Why Does it Say Pending on Snapchat?

You must have found yourself in the situation when you send a message or snap to a friend on Snapchat, and it says “pending.”

This “pending” label is very common to appear and means that the person will not be able to view the contents of the message.

Many users believe that the label appears due to some technical blockage. But, this is not always the case, and there are plenty of reasons for this.

This article will explain to you all the possible reasons why pending on Snapchat happens and how you can keep track of the delivered messages. 

Why Does it Say Pending on Snapchat?

It means that the message is not yet delivered to your friend. This usually happens when you are not friends with that person on Snapchat or due to certain network issues.

The Possible Reasons Why “Pending on Snapchat” Happens

Now let’s look at why the “pending’’ tab appears next to a sent message or snap. A Snapchat pending label shows that the app will continue sending until the receiver receives the message or the sender cancels it.

  • Not a Friend With the User

Sometimes, you have sent a friend request to the person, and the person has not accepted. Due to this, the person cannot receive the messages sent by you.

To resolve such an issue and get in touch with that person, you can unfriend him/her and send a request once again, as the person might not have received the notification before and not added you back.

  • Network Issues

If you receive the pending label on Snapchat when you send a message to a friend, there might be a network issue. 

This might be happening because of no internet connection on the device, and the message will get into the device sketch, and your friend will receive it once you have access to the Internet.

  • Friend’s Account is No Longer Active

Snapchat never informs you if a friend deletes his/her account from Snapchat and the person still shows on your friend lists. Not only this, but the chats are also available in the chatbox section on Snapchat. 

So you mistakingly may send a message or Snapchat to a person who does not have an active account.

  • Limited Capabilities of Your Account

Sometimes Snapchat takes away some of the powers if you abide by laws like other social networking sites.

This happens when you break the community guidelines, and thus, people report your account. But, the problem gets fixed on its own when everything is fine, and the account gets full access.

  • Random Snapchat Bug

As you know, Snapchat runs on a network. From time to time there can be network outages or bugs within the app that doesn’t allow it to run properly.

Luckily both network errors and bugs are fixed quickly by the Snapchat team.

These were all possible reasons when the message is not delivered to the user. But, apart from the ones listed above, there is one more obvious reason, that the person might have blocked you.

Let’s see how you can check whether a person has blocked you.

Does it Mean That the Person Has Blocked You?

Sometimes, a person may block you because of his security and privacy. You may have done something wrong, or there may be previous relationship grudges.

To maintain privacy and ensure that their data is completely safe, Snapchat gives its users a fuller view of their accounts of users. 

This is why Snapchat prevents access from unknown accounts until the receiver approves the requests. Unknown accounts and the messages will stay pending, and they will not be able to see the stuff you may post on Snapchat. 

It depends on the user’s privacy settings, and you can view the location and stories of the person as their Snapchat account is public. 

How to Check Whether the Message is Delivered or not?

The status of a pending Snapchat message will change on its own to ‘Delivered’ once it is delivered. In your ‘Chats’ section, you can keep track of the status.

Snapchat will not send you a notification when your status changes, so you will have to check it frequently whenever you have the time. While inconvenient, this is the only way to know if your pending messages have reached the intended recipient.

You can even see whether the friend has seen the message or not. The content of the text message will disappear when someone has opened it. In the case of pictures, you will notice that the red box in which “delivered” will change to “opened” will also disappear.

Sent Messages Can Stay for How Long on Snapchat?

All the open Snapchat messages expire after 30 days without being given a chance to replay them. If the viewer has seen the message, it expires immediately after one replay chance.

Normal Chatbox text messages can stay forever even if they have not opened them yet. If the user has opened the text message without saving it, it will disappear immediately when the chat is off.

But, the saved text messages can also stay forever in the chatbox, and Snapchat will preserve them with end-to-end encryption.

Final Thoughts

Have you seen what makes it pending on Snapchat? It means that your friend has not yet received the message. This usually occurs when you are not friends on Snapchat with that person or have network issues.

So there are three statuses on Snapchat – Pending, Received, and Opened which confuses many users. 

We hope this helps to clarify things for you! Let’s hope that we have cleared all your doubts regarding future Snapchats, and you can use them without issue!

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