What To Do If Amazon Package Never Arrived? (Guide)

Everybody looks forward to their Amazon packages. If you ask me, it is a long wait for the package to arrive. It can be frustrating if the package that was supposed to arrive on that day doesn’t arrive. This is especially annoying if the item was needed for an emergency. What should you do?

What if Amazon tells you your package was delivered, but never arrived? What should you do? Every delivery service has its own rules and procedures for tracking and finding lost packages. Amazon is one of the easiest and most reliable carriers to work with in order to resolve any problems with your order.

What to do if your Amazon package never arrives?

Logging in to Amazon and checking the status of your Amazon order is the first thing you should do if your Amazon package doesn’t arrive. Amazon recommends that customers wait 48 hours before contacting them if their package is not delivered. For any delays, check the tracking number if the item is marked ‘In Transit’.

Amazon may sometimes delay delivering your order. Amazon will inform you. It’s a relief to know that Amazon is aware of any delays.

What if the order status indicates that it has been delivered? There shouldn’t be reason to panic if it is still in transit. You can always check again the next day. If Amazon doesn’t honor their two-day shipping guarantee, you can contact them directly.

If the order status is delivered, there are some additional steps you should take.

You should also look for a notification of attempted delivery on your account.

It is possible that the items were available for delivery, but the driver could not reach you. Or the building was closed. You might have been out on the day, or it was impossible for the delivery truck reach you due to extreme weather conditions.

Contact Amazon customer service to update your account details and specify delivery hours.

If your Amazon order is delivered but not received

This is the worst nightmare anyone can have. What can you do? There are many things you can do. First, verify the delivery address.

There may be multiple addresses on your account. One address can be set as default. This is something I find a lot when I shop and don’t pay much attention to the delivery address.

If that is the case, you may have a problem. However, if you live near the delivery address you can travel to pick up your order whenever you like. If the delivery address was in another city or state, you will need to ask amazon to send the product back to that location. Or order it again from Amazon.

Amazon is unlikely to re-ship the item. It wasn’t their fault you didn’t see the delivery address when placing your order.

Even if your delivery address is correct, it may be worth checking with your neighbors. It is possible that the delivery person got lost in the details and left your package with your neighbors. This is a common occurrence if you live in an apartment or have confused house numbers.

You should check your letterbox system every now and again if you have one. It is possible that the delivery man just placed the items in your letterbox.

How to Contact Amazon If The Item Has Not Been Delivered Within 48 Hours

Sometimes, your order status is updated before you receive it. It is best to give it within 48 hours of the status being updated. After this time has passed, and you have verified the delivery address with your neighbors, contact Amazon customer support immediately.

You have two options to contact Amazon customer support. You can either go to amazon.com and go to order history. Once there, click on help and then on problems with my purchase’.

You will then be able to choose between ‘contact us’ and ‘talk with an Amazon executive’. If they discover an issue, Amazon will redirect you to a bot or a real person.

You can also contact Amazon by simply logging into your amazon account.

Prime Member Benefits

Amazon Prime subscribers have some benefits that will help you avoid missing your package. All of the above steps will still apply. However, you can opt to file a claim if your package wasn’t delivered within the time promised or if it didn’t arrive.

Amazon will typically give you at least one month of amazon prime membership free. This will be added to your existing subscription.

What is Amazon’s A-Z Protection Guarantee?

Along with many of its “amazon fulfilled” products, Amazon also sells third-party products. These products don’t provide much information about the status of your shipment or tracking IDs. Sometimes, you may receive something completely different from what you ordered. Amazon offers some protection against such sellers through the A to Z Guarantee Protection.

This program requires that you contact the third-party seller first via your Amazon ID, and then wait for a reply. It takes about 48 hours for a response to arrive. Amazon will accept a claim if you have not received a response or the seller is not responsive.

To be able to submit a claim to our current discussions, either of these criteria must be met:

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One of the most frustrating first world problems is not receiving your Amazon packages in time. It can make or break your day.

Even worse is if you are unable to verify delivery. Amazon makes it easy to file complaints.


It is enough to ensure that you have checked all the possible delivery problems and determine if they are yours.

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