Does Tractor Supply Rent Trailers? (All You Need To Know)

If you are shopping at a Tractor Supply store, you might need to have a load of hay hauled to your home. This is a time consuming and expensive job. Tractor Supply is the best place to get the supplies you need to do the job right.

The main factor you need to know about trailer rentals is that there are two different types of trailers: one type is for hauling crops and the other is for hauling different types of merchandise, including merchandise that is not food. The type of trailer you buy depends on your needs.

Does Tractor Supply Rent Trailers In 2022?

Tractor Supply rented trailers to everyone on a first-come, first-served basis at the start of the year. You can rent the trailers for half a day or the entire day, and it costs about $14.99 and $21.99, respectively. At the time of rental, you will have to show your driving license and insurance and make the payment upfront.

Read more to find out all you need to know. If you want to rent a trailer for your next job, keep reading!

Can You Rent A Trailer At Tractor Supply?

If you have a trailer, you should definitely rent one instead of paying a lot of money to buy another one.

You are renting one of these large trailers.
You can park it in your driveway.
The tractor supply store is where tractor drivers go to rent their commercial vehicles.
In the back of the trailer, there is a flatbed that you can use as a work platform.
The tractor supply store allows you to rent your tractor trailer.

So if you see a trailer in a parking lot full of other trailers, you will need to ask the owner if they will allow you to use their trailer so that you don’t get left out.

Tractor Supply is always selling the same trailer – “The Tractor”. That means, you won’t be able to reserve your trailer ahead of time.

It is best to call the Tractor Supply store to make sure the trailer isn’t out for repairs or unavailable for some other reason.

The online store locator tool can be found on and uses technology to present all the store locations near your current location.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Trailer At Tractor Supply?

The prices seem to vary from place to place, so it’s worth checking the prices beforehand.

I’m not sure, but I’d estimate that to give you an estimate… typical rates for trailer rentals are $14.99 for a half-day rental and $21.99 for the whole day.

The merchant should require that the payment needs to be made upfront at the time of rental.

Just keep an eye out when you go to Tractor Supply and look for the club. They’ll send you a coupon for a free full-day trailer rental.

How Do I Rent A Trailer At Tractor Supply?

If you’re buying a trailer for a car, you’ll need an OK from the DMV to drive the trailer.
You can also look to see if local ordinances require a trailer hitch or a trailer weight limit that you’ll need to be aware of.

The exact size of the dollhouse trailer will vary from store to store. However, typically you can expect to find six by ten-foot trailers for rent.

You can get the two-inch ball hitch at any local hardware store.

What Other Stores Rent Trailers?

If your local hardware store has a trailer in their parking lot and they do not have the trailer you need, you can look to other local hardware stores including Home Depot and Lowe’s.

You can only rent a trailer at Home Depot with a prepayment. And at Lowe’s, you would need to have an online account and make a prepayment.

A farm supply store or hardware store is also a good place to check for trailers to rent.

To find out if Ace Hardware rents towable trailers, or if you’ll need a trailer to rent from Home Depot or Lowe’s, continue reading our post on trailer rentals.


If you need to rent a trailer, you should go to your local Tractor Supply store. While you can find trailers there, they normally rent more expensive than the competition.

For this type of trailer, you’ll need to show your license, as well as prove that you have valid insurance. Then, you’ll simply load up the trailer and head to wherever you’re going.

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