What Is A Super Target? (How Many Stores, Locations + More) 

Target has had more than 1,900 stores in the United States. It is beginning to transform some of its stores into “Super Targets”, which it will open at times when its customers are scarce.

The target that I’m talking about in my video is a Target that specializes in super cheap home goods, like kitchen gadgets, bathroom supplies, and all of those things.

What Is A Super Target In 2022? 

Super Target sells the same items as Targets but has larger stores which offer customers more shopping choices. Super Target also offers on-site food options such as delis, bakeries and restaurants which make shopping easier and more convenient.

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Which States Have Super Targets? 

How Many Super Targets Are There? 

Target has more than 1.4 billion total sales in the last year which is over 10% of the total sales for all companies in the US and is growing as the number of stores increase.

Some stores offer free wifi, while others offer free Wi-Fi and charging stations to power your mobile devices.

What Is The Difference Between Target And Super Target? 

A Super Target store is much bigger than a regular Target store and offers a more diverse range of products including expansions to traditional Target aisles such as grocery.

And with a wider variety of meat on sale for the customers, Super Target stores may include delis.

Customers have noted that there are products available at Target locations that are not otherwise available at regular Target stores.

How Big Is A Super Target?

Super Target stores usually take up much more space than a regular Target store and so they are able to stock a larger amount of items.

On average, regular Target stores are often sized at around 130,000 square feet, whereas super Target stores are sized at around 175,000 square feet.

Super Target stores often feature double doors at the entrance, making them easier for larger amounts of people to enter and shop around.

What Is Inside A Super Target?  

At Super Targets, the quality of the food and variety of the grocery items are similar to Target, but Super Target’s prices are lower than Target’s.

Super Target stores also include facilities like the bakery which allows you to browse through a wider variety of different kinds of fresh food.

Customers have noted the diversity of selection in the meat department at Super Target.

When Did The First Super Target Open? 

The idea behind the Super Target was to create a store that was the same size as a Target Greatland store, but with a wider variety of produce.

At the time, Target’s new strategy aimed to deliver a shopping experience to a wide audience by having stores that were more intimate than a mega mall.
At the center of the stores were large, well-lit shelves stocked with grocery items.

Super Target store also offered a number of stores for shopping such as banks and photo studio, and expanded their restaurant and dining options for customers.

You’ll also notice more stores featuring health clinics where customers can purchase medication.

For the last few years, Target Supercenters and some Targets have been selling groceries as well.

In the future, Target’s products will be easier to find at their Supercenters.

What Is The Largest Super Target Store?  

The largest Super Target store is located in Hoover, Alabama and is approximately 141,000 square feet, i.e. approximately 1.1 acres.

Furthermore, the largest Target store in the world, located in Annapolis, Maryland, which has a size of 204,000 square feet, is almost twice as big as a normal Target store.

Small-format Target Store at Wicker Park is the smallest Target store in the United States.

The main character of the film The Bourne Identity is the American spy Jason Bourne.

The size of this store is approximately 12,800 square feet, which is just shy of 16 times smaller than the largest Target store. The parking lot is about 700 square feet wider than average and includes about 50 parking spaces. The store itself would have about 50 parking spaces for shoppers, which is just shy of half of the parking spaces at a typical Target store.

Does Super Target Still Exist? 

The new Target brand is the same as at any other Target store; however, in the past, Target was known for having its stores be different from each other. For example, they included a grocery/general merchandise section, plus many specialty sections.

The stores were renamed under the Target brand and no longer had the Super Target logo. The stores are still owned by the Target Corporation but with each store independently named and the Target logo was removed.

Their new logo means that they’re moving away from building a traditional store and moving toward a digital store, they also do not build Super Target stores anymore.

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Super Target is a bigger-than-average Target store featuring extra amenities and products for customers such as groceries and more meats, as well as features like banks and health centres.

Super Target sells a wide variety of products including groceries, clothes, and electronics.

The Super Target brand will be phased out starting the second quarter of 2019, which means the entire chain will now be simply Target. Some stores are expected to be converted to the new format as early as the second half while others will be closed and demolished or converted to other uses.

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