Amazon Return Warning (returning Too Many Items, Getting Banned, Limits + More)

Some retailers have return policies that ensure customer satisfaction without compromising profit.

If you bought something on Amazon, and you want to return it because it didn’t work, or you didn’t like it, or whatever reason, Amazon requires you to first return the item to the seller before you can return a second time. This is to protect Amazon against someone buying and returning items to avoid Amazon fees, because Amazon charges sellers a fee for every return item.

What Is Amazon’s Return Warning In 2022?

As a part of the Amazon Prime program, you will receive free two-day shipping for all qualifying items!
Now that we know the basics of Amazon returns, let’s take a look at how to return an item to Amazon Prime!
Amazon now has several methods of returning items, and your first stop should be on Amazon’s website first.

What Happens If You Return Too Many Items To Amazon?

The seller [Original] is only in the United States.
The seller is
The Amazon returns policy only applies to this listing.
The item is eligible for return, you have the right to return this item, and you will receive full refund.

Amazon is not in the business of allowing people to use their returns policy as a way of getting a cheap price on something and then returning it, or selling it on.

Amazon could warn you about their return policy and ability to ban your account.

However, this warning cannot be relied on to be accurate, as you will also see the following warning.

We are aware of the increased issues with orders and returns and are working to resolve them. If you continue to have issue with your orders and returns please contact customer service and we will work to resolve them if possible.

If you plan on shopping with Amazon for many years to come and want to avoid disruption to your shopping and subscriptions, then it’s best to only return items to Amazon when there’s truly an issue or concern.

What Are Amazon Return Limits?

Although Amazon does not state the return limit, it’s safe to assume that they’ll take note of how many items you are returning. The exception to this is if you need to return the same item more than one time. For example, a product can be returned once to be shipped to you after the 90-day period. If you want to bring the item back at all points, you will need to purchase a replacement item.

If you are doing well and making $5 or more a month in Amazon selling, you may want to be on the lookout for Amazon sending warnings. Many sellers report receiving warning if a certain percentage of their sales are returns.

Amazon may also send you emails to remind you of the return policy if the value of the items you are returning is higher than the value of the items you bought and kept.

If you are not a regular customer or you are using a credit card to purchase things, you might come in for a surprise.

So if you receive a reminder from Amazon on the return policy, it’s best to shut down your returns for the time being.

How Does Amazon Check Returns?

If you return 1 item to Amazon, they will probably not take much attention unless you return hundreds of items.

However, if you are regularly returning items to Amazon and getting refunds, staff may check your account activity.

This is why your account is suspended when you try to return a product.
You can fix it by increasing the number of returns you do.
I would suggest you visit Amazon’s Support Page and ask for a raise in the number of refunds you receive.

This is especially true if you are sending too many returns, or contacting Amazon for help with returns and refunds (or if you are sending too many orders in the first place).

If you are ordering multiple items, make sure to split up your request into several separate order requests or your account could be suspended temporarily.

I think its unfair because there are valid reasons for returns, whether it’s that you don’t need the item any more or you bought the wrong one, and if you can explain that to Amazon, your account shouldn’t be banned.

Can Amazon Ban Your Account For Too Many Returns?

Amazon is pretty good at trying to keep customers for as long as possible, but it does want to keep customers. A lot of the times, Amazon will try to warn you about returning too many items.

Amazon can deny you service for a specific reason or issue. As with any service, there is some responsibility taken by the customer.

This usually doesn’t occur when more than 10% of all purchased items are returned. It is possible for a business to become successful by selling defective goods at a steep discount, but only after a few products have been returned and customers have been dissatisfied with the service.

It’s actually more complicated than that. The main issue is that Amazon has a huge variety of inventory, which means that it’s easy for a product to end up in more than one listing on the site.

In order to make sure it doesn’t happen again I always keep a copy of the information on my phone and I’m going to make sure that I have that information handy next time I go to a store.

If you don’t have a credit card on file, they’ll let you know. You can create a new account.
It is best to be in contact with Amazon customer service as soon as you’ve violated their policies. When calling, you should state your name, phone number, and email address.

If you have a lot of your business’s business on Amazon, make sure you are not misusing Amazon Associates or other services to try and get around Amazon’s ban.

For more information, see [’s Guidance for Sellers](

Can You Contact Amazon If You Have Issues With Returns?

Sometimes Amazon will make mistakes and you will have a genuine issue with them. When this happens, you can contact Amazon and let them know about your situation.

For example if the parcel was broken and your items were damaged, take a photo of the damaged items. If you can demonstrate that the damages were not your fault, Amazon is less likely to issue a cancellation.

The Amazon associate will be a little more skeptical because they’ll want to ensure they are getting the most out of their associates.

In any case, the associates here are only employees of Amazon and just as with other companies, will have to be paid some sort of salary to do their jobs. The real money will be in commission for each sale that comes from the Amazon Associates program.

Amazon can always change policy at any moment, so you shouldn’t expect to be able to rely on their previous policy. When you return a product and you are concerned about the fact that the return may cause the price of that product to drop, you can always place a reserve order and return that.
Amazon will likely give you a refund for the purchase price if you can prove that the item has been destroyed.

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You can return items up to 30 days after they were delivered. If you don’t feel comfortable with the Amazon return policy, you can shop with a trusted merchant.

As of late, the number of returns on Amazon has gone up dramatically. Some users have reported getting a warning that their orders are considered suspicious.

If Amazon suspects suspicious return activity on your account, they will email you to remind you of their return policies. If the activity continues they can limit your returns or shut down your account altogether.

That’s one reason it’s best to only return items when you really need to, and avoid returning entire shipments. Opting to send back individual products instead.

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