2million.

Franchisees can only cover 60% of the cost. Franchise owners will have to pay ongoing costs during their franchise ownership.

What is the Maximum Earnings for a Franchisee

An average McDonald’s franchise makes about 2.6 million dollars per year. This is a huge sum, and it’s possible to make a lot of money. It is risky, just as any investment.

A franchise’s success depends on many factors, such as the location, rent prices, service and luck. You would need to be involved in making your franchise successful, particularly if you don’t own a multimillion dollar corporation with many franchises.

A franchise owner in the US earns an average salary of 72,285 annually. If their franchise is growing, the average McDonald’s franchisee will earn slightly more. A McDonald’s franchisee can make up to $150,000 per year if they manage their finances and pay the necessary upkeep costs.

Do I Have to Work at McDonald’s

You can also start small. Perhaps owning a franchise means you are eating more than you can chew. McDonald’s employs more than 1.7 million people worldwide and is always looking for new employees.

What are McDonald’s wages?

McDonald’s entry-level salaries are a bit complicated. McDonald’s has historically paid low wages to its operating staff. McDonald’s claims that the minimum wage has been raised for entry-level workers to $11 to $17 per hour. However, this applies only to McDonald’s restaurants owned by McDonald’s.

This is a problem considering that 95% of McDonald’s outlets around the world are franchises.

Salaries will vary depending on where you live, what the franchisee is doing, and many other factors. Crew members made approximately $9/hour in 2021. However, that has changed to $12/hour nationally.

You can earn up to $47,000 annually as a McDonald’s store manager if you reach the top.


McDonald’s is an international chain of fast food restaurants that has dominated the world for many decades. The company makes approximately $7000 per day and about 2.6 Million dollars annually.

If you’re interested to own a McDonald’s restaurant, ensure that you have the financial resources to cover the costs. You can also become an employee of your local McDonald’s.

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