Does Home Depot Rent Trailers? (sizes, Cost, How To + More)

Home Depot is a store for do-it-yourselfers and for professional craftspeople, offering a wide variety of construction goods and home improvements at affordable prices, whatever your project might be.

Home Depot offers various services like trailers, moving furniture and other equipment. It is the company’s responsibility to provide moving tools to its customers during the relocation service.

Does Home Depot Rent Trailers In 2022?

The company provides great products to help customers get started, including the popular Home Depot Tools, which come in sets or individually. Customers interested in the Home Depot Tools will also be interested in the Home Depot Tools Sets. Home Depot also offers a variety of Home Depot Tools Sets. These come in kits and are for customers who have a large building project, but still have room for more. It makes sense to get the whole kit.

If you want to know more about Home Depot’s trailers, their rental policy, pricing, and how to rent them, keep on reading!

What Do You Get When You Rent A Trailer From Home Depot?

You will be rewarded with $100 Home Credit after you fill out and send in the Credit Card Authorization form. This offer is not valid with any other Home Depot offers, nor is it eligible for any other Home Credit program offered by Home Depot.

What Types And Sizes Of Trailers Can You Rent From Home Depot?

It has four main categories and sizes of utility trailers that you can use for rent; Based on current availability.

For most people, the most important factor determining how much time you’ve got is the size of the project you’re trying to accomplish.

These trailers are the perfect for moving loads that are heavy in weight and big in size. The trailers are made of strong steel that can withstand the toughest conditions.

Can You Rent An Enclosed Trailer At Home Depot?

Unfortunately, Home Depot does not sell cargo trailers. You will need to have a manufacturer produce such a trailer for you. Some trailers are portable, but you will have to have a crane to transport them.

However, Home Depot does stock and sell enclosed cargo trailers at most store locations that can carry up to 1,868 pounds.

Please note that this video is for informational purposes only!
For example, some store procedures are different if you’re renting a truck vs. purchasing a truck, and we’ve provided the information in this video as-is.

Can You Rent A Dump Trailer From Home Depot?

30-foot dump trailers are available for rent.
40-foot cargo trailers are available for rent.
Large dump trucks, known as roll-offs, are available for rent.

These dump trailers offer maximum load capacities between 3,100 lbs and 5,800 lbs–perfect for any heavy-duty hauling and offloading. The dump trailers are great for construction, demolition, excavation, or hauling of all kinds of materials.

Home Depot dump trailers have also got the capability to lift hydraulically, rear gated door, so you can easily get inside.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Trailer From Home Depot?

At the time of writing this guide the exact pricing was still determined at the time of purchase and can vary depending on the location and availability.

Trailer rentals started at $14 for the smallest model for a 4-hour block. The rent could go all the way up to $504 for the largest model over a 4-week period.

Dump trailers could be rented in-store depending on the timeframe and job type.

Trailer rental requires a $100 deposit. Payment is by credit card only.

This is for the safety of the trailer. It can be returned, if it is in the same condition as you rented it out.

How Long Can You Rent A Trailer From Home Depot For?

When the lease is up they will try to sell you the trailer and you may have to buy it but usually you can negotiate the price down a couple thousand.

You can rent trailers based on 4 hour, 24 hour, weekly, or monthly timeframes. Prices scale to match.

When it comes to renting dump trailers, you can also rent them every year, and even book for several years in advance.

This is especially useful for people who maintain their property and do home repairs throughout the year.

What Home Depot Locations Offer Trailer Rentals?

As of August 1, 2019, Home Depot will no longer rent home trailers to customers.

The store you’re trying to reach, is currently unavailable. Please check back later.

The best way to assess your trailer rental needs is to contact your local Home Depot. You can find the closest store by searching the store locator.

Home Depot rentals are only available in-store and on the Home Depot Web site. You can view your trailer pricing and delivery options online, but you can only get a rental in-person. You will need to buy the trailer you are interested and then rent the trailer from Home Depot.

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The locations include stores like McDonald’s, Subway, Starbucks and Wendy’s.

How Do You Rent A Trailer From Home Depot?

Get the trailer you need to transport your project and make sure that it is available.

If the necessary trailer is available, you can head to the Tool Rental Center within the Home Depot store and request a trailer rental for your selected timeframe.

We appreciate your business and look forward to providing you with the service you desire.

What Do You Need To Rent A Trailer From Home Depot?

Customers will need to provide identification to rent a trailer from Home Depot.

You will need to pay your security deposit before you are allowed to use the bathroom.

Trailers are rented with jacks, a tongue, and spare tires, but customers sometimes need to buy extra tools or accessories.

If you are interested to know about other services that you can get from Home Depot including truck rentals, carpet cleaning, and rental hours make sure to follow Home Depot’s rental services by visiting their homepage.

Conclusion: Does Home Depot Rent Trailers?

Home Depot offers a variety of types and sizes of trailers for customer rental. While customers can rent an enclosed cargo trailer, they need to visit a different location to rent dump and utility trailers.

Rental prices start at $14 for the smallest trailers, and you can rent for 4 hours to 4 weeks, but exact prices will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

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