Walmart’s Target Market (demographics, Age, Gender, Segmentation, Salary + More)

If you want to live a productive life and you want to save money on things that matter and that you need on a day-to-day basis, Walmart is the place to go.

Walmart’s target market in the United States is customers of all ages. This can also be said about Walmart’s target market around the world.

The study shows that the average American will spend $40,000 on groceries this year and that the number will rise to $45,500 in 2022.

Walmart’s Target Market In 2022

The low prices and product variety at Walmart appeal to many different demographics, as they cater to the needs of the average consumer. However, the demographics of the company are primarily composed of white/caucasian populations, and the stores typically cater to them.

The authors also found similar statistics for the company’s customer demographic in a more recent article, which examined the number of stores and the average age of the customers inside of those stores.

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What Racial Demographics Shop At Walmart The Most?

Walmart’s customers of all races are represented by its shopper base; however, Caucasians are the majority in the company’s customer base.

Because Walmart has most of their stores in the US, most of their customers are White.

Hispanic shoppers and Black people are most of the time the most popular people that shops at Walmart.

According to the Walmart study, the race of the customers of Walmart follow a certain pattern. White people are the most significant percentage of customers.

What Is The Average Age Of Walmart Shoppers?

Walmart knows that there are more than 50 million baby boomers around the country that are shopping online, so they should use this information to create a better shopping experience for baby boomers.

The largest percentage of customers at Walmart are adults age 25 to 34. About one in five (20%) of its customers are also African American.

Because Walmart sells a large number of items and offers the lowest prices in the marketplace, its customer base spans across several age demographics.

As of 2019, Walmart’s customer base ranged from 18 to those aged 65 or over.

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Walmart does not target one age group. Basically, it is able to provide products that people of all age groups demand.

What Gender Shops At Walmart More Often?

Men generally go into stores to buy more expensive items like electronics and clothes, whereas women go into stores to buy things that are cheaper to buy like food and cloths.

Walmart does not care whether customers are men or women. But it is concerned whether the sale is a good one.

We see similar customer base between these grocery stores. Walmart has the lowest customer base while Costco has the most.

While retail stores are mostly women, Walmart offers men-only shopping on Sundays.

What Is The Average Household Income Of Walmart Shoppers?

One reason that keeps so many people visiting Walmart is its low prices, which accommodate households of all incomes.

In addition, the fact that more and more Walmart stores are being built throughout America makes Walmart shoppers more dependent on the company and more likely to spend their income at the company.

The second most popular incomes for customers at Walmart are customers who earn between $25,000 and $50,000 a year.

When comparing Walmart’s average income of customers to Costco and Target, Walmart reports fewer customers with an annual income of $100,000 or more per year.

And because only Walmart has a lower price, the people shop there have to do a lot more shopping per dollar to get the same amount of food than people that shop at Costco or Target.

What Group Of People Is Walmart’s Target Market?

Although there are certain demographics that shop at Walmart more frequently, the store’s market is quite general; however many of these demographics have a high propensity to buy, and some may be more interested in buying things from the store.

Walmart’s target market is everyday consumers who want to save money not only on essential and non-essential items, but also on time.

The number of people who shop at Walmart is growing and growing so they must continue to bring down prices on things so they can still afford things.

 Walmart is very enticing to customers who live paycheck to paycheck because of their low price and unmatched savings.

What Customer Age Does Walmart Target Most Heavily?

While Walmart has targeted Millennials in the past, its marketing efforts have increased exponentially in response to the company’s struggles with the broader population, resulting in higher sales.

Walmart markets to millennials because they know that they are young, and they are trying to find ways to connect with them.

It is a way to market the business, because the younger generation like social media.

Millennials prefer shopping at Walmart because shopping at Walmart is convenient and you’re only paying a low price for the items you need.

How Frequently Do Walmart Customers Shop?

With over 4,000 stores all over the United States, it’s likely that there is a Walmart nearby.

Because of the large number of Wal-Mart locations, its customers tend to go to their stores more frequently compared to other retail stores like Target.

For example, a Walmart customer can visit the store every 2 days on average.

This purchase cycle is almost half that of the consumer purchase cycle at Target, which is almost 47 days. Additionally, Walmart shoppers tend to purchase more items per trip than other retail stores.

The average Walmart shopper spends $51 on groceries and buys 11 items.

It seems that people at Walmart have more of an urge to buy products with a lower price point, while Target’s shoppers more often purchase products in the mid-range and luxury categories.

This is an interesting data, that further proves that Walmart offers lower prices than its competitors. The evidence is persuasive and compelling.

How Many People Shop At Walmart Every Day?

You can come to Walmart and find all kinds of things like electronics, groceries and so on.

With a daily turnover around 37 million dollars, Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the world for goods and services.

Walmart also says it does have about 272 million customers that shop each week according the a 2019 report.

There is a lot of competition in the market, and Walmart is an established entity by now. You can learn a lot about the products and services used by Walmart by reading our related articles in this blog.


The most important customer is the one who comes to Walmart in the first place. From this customer, the store tries to reach the widest breadth of customers.

With that, people ages 18 to 65 shop at Walmart, and the average age of Walmart customers is 46. People at Walmart shops are the most likely of any retail group to shop at a store that sells pet food and supplies, and for the second year in a row, pet supplies are the number one reason people shop at Walmart.

Walmart is open to the general public no matter what income level you’re in. You can even be a billionaire and shop at Walmart.

And, Walmart’s everyday low prices are very alluring to consumers living on a budget.

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