Why Is Usps So Bad? (do They Really Suck)

It’s not exactly that, exactly. I mean, I’ve had to use the Post Office’s snail mail, and it was pretty terrible. And that was even before they changed their policies about free boxes.

They’ve just lost their way. Like a child they seem to have lost their way in the world and haven’t really come into their own yet.

So I think there’s a couple of things to talk about here. First, it seems like many of you are saying that this is a “tactical” move by the Postal Service, which many of you feel is a bit ironic. Many of you seem to think that the Postal Service is in need of the money, and that the only way to get it is to make a bold move. This is not the case.

Why Is USPS So Bad? & Do They Really Suck?

USPS Has Been Raising Rates

While UPS and FedEx remain the more expensive shipping companies, you aren’t imagining higher prices at the Post Office. UPS, for instance, said it would start increasing shipping costs as much as $2 per package, with Post Office prices increasing by as much as $1 per package.

The United States Postal Service announced the prices of First-Class letters, First-Class flats and large envelopes, postcards and Certified Mail would be going up.

For example, a company can save up to $150 a year in fuel and dock fees with our free shipping.

In the short term, businesses can easily afford more money for the postage costs. For large corporations that use Certified Mail services frequently, businesses should start budgeting for the higher cost. For small businesses or businesses with limited resources or budget, it can be difficult to afford the higher postage.

USPST, announced a 2.5% increase in postal mail rates and a temporary holiday postage increase.

On October 3rd, the Express Mail Plus rates went up while the other packages stayed the same. On December 26th 2021, the Priority Mail rates were also raised.

Temporary price hikes don’t seem so bad since they will end up costing less, but the postal service might find those increases favorable, and opt to keep them in the future.

This is a problem that many people are having with the price of postage. It’s really an expensive fee, and the price of postage has gone up significantly in the past few years.

The reason I say that is because all of the money that the Fed has pumped into the system, has been put into securities which are held by the FED. I do not see how they can continue to pump more money into the system at this point.

USPS Delivery Times Are Slowing Down

The USPS is now delivering letters in about 5 days. They’re also planning to slow down delivery times.

An example of how it may affect the average person is that a birthday card that used to arrive on just one day may take two instead.

Having a delivery time of 2 days means that you now have to pay for the delivery of it, not just have it mailed to you, which is a bit of a shock.

Part of the slowing down of delivery times, involves fewer trucks doing after hour or late deliveries, and less air transport for mail.

The Postal Service is trying to reduce costs but many people are not happy about the changes.

The United States Post Office has decided to stop delivering medicine and deliver packages instead. This means the sick and elderly may not be able to get as much medication as they need.

Some USPS Postal Employees Have Been Known To Be Lazy

But it’s not just the USPS. There are a lot of people who think the mail is not delivered on time. And there are people who complain that their mail has been held for months at a time.

One Redditor lashed out at what they perceived to be poor service by mail carriers after waiting more than five days for their package to arrive.

However, many people were in favor of Google’s hiring strategy, citing long shifts, bad working conditions, and limited opportunities.

A man filmed secretly said his postman was “flipping, tossing and kicking” a package that he had just delivered.

The postal carrier employee is not a great employee. He appears rude and arrogant.

I have only had one package from the US go missing. The mailman left it on the porch while he went to get the mail.

They prefer to leave their packages in their porch instead of leaving them at the curb so they are not visible from the street.

Sure, there is a small chance that you might receive a bill.

But I would guess that there are more good postal carriers, who take pride in their work, than “lazy” ones.

The examples with two clauses are a lot like the examples above, but in this case the last clause is very closely related to the subject. As in the two examples above, both clauses come back from the subject.

Rare Theft Does Happen At USPS

When your employer does not pay you for several months and you are owed thousands of dollars, and you get to keep the employer’s vehicles, then you will have a problem.

It also happens and one of the most likely reasons is that employees will feel that they deserve a piece of the profits so they take the extra money.

The workers at the Chicago factory stole millions of dollars worth of merchandise from Target over the course of 18 months.

PostMates isn’t just that, it’s about the fact that we don’t have to pay the same money or wait as long to get our packages as we used to.

I have never seen any of them steal anything.

Some try to steal mail or even open it. The most common crime is to steal mail from a mailbox.

If you are a business owner and you are looking to send packages overseas, you may want to know the cheapest and fastest international shipping method.
If you want to know more about how to ship with USPS, this course will help you.


The US Post Office has many genuine frustrations, from higher delivery rates and slower delivery times to a controversial current Postmaster General.

The exception of USPS employees not working hard enough is a common complaint. The USPS is the only one of the four major United States Postal Sructures that doesn’t have a strong union – and that includes the United States Postal Service. Therefore, a strong enough union could make most of the USPS’s perceived problems go away – even if the postmaster general’s “suck” were taken as fact.

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