Costco Target Market & Demographics (all You Need To Know)

Costco has grown to become one of the most valuable retailers in the world as a result of a loyal customer base that continues to shop there every year.

Costco wants to become the largest retail company in the world, and it intends to do so by being the biggest retailer in its own market. The company would be interested in having the biggest customer base, the highest volume of sales, and the highest customer retention. There are two ways that Costco will achieve these goals: By working to develop more customer loyalty, and by offering the lowest prices in its market.

Costco Target Market And Demographics In 2022

As Costco’s target market is middle to upper-income and educated customers, the company does not have an income-specific target market. Costco is not gender- or ethnicity-specific; however, it is aimed at customers who are aged 30 and above with their own families.

In the U.S. Costco is mainly known as a warehouse chain, that delivers high-quality products at a low price but its business model also includes a loyalty program and an international presence.

What Is Costco’s Business Strategy?

Costco provides value to its affluent customer base by offering the highest-quality items, competitive prices, and a membership that’s worth more than just a discount.

The business model is to sell products at low prices and earn thin margins.

Customers buy in bulk and thus have to pay more. The service provider can then afford to pay a higher hourly wage or even better the company can afford to hire more staff.

Costco has between 3,700 to 3,800 different items available in its warehouses for customers to choose from, while Walmart supercenters stock over 142,000 different products.

Costco does a great job in their product selection. But they have few competitors right now which means they are not so popular.

How Does Costco Attract Its Target Audience?

Costco sells products that people are willing to buy a lot of but still sells them in the cheapest way.

Costco is so confident that it will never have to raise the prices that it is only marking up the products by 11%.

Costco will only open stores in the most upscale neighborhoods, and the average customer is more likely to be middle-class than poor.

What Are The Psychographics Of Costco’s Target Market?

[Original]: The main reason why Costco shoppers are most likely to be the biggest spenders is because they have always spent money. They’ve spent it when they were young and they’ve continued to spend it throughout life.

These people love shopping and find it a source of self-esteem and confidence.

Costco brings people together by making shopping fun, by offering a wide range of high-quality products and by giving customers the opportunity to define their personal identities.

What Is The Average Income Of A Costco Customer?

Costco, a wholesale club, said that its members have an average income of $93,000 per year.

Costco is a very good place for middle- and upper class people because it offers an exceptionally wide range of items at incredibly low prices.

What Is The Typical Age Of A Costco Customer?

Costco is a membership store. It seems that the average Costco member is over the age of 40.

Costco offers more attractive benefits and value to younger people, and it is very likely that Costco is not as popular among older people as Numerator assumes them to be.

What Are The Ethnicity Demographics Of Costco Customers?

Japanese shoppers were the most likely to shop at Costco. The next most likely were people from China.

Hispanic and Caucasian people are the biggest consumers at Costco, and African Americans are less likely to shop there.

Is Costco’s Target Market Changing?

Costco is making small changes to lower the age of its customers and attract more people in Generation Z.

Costco is trying to attract younger consumers in hopes of expanding its customer base and growing its profits. In order to do that, it plans to offer more organic products and improve the social media presence for its members.

How Does Costco Retain Its Customers?

Costco delivers products to their customers and helps them save money.
Costco provides an exciting customer experience and keeps people coming back.

Costco was not only selling things, but it also provided a fun and engaging shopping experience.

Before reaching the more expensive items, some customers are forced to spend more money than they would have at a less expensive store.

After a couple of weeks of hard work, the staff of the cafe reached saturation in number of daily customers and decided to give out free samples of the products for the customers to get used to.

How Does Costco Reward Its Customers?

Costco offers different levels of membership to its customers, with each different membership including various features and rewards.

The Costco Gold Star program is expensive. The high cost of the membership and the high prices of the grocery items makes it feel as if Costco is being overpriced and the customer is being overcharged.

When someone is a member of the Star Rewards they receive 2% cash back on every purchase. And if someone is a Gold Star Executive they receive 5% cash back on every purchase.

Costco is very strategic in its pricing and marketing strategies. In doing so, it is able to create highly effective schemes.

Costco, a US-based retail giant, reported that their membership rate went up to 88% for the year ending 2020.

How Much Does The Average Person Spend At Costco?

That’s about $130 to $140 per visit, Bob Nelson, the senior vice president of financial planning and investor relations at Costco.

Each of the above costs are listed as a separate item as the total is greater than the other. If a purchase is made at more than one of those places the total price for that purchase is calculated at each place separately.

Data from the Numerator was submitted to the Department on 6/6/2019, and shows that the average basket cost of a Costco item in the U.S. is $91.22.

Costco is the only retailer which I have seen who is known for offering higher quality products, and who also encourages buying in large, bulk amounts.

Costco’s target market is people who have a lot of disposable income, so what makes Costco different from other warehouse clubs is how much money they can generate from a single transaction. This is why you should always check their prices before shopping in their stores since you will be paying a very low retail price while still saving a lot of money.


Costco’s business model is built upon the idea that an aging, middle-aged, affluent consumers with lots of disposable income will keep coming back to the same store over and over again.

One of Costco’s most frequent and profitable customers is a 39-year-old Asian American woman who makes $125,000 per year.

Costco also occupy a niche area of the market focusing on high quality products at low-profit margins.

Costco has been one of the leading retailers for many years and its loyal customer base is what helps to keep these numbers up.

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