Do Prenatal Vitamins Really Matter?

The miracle of life is a beautiful thing. Being able to carry a baby to term and have a successful pregnancy is a joyful, awe-inspiring, terrifying privilege and a journey that millions of women dream of experiencing. As much as there is a joy to motherhood and the process of becoming a mother, there is also a sober realization that it’s a privilege for this process to go well. No one is guaranteed a smooth delivery. Even though modern medicine has come a long way to support women’s health and improve the outcome of childbirth, there’s a lot of personal responsibility on this journey to motherhood. 

It’s the mother’s choice what kind of precautions she takes, and what decisions she implements for her health and the health of the developing baby. For women who undergo this special journey, everything changes. Their sleeping patterns, eating habits, and exercise routines. This makes sense, after all, they are creating an entirely new life in their wombs. This process is a precious, sacred, and important process, so it’s paramount to ensure that you have all the right tools for it is vital. 

One supplement that is incredibly popular for women on the journey of pregnancy is prenatal vitamins. These vitamins are designed to support the mother through the process of getting pregnant, the pregnancy and birth, and then post-pregnancy as the body heals and returns to normal. Like all aspects of a true health journey, this process is deeply personal and every person will have a unique experience. No two women are the same and no two pregnancy journeys will be identical. 

So that being said, it can make sense that if this is your pregnancy journey you should care about the supplements that you take. Just because everyone says prenatal vitamins are a powerful way to support your health, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t investigate these claims. 

If you have been wondering what the true benefits of prenatal vitamins are, and if they really make a difference, here is everything you need to know! 

What is the Purpose of Prenatal Vitamins?

The purpose of prenatal vitamins is simple in concept. As a woman’s body begins to support an extra life that’s developing in her womb, she will increase her functional needs. This means that in a lot of ways she will have to be eating food for two people, as well as drinking water, and getting rest, all for two lives. The process of building an entire human inside your womb is no small undertaking. 

As your body does this, it will need specific support on a cellular level and this is where prenatal vitamins come into play. Everything from red blood cell and tissue development, to forming new bones and cartilage will take resources. A mother has to have enough for both her herself and her forming baby. A prenatal supplement gives your body the nutrients to make sure these systems stay functional and well supplied throughout the gestational period. 

This isn’t the only thing that prenatal vitamins do. These supplements are actually designed to impact the body once the birthing has taken place. When a mother gives birth, in a lot of ways her body is forever changed. This event, whether vaginal or caesarian takes a massive toll on the woman’s body. As a woman recovers, these core systems that prenatal vitamins support will continue to be working more than normal as the body heals and is restored.

What’s In the Ingredients?

One thing you should always take special precaution over when you are pregnant is anything you put into your body. That’s why it’s important that your prenatal vitamins are made from only the finest ingredients and the purest sources. 

Prenatal vitamins should have folate and choline to support neural tube development, along with a rich source of pure Omega-3 DHA, which can help to develop fetal brain matter. Throughout the entire process of pregnancy, birth, and recovery, iron, and blood production will be very important. Supplement iron, folate, and vitamin B12 will help to support RBC (red blood cell) formation in a powerful way.

Lastly, bone support isn’t just for the baby, even though their bones will be formed in the mother’s womb. Maintaining healthy, strong bones is important to help support a healthy birth and a strong recovery. Calcium-helper nutrients like K2, D3, boron, and magnesium all help to upkeep bone health and development. 


With ingredients that are pure and originate from high-quality sources, your prenatal should contain nothing artificial that could potentially harm you. The journey of pregnancy is a big one and one that you can achieve with success, but it does take responsibility. Taking care of yourself and investing in quality prenatal vitamins not only supports the baby, but the mother as well is a powerful way of doing this.

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