Working At Advance Auto Parts Auto Parts (Is It A Good Job, What Staff Like & Dislike, Pay + More)

When applying for a job, you should know about the company before you apply. If they have a reputation for hiring unqualified people, then that could create a bad impression.

Advance Auto Parts offers employees the chance to earn a competitive wage. It also provides employees many other benefits. Some employees prefer to work at the Advance Auto Parts store location nearest to their home instead of the store location furthest away.

Working at Advance Auto Parts Auto Parts In 2022

Some employees feel that Advance Auto Parts is a good place to work because they gain knowledge about auto repair and sales, the company offers flexible working arrangements, and the team creates a fun and productive environment. On the other hand, other employees have different impressions because the pay is poor, the hours are long, and the management is bad.

Before applying for a job at Advance Auto Parts, check the job description, the company or store policy, and the average pay at the company. You should also know what the company’s like, as well as what their work is like so you are ready to discuss them as well.

Do Employees Feel Advance Auto Parts Is a Good Place to Work?

Reviewers gave the retailer a quality rating of 3.4 out of 5 stars. The average rating is 3.4 out of 5 on Glassdoor and the lowest rating on Indeed is 3.6 out of 5.

These reviews are the average of the ratings, but the average of the ratings is 4.2 out of 5 stars, with 91% of the buyers stating that they are satisfied with their purchase, and 86% saying that the retailer is trustworthy.

The Advance Auto Parts stores have an average of 5.4 stars by the employees and, therefore, the negative reviews and comments should be taken with a grain of salt.

If some of the comments are correct, then the Advance Auto Parts company may not be as reliable as the companies that are not as reliable as the Advance Auto Parts company.

What Do Staff Like About Working at Advance Auto Parts?

As there are mixed reactions about whether they are good places to work, there is also mixed reactions about whether Advance Auto Parts is a good place to work.

 We have a great group of customers who enjoy our support and we enjoy helping them.

Have knowledge in auto parts and maintenance.

You will find a wide selection of parts at a very competitive price. Check out their website and see what’s available.

I’m not sure if the company is good at marketing but they have experience with the area. They might be helpful in case it’s just a matter of getting a business license.

I have found that fun is a good place to work,
because I can let loose and be silly and silly is the highest form of work ethic.

Advance Auto Parts employees said they love working for the company as they get to interact with other professionals.

Additionally, the culture is friendly, which is a plus for most employees because they feel at home while working.

The culture is very diverse, which can be both a plus and a minus.
The culture is very diverse, which can be both a plus and a minus.
The culture is a plus.
The culture is a minus.

I need flexible hours.

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Because of the economic crisis, people lose their jobs and have to work on alternate work arrangements.

The company is offering a monthly discount for employee retirement savings. There is a $0.00 contribution limit on the 401k.

The Advance Auto Parts employees stated that they get a 20% discount on parts that are not already on sale.

If you choose to buy your tires online, this offer will also apply.

If you do not qualify for this offer, please try other offers in this email or visit us at one of our 7 convenient locations.

What Do Employees Dislike About Working at Advance Auto Parts?

* Not enough staff.
* No one to help out.
* The staff can be a little rude.
* They don’t have good customer service.
* The staff is not motivated.
* They don’t care about their customers.

The company could be laying off people while also reducing hours.

A lot of people are complaining about the job at Advance Auto Parts. On average, the people make $11.48 an hour.

The bottom-ranked jobs at Advance Auto Parts are delivery drivers, sales associates, customer service associates, and cashiers.

While the average cashier earns $9.42 an hour, the average customer service associate makes $10.37, and the average sales associate gets paid $11.96.

If you compared the different departments at Advance Auto Parts, the sales and retail section made less money than the management.

The directors make more money than the branch managers, but the amount varies based on the experience level and location.

Employees don’t like this because it’s very demoralizing to give up so much time at work when you could be out on the town.

They can’t do what they are told and they are constantly getting in trouble because of it.

Advance Auto Parts has an issue with the management team. The management communicates poorly with the employees.

It is not only that the managers and team leaders micromanage the employees. They also do not let the employees manage themselves.

Because of the poor support from management, my coworker does not feel well supported.

Limited career advancement, but only in a bad position.

 The company is small enough that people rarely move on to management positions. When a manager is promoted, it’s due to an exceptional performance, rather than a seniority-based system. There’s also an opportunity to move into different areas of the business as needed.

No benefits and no job security for part-time employees.

After working an entire month advance part company they will be given benefits for the next 30 days.

Even though they do not pay a lot of attention on the health, they have given a positive comment about the company’s compensation.

Does Advance Auto Parts Pay Well?

The pay structure of Advanced Auto Parts employees is generally paid based on their role and rank.

Staff in the management level make more money than the lower level staff such as cashiers and drivers.

Also, I know that Amazon doesn’t like third-party sellers. If a third-party seller were to offer a lower price, Amazon will cut the price, even though a third-party seller doesn’t have the same tax burden Amazon does. As a result, third-party seller has to cover the difference. In other words, the extra pay doesn’t come out of the profits of Amazon, but out of the profits of third-party sellers.

The company with the highest average salary is in Blasdell, NY, where employees earn an average of $46,833.

If you are a student, then you should have a copy of your ID card before going to an Advance Auto Parts store.

Working more hours could be the only way to make more money if you are just starting out because the pay is quite low. However, with more experience and advancement, the pay increases.

What Are the Benefits of Working at Advance Auto Parts?

If you work for Advance Auto Parts, you can expect to earn a higher salary and perks.

Advance Auto Parts offered a wide and comprehensive health and wellness benefit package for its employees and their families.

Once you’re employed, you’ll receive your own 401(k) Retirement Savings Plan, paid maternity leave, and a company-provided Basic Life Insurance.

Please note that you’ll become eligible for these benefits after 30 days of employment if you are a full-time salaried employee.

When someone is working for you, they work for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. When they are full-time, they are eligible for benefits after 90 days of employment.

Different people get different health plans, and health plans have different levels of coverage and costs.

Deductions are allowed for amounts paid to your health care provider to cover certain services. Deductions are also allowed for amounts you pay for health insurance, which is a health savings account or HSA.

To learn more about Advance Auto Parts, you can read our coverage about Advance Auto Parts’ prices and features, so you can make the right decision.


Some employees say that Advance Auto Parts is a good place to work because of the flexible working arrangements, the team is fun and productive, they learn new things, and the pay is fair.

Other employees say that Advance Auto gives poor pay, long working hours, and an old, disorganized management. Employees also point out that being a new employee means you’ll have to start out low, and as you advance throughout the company you may start receiving better pay.

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