Home Depot Target Market & Demographics (all You Need To Know)

Home Depot is one of the largest home improvement retailers all around the world. It has established itself as a leading home improvement retailing chain.

Home Depot primarily serves home owners and home improvement customers. It has a target market and demographics of people who are between the ages of 25-44 and are most likely single males who are employed and have enough disposable income to afford home improvement tools and supplies.

Home Depot Target Market And Demographics In 2022

Home Depot plans to shift the direction of its store’s customer base to more women, millennials, and Generation Z by 2022. They will do this by offering new products for small projects, designing their stores to be more inviting, and creating more jobs that are more relevant to the store’s customer base.

What is the demographics of Home Depot’s customers according to race, age, and gender?
How much do the average Home Depot customers spend?
Home Depot Home Improvement Company
Home Depot is a home improvement company in the United States that offers merchandise and services for consumers and businesses in all 50 states and in more than 4,000 stores and six distribution centers.

What Is The Average Age Of Home Depot Customers?

As far as I know, this is the first time that Home Depot has ever tried to focus on consumers who are not as old as they used to be.

According to the report, Homeowners in this age-group spend an average of $3,000 per house per year, putting them at the top in the list of those shopping for home improvement supplies and spending more in the process.

And, you have to be older than 18 years of age to join the Home Depot, and that gives you a nice base of knowledge about things like the difference between the tools and materials you need to buy for an upgrade to a kitchen, to a paint job.

Those with the younger generation, mainly the young and millennials who have taken on the DIY lifestyle are at the center of the rise.

What Are The Racial Demographics Of Home Depot Customers?

Recently, a survey reported that the majority of Home Depot’s customers were white.

Hispanic became the third largest customer representation after African Americans and Asians.

We’ll be very open about the fact that we’re not in South Africa.

Which Gender Is Most Likely To Shop At Home Depot?

Home improvement stores like Home Depot are considered male-friendly since male customers spend 30% more than women customers.

You don’t know any of your audience so you can’t really know what’s going on with them. You can’t take any action that has the possibility of being inappropriate so you need to use caution. In this case, there’s no gender related action here, so you can try to be a little more gender neutral.

Home Depot is catering more to women after considering the gender behind the decisions made and they are starting to create more gender-neutral spaces for shoppers.

The store is now looking to target female customers, who are considered the backbone of the home improvement industry, as well as women who want to become homeowners.

What Is The Average Household Income Of The Home Depot Customer?

The average income of a buyer for a Home Depot is around $60,000.

The median income of around $31,000 in the U.S. indicates that people in the middle to upper-class generally spend Home Depot, although there are clearly exceptions both above and below.

What Is Home Depot’s Target Market?

Home Depot divides its target audience into different categories, some of which may not know about each other. The target audience can be divided into three categories: customers, suppliers and distributors.

Original: The Do-It-Yourself guide is here, which was written by the wonderful people over at Digital Inspiration.
Paraphrase: Digital Inspiration has a guide to the Do-It-Yourself guide.

This is a really useful product for people starting out with DIY, they can use this to help them figure out what products they will need and the best way to get their money worth.

I’ll take care of the rest.

Home Depot’s home delivery and installation services are only offered to customers who purchase Home Depot’s large appliances, such as refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers and washers/dryers.

Instead of doing the hard work of renovating their home, they rely on the expertise of the companies and other services that do the renovations instead. This makes sense because they are saving more money and they have much more control over the process.

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Home Depot is the largest home improvement superstore in the world, with over 2000 branches in the US, serving more than 16 million customers every week.

What Percentage Of Home Depot Sales Are Via Contractors?

As Home Depot’s target customer groups focus on different groups in the home improvement market, the company’s products are targeted towards these groups to best meet their needs.

Because of the small number of customers, it’s important that the company has a small number of clients.

Contractors are responsible for around 45% of the revenue that Home Depot brings in each year.

Home Depot is also trying to attract more professionals by developing online and in-store marketing to attract more professionals.

How Frequently Do Home Depot Customers Shop In-Store?

There is a lot of data collected on those users to make informed decisions on how to improve their home improvement experience.

However, Home Depot is trying to find a middle ground between online and in-store sales, which may be why it is trying to expand its in-store presence.

It has also increased the need to have a smooth transition between online and offline customer service, since many customers browse online and shop in-store.

How Many People Shop At Home Depot Yearly?

American customers had an average of 1.756 billion transactions with Home Depot stores across the nation.

In terms of the number of transactions for customer transactions, Walmart raised it by 5% compared to the previous year.

How Much Does The Average Customer Spend At Home Depot?

A customer visits the bookstore for the first time and spends around $3 on average for the books he purchases.

What’s great about the Lowe’s comparison is that it offers a pretty direct link between actual purchases and sales. So, you can see what your average spend is per transaction for any store, and you can compare that to the average spend of its rivals.

After all, Home Depot is in the UK and is more focused on the domestic market rather than only serving American consumers. That’s why the slogan is “Better Home, Better Life”.


The average customer of Home Depot is most likely to be a white male, aged around 50 years old.

Their family of 4 will spend an average of $75 per visit, visiting the store 4 – 6 times a year. Their yearly household income will be around $60,800, which is about $4,000 more than their closest store.

Home Depot has a three categoría target market with do-it-yourself-customers, do-it-for-me-customers, and professionals.

You should target the pros at Home Depot and make sure that they are aware of your store. It is your goal to convince them to show their customers that your store is better.

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