9 Best Stock Trailers With Living Quarters In The USA (2023)

Taking your horses to an equestrian show or even  heading out for a trail ride or a simple adventure trip to the countryside, would need you to transport your horses. While there are a number of horse transportation options available in the USA, any horse owner who transports horses on a regular basis would say that having a horse trailer with built-in living quarters is indeed the best form of transportation. 

A horse trailer offers the highest levels of convenience and comfort when it comes to horse transportation and there is no better option than this, especially for people who frequently participate in horse shows. Horse trailers, especially ones with accommodations, can be perfect for you and your family on your next adventure.

Horse Trailers: The Ultimate Means For Horse Transportation 

On a typical and quality horse trailer with living quarters that you buy, you will get sleeping and lounging quarters, as well as a kitchen, bathroom clothes, and a range of other amenities. Such trailers are usually built to be your home while you are on the roads. Horse trailers are preferred as the best means of transportation by people who frequently take their horses on different kinds of tours. 

If you are a horse owner and looking to buy a horse trailer, then you are at the perfect spot. In this blog, we have listed 9 of the best stock trailers with living quarters out there in the market in 2022. Before we check them out, let us first look at how to make the right choice when choosing a horse trailer with living quarters. 

What To Consider When Buying A Horse Trailer With Living Quarters? 

A horse trailer is a big purchase indeed. It involves a substantial amount of investment, so you will have to ensure that whatever you buy offers you good value for your money and suits your needs of horse transportation. Here are a few things to take into account when buying a horse trailer. 

New Or Used Horse Trailers

New horse trailers will obviously be in pristine condition offering great usability and convenience. They also come with warranties and doorstep servicing packages. On the other hand, used trailers can be much more inexpensive and affordable but purchasing them can have a number of downsides. 

They can be damaged, malfunctioning or even lead to injury to your horses. They might not be in proper conditions and can even be a stolen horse trailer. This is why buying a new horse trailer is a much more cost-effective and sustainable choice. 


The next point to consider and carefully choose is the size of the trailer. It depends upon your personal needs and how many horses you need to carry. Trailers are designed to carry a specific number of horses in a comfortable manner. Based on your needs you may get a trailer for a single horse or larger ones that can carry four, six or even eight horses. You may also need specialized trailers with more space between dividers and taller dimensions if you need to carry horse breeds that are larger in size. 

Trailer Type

Horse trailers come in a wide range of varieties. There are bumper-pull trailers that are hooked to towing hitches at the rear of your vehicle while gooseneck and fifth-wheel trailers have towing equipment placed at the bed of the truck. Gooseneck trailers are larger than bumper-pulls. 

Stock trailers are another kind of horse trailer that feature a more open design and some even do not have any dividers. Trailers are usually customizable and come with horse-specific creature comforts.


This will largely depend upon the brand of horse trailers you use and the model. Different brands offer different kinds of features and a variety of customization options as well. You may need a specific feature in the trailer which has to be communicated to the manufacturers when placing the order. 

9 Best Stock Trailers With Living Quarters In The USA

In this part of the blog, we have listed 9 of the best stock trailers with living quarters that you can buy in the US market right now. These models from different top brands have been carefully hand picked based on customer reviews and expert opinion. These are indeed the best you can get for your money. Check them out. 

  1. Living Quarters Horse Trailers By Double D Trailers

First on the list is one of the best brands in the market, Double D Trailers. The brand is one of the best, if not the best name when it comes to horse trailers in the USA. The brand offers a wide variety of options along with extensive and complete customizability of the horse trailers in their portfolio. 

As luxurious as they get, you get a wide range of customization options and can literally get a horse trailer with living quarters built from scratch as per your needs and preferences. The different varieties they offer include: 

  • Gooseneck Horse Trailer With Living Quarters
  • Safetack Reverse Living Quarters
  • Bumper Pull Horse Trailer With Living Quarters
  • One to Six Horse Trailer With Living Quarters
  • Small Horse Trailers With Living Quarters

The brand is known for offering superior build quality and the trailers that are extremely safe and comfortable for horses. With safe and convenient unloading and loading facilities and a range of amenities for a comfortable journey of your horses, Double D Trailers is the best option for horse trailers with living quarters that you can get for your money. 

Living quarter horse trailers by doubledtrailers.com are extensively used as a Stock trailer as well.

      2. 2023 SMC SLE81614SSRT Stock Trailer with 14′ Short Wall by     SMC Horse Trailers

This stock trailer with living quarters by SMC Horse Trailers is one of the best in the market right now. Ideally, stock trailers are more suitable for cattles than horses, but this one offers a superior package of safety, comfort and convenience. With dimensions of 30x8x7 ft. this one offers ample space and a range of creature comforts in the living quarters including a 14’ Shortwall and 19’ Longwall as well as an escape door in the stock area. Other key features include a fully furnished kitchen and living area with Air Conditioning, Sofa, Microwave, Cooktop, Refrigerator and a lot more. 

