Where Are Baseball Cards In Walmart? (The Most Up-to-date Shopping Guide!)

Over time, trading cards, particularly baseball cards, increase in value. Some people consider them to be an investment.

Baseball cards were readily available in almost every retail store years ago. The decline in popularity of baseball cards is a fact that has been evident since then. These retail shops don’t stock any baseball cards.

If you are looking for some of these baseball trading card, where can you buy them? What stores still sell baseball cards

Walmart: Where can I buy baseball cards?

These cards can be found in all Walmarts, but not every one. Some Walmart employees claim that these cards are placed in the “impulse buy” aisles near the checkout counters.

You can also find them in the hobby section. This section is usually located near the electronics aisle. The ‘toys section can be accessed as it was previously.

You can also buy baseball cards online at Walmart if you’re not able to locate them in-store.

Are Baseball Cards Available Online at Walmart?


Many Walmart stores have moved their baseball card sales online because in-store baseball cards are more prone to being stolen. Walmart decided to sell most of its baseball cards online in an effort to curb this trend.

Other trading cards such as Basketball cards and Pokemon cards are also available. You may be eligible for free shipping or special offers with some cards. You should keep an eye out on their website for any special offers.

Where else can I buy baseball cards?

These are other options if you’re not able to find the cards you’re looking for in Walmart’s physical or online stores.

  • Walgreens
  • Dick’s
  • CVS
  • GameStop
  • Kroeger
  • Dollar Tree
  • B.J’s Wholesale
  • Dollar General

D.J Kazmierczak (Vice President of Sales and Product Development at Panini) verified these locations. Panini is a world-famous company that makes collectibles.

The Panini Group is responsible for most of the trading cards. Panini’s website has baseball cards if all else fails.

Other memorabilia is also available, including autographed photos and basketballs, footballs and jerseys. This is the ideal place to purchase your baseball cards or other valuable items.

Why doesn’t Walmart sell baseball cards anymore?

Walmart discovered that trading cards, such as baseball cards, have been a high-theft item. These trading cards are well-known for being stolen. They are slowly decreasing the number of shops where you can purchase these cards to protect their sales.

These cards were not removed from the stores immediately. They tried to establish a policy that each customer could only purchase a limited number of cards before doing so. A once-a week sales hour was set aside for trading cards.

However, this led to long queues for customers and chaos during shopping hours. Walmart was left with no choice but to fight for boxes of cards.

People were also stealing the baseball cards that Walmart had stopped selling. They weren’t selling them online or on eBay. They were just taking them out of their store and walking off with them.

Their one-box or once-a week sales hours policy was dropped. Walmart now has fewer trading cards in their stores, which is what we know as the Walmart of today.

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The baseball card craze has returned and is bigger than ever. People have been flocking to shops to try to grab these cards. Unrest has resulted in violent situations and people have been nearly killed.

They are still available in some Walmart stores. You may be lucky enough to find stores that stock them frequently if you’re fortunate. You can find them near registers, or in the toys section.

Online purchase of most baseball cards and trading cards is possible. This allows you to order multiple boxes rather than one. Other companies focus on selling trading cards and collectibles.

Do you think Walmart should bring back baseball cards and other trading cards? Comment below to let us know your thoughts!

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