Does Lowe’s Rent Trailers? (sizes, Cost, How To + More)

Lowe’s is a great place to complete your home renovation checklist, with plenty of building supplies, DIY materials, and tools for every project imaginable.

I also find that it’s best to avoid the name of the product, or any other words that don’t communicate the product name.

Lowe’s does not rent tow trucks but they can help you find a company that does. Another option is to buy a used truck or trailer from a company. Some companies sell their used equipment on EBay. Just make sure the company is reputable and has been inspected by a vehicle inspection service.

Does Lowe’s Rent Trailers In 2022?

Lowe’s offers wide variety of trailers, you can rent everything from a 5×8 foot compact car trailer to a 30×60 foot towable, you can find trailers in all price ranges. Prices start from as little as $27 for a day rental to $101 for a four week rental and even a 10 day rental. You can rent from 4 hours to 4 weeks. Online reservations and prepayments make it easy to rent with Lowe’s.

If you want to learn more about trailer rentals and trailers, I would recommend taking a peek at You can read about what size trailers are offered, how to rent a trailer, what types are available, and much more.

What Kinds Of Trailers Can You Rent At Lowe’s?

Lowe’s sells a variety of trailers for customers to rent. These trailers include horse trailers, utility vehicles, and more.

 The smaller ones, such as load trailers for smaller loads of material, are easy to use and handle. The larger ones include more complicated controls and are easier to use for loading and unloading. The smallest trailers are designed for customer pickup at your home or work place.

Lowe’s has this tool rental program that allows customers rent commercial-grade, brand-name equipment for a fraction of the cost.

Because of their rear-loading operation, they are good for loads over 20kg and are made with durable materials that can withstand any project needs.

What Sizes Of Trailers Can You Rent At Lowe’s?

When you rent a trailer, you can choose between one of three sizes in bed and trailer capacity. One size is the same as the tow vehicle, the second is smaller and the third is larger.

The rental trailers can be found in the sizes of 8 ft, 9 ft, 10 ft, 13 ft and the 16 ft.

How Long Can You Rent A Lowe’s Trailer For?

Lowe’s trailer rentals allow customers to rent trailers as needed.

You can rent a trailer for your needs and then choose to rent it out at a later time or you can just rent it and not return it.

But if you need a full time or a longer rental, you can rent a Lowe’s utility trailer for 1 month or 4 months.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Trailer At Lowe’s?

 If your vacation is going to be longer than two weeks, you’ll be required to prepay for the length of time you plan to rent the trailer.  Prepayment is mandatory.

The most affordable trailer you can rent begins at around $28 dollars an hour for 4 hours. The most expensive rental begins at $382 a week for a 4-week rate.

Although this is a very expensive option to rent a trailer, it will be very useful when you have a lot of stuff or are transporting very heavy things.

You can rent the largest tandem axle dump trailer for $101 for 4 hours, or you can buy one for $1,001 for 4 weeks.

You can compare the cost of renting a truck or trailer by entering the dates you wish to rent the truck or trailer and choosing the one with the most favorable price.

A quote will then be generated based on the size and price range of your trailer. Available trailers in the same zip code can then be selected by clicking the trailer. Note that you can only select one trailer at a time.

In case the trailer is damaged or lost, you will be charged for the vehicle damage. The company will not be liable for damages which may be caused by the trailer as a result of negligence or misuse.

What Information Do You Need To Rent A Trailer At Lowe’s?

Customers looking to rent a trailer from Lowe’s must be at least 21 years old.

Another thing they require is for you to have proof of insurance.

How Do You Rent A Trailer At Lowe’s?

A customer who wants to rent a trailer can do so by going to the Lowe’s rental portal and selecting the trailer type.

Once you go through the checkout process. You can select the pickup person and any special requests you might have. Then go through the payment process.

Lowe’s will quote your rental price, including the prepayment amount required for payment to complete the rental

If you received a quote like this and you have a different price listed in the quote, you may do one of the following:

Request that the quote be amended with your new price. This is typically a quick process, but if they are in the middle of an order, it is possible that the change will be delayed.
Re-enter your price.

When your reservation is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation email that includes details about the delivery times and locations. A Lowe’s employee will make the delivery and you can go out and get the trailer.

How Do You Return A Rental Trailer To Lowe’s?

Return your rental trailer at a rental location. You will have to return the trailer to the location you rented it from, by the time stipulated in your Due Back Date.

In order to make your return drop-off as easy as possible, Lowe’s stores are giving away promo codes that allow customers to save money off their Lowe’s purchases by using the code.

It is important to clean out any food or garbage from the trailer after the trip.

This is not a very good reason to not clean the trailer. The customer should be responsible for any damage to the trailer from the time it is picked up to the time it is returned, not the retailer.

If you want to know more about why Lowe’s services might be best suited for your needs, you might also be searching for Lowe’s carpet cleaners, Lowe’s trucks, and if Lowe’s offers delivery of appliances.


Lowe’s also offers an amazing range of trailers for rent in store. These trailers for rent in store can be used in various ways. They are available in two sizes and in a carry-on model.

If the customer chooses to rent a car and does not return it in time, the rental fee will not be refunded.
If the customer rents a car without a valid license or a current license, the rental fee will be refunded.

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