An all-aluminum construction with a hydraulic towing jack and 16” wheels offers great safety and convenience of towing with considerable stability. 

       3. Sooner Select Low Profile Stock Trailers by Sooner Trailers

This range of stock trailers from Sooner Trailers are extremely affordable and offer a variety of features. They are available in four varieties which include: 

  • Sooner Select Low Profile Bumper Pull Stock Trailers 
  • Sooner Select Low Profile Gooseneck Stock Trailers 
  • Sooner Select 8’ Wide Low Profile Stock Trailers 
  • Sooner Select 7’ Wide Low Profile Stock Trailers 

The trailers are offered with a three air gap with Plexiglas option or an alternative lower hinged window with a lower hinged cover panel option for the stock area. The trailers get durable aluminum construction and aluminum wheels along with polished aluminum exteriors as well as a convertible pen system. 

       4. Laramie Stock Combo with 9’ Living Quarters by SMC Horse Trailers

This one is a new release by the reputed livestock trailer manufacturer and is one of the best stock combo trailers with living quarters in the US right now. The trailer features a 9’ living quarters along with a 16’ livestock area which is quite some  room for a safe and comfortable journey. 

It comes as a mid-tack trailer with great versatility and a number of customization options that offers great value for money and can fit a wide variety of horse transportation needs of equestrians all across the country. 

       5. Horse Trailer With Hay Pod by Equine Motorcoach

For horse owners with a need to carry up to six horses at a time, this one is a perfect option for them. This horse trailer looks good on the outside and feels even better on the inside. This humongous horse transporter and RV can carry up to 40,000 pounds. You can also configure it from two to six stalls based upon the number of horses you need to transport. 

The horses can ride comfortably in this mobile stable which can also be configured for straight load or slant. It gets ample tack and storage space and comes with an exterior hay pod as well. 

       6. Platinum Coach Outlaw 

One of the finest horse trailers with living quarters ever made, this is going to be a popular model in the foreseeable future as well. This horse trailer is popular as it offers premium features and exceptional luxuries at a very affordable price. This is a really budget-friendly option that will cater to a wide variety of horse transportation requirements.

The Platinum Coach Outlaw can accommodate up to five horses, and gets some convenient amenities and features in the living quarters including a sleeper sofa as well as an HD TV. It also comes with a huge tack storage area and individual side windows for the horses. 

       7. Country Estate Ville By Featherlite Trailers

Featherlite Country Estate Villa is one of the finest horse trailers that offers luxury-class lodging and comes with a 53’ model. The living area of this trailer is luxurious and gets upscale amenities including electric fireplace, solid maple cabinetry, a gas stove, a copper vessel sink, along with a premium build and premium hardwood flooring. 

The living quarters also get a 32-inch flat-screen television, XM Satellite Radio, and a lot more. You can customize the features and decor as per your preferences adding or removing a number of features as per your needs and budget. The trailer also gets a one-horse straight load area at the rear end of the living quarters that comes with a changeable stall configuration. 

       8. 2022 CIMARRON NORSTAR 4HLQ

Cimarron has been a trusted and preferred name in the horse trailer industry. They offer a vast range of premium trailers that are known across the US for superior quality, durability and comfort. The 2022 Cimarron Norstar 4HLQ is one of the finest in their range and an exceptional horse trailer with living quarters that features a range of convenient and luxurious features. 

The trailer gets a triple axle air ride that offers a very  comfortable journey experience to your horses. The trailer also comes with a full-width rear tack room that makes it easy for equestrians to carry a lot of

luggage and goods. The trailer comes in a gooseneck pull configuration with great stability on the road.

       9. Horse Trailer With Custom Living Quarters by Trailboss

TrailBoss Conversions is a brand famed for their extensively customized horse trailers. They offer the option of designing the trailer from scratch and including or excluding every specification on their list as per your needs and preferences. 

If you want to build something that is just what you want for your horses and yourself, then Trailboss Custom Living Quarters is a great perfect choice for you. 

Final Thoughts 

That brings us to the end of this article. It goes without saying that there are a number of options when it comes to stock trailers with living quarters in the US. The list above offers the best products available in the market and you can choose one of them without any worries. The names on the list can serve a wide range of requirements and preferences and can be suitable for horse transportation needs of equestrians in the US. 

So if you are heading out for an equestrian show or if you are planning an adventure trip and need to carry your horses to a distant location, these 9 trailers with living quarters are the best options you have got in the market right now. Choose wisely and enjoy a seamless and enjoyable journey on the roads with your horses. 

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