What Is A Super Target? (Everything To Know!)

Target operates over 1900 stores in the United States. Target has made some stores “Super Targets” to meet customers’ diverse needs.

If you’re a Target customer, you might be curious about what a Super Target is, and how it differs from your typical Target store. Continue reading to find out more about Super Targets and the differences between regular Target and Super Target.

What is a Super Target?

A Super Target, as the name implies, is a larger version of the traditional Target store. Super Targets are larger in size and stock a wider variety of products. Super Target also offers facilities like on-site bakeries and grocery sections. These features enhance customers’ shopping experience.

Continue reading to learn more about Super Targets and compare them with regular Targets.

How many Super Target stores are there in the US?

According to several reports, there are 239 Super Target stores across the United States. This represents just 13% of all Target Stores across the country. It is important to note that Super Target stores often offer products and amenities that are not available in regular Target Stores.

Super Target vs. Target

What are the differences between a Super Target and a regular Target? First, let’s talk about size. Super Target stores are larger than the average Target store. The Super Target also has a wider selection of products than the traditional Target store. Super Target has expanded conventional Target aisles like grocery.

The amenities offered by both stores are another important difference. Super Targets provide many amenities for customers, including deli counters that offer a variety of meats.

These stores also stock more products than regular Target stores. However, the products may not necessarily be different from those at your local Target Store.

What size is a Super Target?

Super Target stores are larger than regular Target stores and have more stock. On average, Super Target stores measure 175,000 square footage.

You may also notice double entrance doors at Super Target stores. This is a feature that allows them to be more easily accessible for higher traffic, which is often expected.

What will you find inside Super Targets?

Regular Target shoppers report that Super Targets look similar to regular Target stores in many ways. Most of the aisles and products at Super Targets look similar to Target’s, with the exception of the variety. Super Targets carry a variety of products.

These stores also have delis that offer a variety of meats and bakeries on-site for fresh pastries. The best thing about these stores is their wide range of meat varieties.

History of Super Targets

In 1995, the first Super Target store opened in Omaha, Nebraska. The store was approximately the same size and offered a wider range of produce than a Target Greatland. Target opened its first store, offering fresh foods in its stores including fruit, vegetables and meat.

Super Target stores had banks and photo studios for many of their customers. For their customers convenience, they also increased the size and variety of their restaurants. The stores had health clinics that allowed customers to buy prescriptions and receive treatment.

Before regular Target stores had all of the above-mentioned features adopted, Super Targets were only place where you could buy all your Target favorite items in larger quantities.

What is the largest Super Target Store?

The largest Super Target is located in Hoover, Alabama. It covers approximately 191,000 square feet (or 4.5 acres). The largest Target store is located in Annapolis, Maryland. It covers 204,000 square feet, twice the area of regular Target stores.

Wicker Park in Chicago is home to the smallest Target store. This small-format Target store measures 12,800 square feet, which is sixteenteen times smaller than the largest Targets store.

What States have Super Targets?

There are Super Targets in the following states: Minnesota, Illinois. Indiana, Colorado. Missouri. Texas. Virginia. Mississippi. North Carolina.

Which Target Store is Most Popular?

According to statistics, California had the most Target stores in the US by 2021. It had 307 stores. Texas had 153 and Florida had 126.

What are the Perks of Shopping at Target?

These are the benefits of shopping at Target

  • You can even rain-check the items that you are interested in buying
  • They have a return policy
  • Reusable bags can be used to get discounts
  • Target allows you to save an additional 10% on any registry leftovers once you have registered.
  • Its prices are lower than its competitors
  • Target offers field coupons every week
  • Target’s website has a section called “Sample Spot”. You can ask for samples of products they give away for free such as cosmetics and food.
  • You could be eligible for a free gift if you’re a regular customer.

Is the “Super Target” label still available?

Target stores no longer display the Super Target logo or branding. However, they have all undergone a rebranding. They are all Target stores, and have no distinctive factor. Target released a press release in 2015 revealing that it had changed the “Super Target” branding of its stores. But, Target stated that no matter how small or large, its stores all had one constant factor: It was Target.

It’s important to be aware that Target has stopped developing Super Target stores. They will continue to expand with regular Target branding.

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A Super Target store is more spacious than the average Target store. It also offers a variety of products and amenities, including meat products, grocery, banks, and health centres.

Super Targets can be found in all 50 states, with the largest being in Hoover, Alabama.

Super Targets has been in operation since 1995. After changing their branding to “Target”, they lost the “super” identifier.

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