How Much Does Advance Auto Parts Pay? (positions, By State, How Employees Get Paid + More)

Advance Auto Parts is a company selling after market parts to the automotive industry. They have locations in Puerto Rico, Canada, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Advance Auto’s employees are mostly on hourly rates. But, in general, hourly rates are always lower than those of salaried and salaried/managerial employees.

How Much Does Advance Auto Parts Pay In 2022?

Advance Auto Parts is going to have different pay ranges because they offer different levels of training. The more training a job requires, the better pay it will be. With higher management you won’t have the job if you don’t have the training.

More than 85% of employees at Advance Auto Parts are paid based on their position. The base pay ranges from $11.00 to $14.00 per hour. The average salary ranges from$15.00 to $16.00 per hour depending on experience and position. The cost of living for employees is almost the same as the US, but they still receive a living wage.

How Much Does Advance Auto Parts Pay Per Hour?

When you average out the costs of health insurance, payroll taxes, child care costs, the increase in electricity fees, and other miscellaneous costs, it takes at least $11.50 to pay a worker.

Advance Auto Parts pays workers on the bottom, or minimum wage. Workers at Advance Auto Parts make $7.25 per hour.

I’m gonna make it really easy for you. Cashiers make $9.42 an hour, customer service associates make $10.37, sales associates get paid $11.96, and everyone else makes $12.47 an hour.

How Much Does Advance Auto Parts Pay Delivery Drivers?

I’m going to have some other people do jobs that I get paid more.

While the cost of living in the U.S. is high, the standard of living for the average American is the highest.

Another difference between the two is the flexibility of the jobs. Truck drivers will do anything, but route drivers may have to stick to a specific schedule.

How Much Does Advance Auto Parts Pay Parts Managers?

The job title Parts Specialist pays a salary of $12-$18 per hour, and the job description for this position is below.

Drivers make a good salary of $12.50-$16 a hour. This salary varies depending on their experience.

How Much Does Advance Auto Pay Cashiers?

At Advance Auto Parts you can easily earn between $9-$11 per hour, and all employees can receive a pay increase.

Although the wage is not as high as the average, this is still a good wage considering the country’s other jobs in the region.

 in this retail department, bilingual  retail salespeople make more money at $12.96 an hour because of their extra skills.

How Much Does Advance Auto Parts Pay Branch Managers?

The average Advance Auto branch manager earns $77,955 per year. Advance Auto assistant store managers average $28,306 annually.

If you are employed as an assistant retail manager at Advance Auto Parts, you will earn about $13.57 hourly.
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The management roles provide an opportunity for people to make a lot of money, so it is in the interests of people in those roles not to lose them.

How Much Does Advance Auto Parts Pay Managers?

Advance Auto Parts is good for working at.

The reported annual gross wages for management level executives are $89,001 per year for a category manager, $119,978 per year for a construction manager, and $128,844 per year for a development manager.

You will find that managers and directors alike enjoy the comforts of Advance Auto Parts. These professionals are among the highest-paid in the company, with paychecks ranging from $40,000 to $140,000 annually.

How Much Does Advance Auto Parts Pay in Different States?

If you are employed at Advance Auto Parts, your salary will vary depending on where the store is located. Employees in different stores earn different wages based on their locations.

Advance Auto Parts Inc. has the highest average salary on this list. The average base wage for a staff member is $46,833.

There are workers in South Brunswick, New Jersey, who earn a median salary of $45,723.

In other cities, like Atlanta, Austin, and San Francisco, Advance Auto Parts employees make more than other big auto parts stores, at $40,000.

You should also factor in your living costs when negotiating your salary, and try to negotiate an amount that covers living costs in your desired location.

I am looking for a job, and Advance Auto is a large car dealer. So I will apply for a position in this position. Therefore, I need to know the average salary in different states.

Which Departments Earn More at Advance Auto Parts?

Retail and sales work at Advance Auto Parts earn less money than that of the management, because the higher-level management earns more than the sales and retail sales sections.

The total compensation for branch managers and directors depends on the location and experience.

Are Advance Auto Parts Employees Paid Bonuses?

Advance Auto Parts pays an average of $9,876 annually in employee bonuses. This bonus ranges from $2,634 to $18,566 annually, based on employee reports.

Employees with higher roles and titles such as CEO and executives get the highest bonuses of $8,000, while lower management roles like parts specialists make the lowest bonuses at $983 annually.

How Often Are Advance Auto Employees Paid?

You can expect to be paid bi-weekly at Advance Auto Parts.

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Does Advance Auto Parts Provide Extra Benefits for Employees?

Advance Auto Parts employees also enjoy various benefits. Some of them are: pay, holiday, and overtime.

Advance Auto Parts makes a team accessible to their staff with an outstanding benefits package.

You also have the benefit of paying into and sharing in the future growth of the company by investing in our stock.

The reason I know this to be the case is because the full-time hourly employees would have to work for at
least 90 days of full-time employment, if not more for their benefits to be eligible.

There are different health plans offered to the team members with different costs and cover rates.

There are also many other benefits to have a retirement system that’s available to you and your family for the rest of your lives. These benefits include life insurance, disability, term insurance, and long-term care insurance. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) estimates that over 40 million people are now eligible for these benefits, and the number is growing all the time. For those who have not yet retired, there are many things you can do to help your current retirement savings plan be more successful.

If you’re wondering about Advance Auto Parts salary, then you also need to check our salary comparison list.


Advance Auto Parts pay a different hourly wage for each role. While the average pay for delivery drivers ranges from $12.82 an hour, sales associates make $11.96 an hour, cashiers earn $9.42, and sales representatives earn $12.79 per hour.

The general manager makes more than the assistant manager, which is higher than the assistant manager, which is higher than the commercial manager.

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