Amazon Target Market (age, Gender, Demographics, Salary + More)

Amazon isn’t just a website to buy everything. Most people know the site because of its vast selection and fast shipping. It is also well known for its Prime subscription.

While the company is a huge company, the specific market that Amazon focuses on can also be a bit unclear. Some people would ask where most of Amazon’s customers live. Others might wonder why a company in the retail industry would focus on where most of its customers live.

Don’t forget that Amazon’s target market is the millennial crowd, and I think their strategy is to make shopping for them as easy as possible.

What Is Amazon’s Target Market In 2022?

Amazon’s target market is middle and upper-class consumers (mostly women, around 60% of the total) with home computers or smart devices aged between 18-44 as of 2022. Additionally, 60% of the Amazon’s target market are from the United States who prefer to shop online for convenience, fast delivery, and competitive prices.

To find out more about the shopping habits of Amazon customers, and more, continue reading!

What Age Of People Does Amazon Target?

Because most of their customers are not interested in shopping in a physical store (and are willing to wait a few days for shipping), Amazon has a higher profit margin as compared to normal retail businesses.

As of now, in the world, Amazon ranks 9th in internet traffic.

With that, Amazon is targeting younger generations because that’s who has the most access to and most frequently visits the internet.

It was found that 55% of people ages 35 to 44 are on Amazon Prime, compared to just 17% of people aged 18 to 24 on the service.

The number of people who are Prime members are much more than the regular users.

The popularity of the internet has helped Amazon to provide services to people of all ages.

Where Is Amazon’s Target Market Located?

Amazon is targeting to all the areas where internet is accessible.

If you want to be popular, it’s a good idea to get the audience excited about what you do and put that excitement into action.

Especially when it comes to clothes and accessories, Amazon is a one-stop shop, offering personal style recommendations and the ability to buy directly from the company.

Another reason for not having pinpoint accuracy is the fact that the target market can be difficult to pinpoint.

What Country Shops At Amazon The Most?

The United States is the largest market for Amazon in terms of both consumers and products, with almost 80% of the total business and 65% of the total customers of Amazon.

This means that the total usage of the Amazon website is 60% in the United States,
and 40% elsewhere.

Additionally, if you are an American customer, it is most likely that you buy products from Amazon.

Amazon is now a huge company that sells many different products. It has many different sites where you can buy products.

If you are going to try to sell something, you better make sure that it is going to be sold in the United States.

What Is Amazon’s Target Salary Bracket?

Amazon’s convenience and speed of delivery appeal to upper-class social groups with average salaries of $51,000.

people (in this case, my group of people) prefer shopping online rather than in-person to save time (and money).

This group prefers to shop online, as they can shop whenever and wherever, and they may be too busy at the moment to visit a store.

The group is also prone to discounts and Amazon Prime Days. They are likely to spend more on their purchases and Amazon is willing to give them the best discounts to get their purchase.

What Gender Shops At Amazon More Often?

Amazon is giving women about 46% of the business. This is close to the 50% in the stores.

Amazon appeals to many customers because of its extensive product range that allows for anything they can imagine to be purchased!

How Often Do Amazon Customers Shop?

Amazon users are loyal to the site and frequently make purchases.

It was believed that for every Prime customer a non-Prime customer buys an average of one product per year.

If you are paying for your Amazon Prime membership,
you should shop on Amazon every week or month.

This is why Amazon provides Prime members with exclusive deals and bonuses to reward them for their loyalty.

Amazon continues to monitor and study social media reactions to current and previous promotions.

Amazon is looking into creating a separate page just for its Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts.

Amazon is also considering a separate page for non-Prime members to save them from having to make a selection of their choice.

When I ask customers [who visit other stores in the same shopping mall they visited Amazon last month], the answer is even more surprising. More than half of them have never bought something from Amazon in the past five years.

How Does Amazon Cater To Their Target Market?

Amazon has a lot of options to appeal to lots of people. They also have thousands of different types of products to appeal to many different types of people.

Amazon continuously updates products to keep its products on top of the changing retail economy by keeping the products in-stock.

Amazon closely monitors which products sell more frequently. And they place advertisements on the website homepage.

What Kind Of Lifestyle Do Amazon Consumers Have?

Amazon targets people who are technologically educated and can navigate the web.

That is because the online shopping portal, Amazon, offers a large variety of products at a reasonable price.

So, Amazon customers usually have busy lifestyles, and the customer base focuses on spending time on work or leisure activities instead of shopping.

What Factors Are Most Important To Amazon Consumers?

The main reason why Amazon customers come back is the lower prices they can find. 82% of customers said they bought something from Amazon because of lower prices.

Amazon offers low shipping costs for their customers and the return policy also is very flexible.

These factors are driving consumers to do more of their shopping on Amazon. They want to buy more and more things from Amazon.

On the other hand, more than half of shoppers (56%) research products to compare prices before heading to stores.

Amazon is a very convenient way of buying things.

Amazon can easily serve as a one-stop-shop for the products that a consumer needs as the website is very easy to navigate.

When most people buy something, they don’t have to go to the store and pick it up. They go to Amazon and they click on what they want to buy.

How Many People Shop At Amazon?

Amazon Web Services is an AWS partner program member, and an Amazon Premier Partner. is a subsidiary of, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN).

For questions about this survey or other survey results contact [email protected]

Note: This survey was conducted by research firm Environics in partnership with the
Amazon Web Services Partner Network.

I would say that the number of Amazon Prime subscribers in the United States is more than 101 million people.

The largest ecommerce company worldwide is an online marketplace.

Since Amazon began to provide its Prime members with free two-day shipping, the company has expanded its global customer base.

How Do Amazon Consumers Feel About The Company?

Just because Amazon is a place where people do their shopping, it does not mean that Amazon is a socially and environmentally-friendly company.

There are different ways that Amazon can be beneficial or detrimental to an area. It could encourage people to buy more products and that would be good. On the other hand, it’s possible that people would buy less products because of the online retailer.

This company is a monopoly by any definition that you want to call it. That’s not the point. This company is a monopoly by the market and they were able to do that because they had a dominant position in the marketplace. They used that dominant position to force people to use their services.

As the number of entrepreneurs on Amazon has significantly increased in the past few years, the market for entrepreneurs selling their own products on Amazon has also significantly increased.

Additionally, Amazon recently announced that they’re committing to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, using 100% renewable energy by 2030, and ordering 100,000 electric-powered delivery trucks.

Now that you know what products Amazon is selling, it is also important to know how much money Amazon makes. So, you can learn about Amazon book sale statistics, if Amazon is coming to New Zealand, and how much you can possibly make as a Kindle book seller.


Amazon is known as a company that provides a good shopping experience to its customers and Prime subscribers have this reputation. Older generations were more likely to shop at brick-and-mortar stores when they were younger, but are now shopping online for more affordable necessities.

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