What Kind Of Oil Does Subway Use? (+ Other Common Faqs)

If you like to order your Subway sandwich toasted, you might be interested to know that the toasted option is available.

To create an awesome sub in their restaurants, they use oil like olive oil. Olive oil is pretty amazing, so naturally, they use it to flavor their subs.

What Kind Of Oil Does Subway Use In 2022?

When people think of Subway’s bread, they probably think of the taste, not the sustainability. Many people avoid Subway because it is filled with harmful chemicals, most notably trans-fats. This is where the “Healthy” label comes in.
As stated in the [Article], Subway is using olive or canola oil as a base. Adding a bit of garlic or herb flavoring adds a bit of spice to the breads.

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Why Do People Put Oil On Their Sub Sandwiches?

Oil by itself might sound like an odd thing to add to a sandwich, and some people just may not like it. But, adding oil to a sandwich can be good for other reasons. For example it can help the bread with a dry and harsh texture feel more tender.

The process is called “reverse osmosis” because it’s exactly the opposite of how water is extracted by conventional pressure-based water purification.

I am not sure about this but I did not like the tastes of the olive oil on the sub. This is probably because they used a lot of canola oil.

This sandwich takes a traditional American sub, and adds some Italian flare to it. It adds a simple yet delicious addition to your sandwich that you won’t have to apologize for.

Does Subway Have Any Flavored Oils?

Some Subway restaurants offer their own herb and garlic, which is mixed with olive oil but can be ordered also at the restaurant.

The oil was rolled out last year in several locations in California, Arizona, Nevada, California, and Oregon. It is available in a variety of locations including some restaurants, local food stores, and farmers markets. The herb and garlic oil can be added to dishes at restaurants and also used as a dipping sauce.

Even though this is a herbal oil, the garlic flavor is very apparent and it definitely tastes like garlic.

The oil used is the same as the one we learned about in our first lesson, so the same mixture of oil and water.

But not even breads and pastas are safe from the sandwich chain’s experimentation.

As far as the health benefits of flavored olive oil, these are numerous. But this article from the Mayo Clinic discusses the benefits of olive oil that you may not be aware of.

What Steps Is Subway Taking To Ensure Sustainable Sourcing Of Palm Oil?

Some experts have begun to say that in order to stop destroying the natural habitat in the harvesting of palm oil, it is important to create a system to prevent further deforestation in oil palm cultivation.

There exists a big need for sustainable methods in a context in which energy is a scarce resource.

The most significant issue is when palm oil is used in a dough that is then deep-fried. It undergoes a chemical transformation called autolysis, which can lead to the formation of acrylamide.

But most of the palm oil in the world is produced in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, and those are pretty bad countries.

Subway uses sustainable palm oil since they have been an RSPO member since 2007. RSPO is a nonprofit organization that focuses on the sustainable development of palm oil.

It is made up of more than 100 companies and governments, with more than 100 members, and is the world’s largest palm oil certification body.

Is Subway Oil Vegan?

For those who follow a vegan diet or are just curious about healthier types of condiments, it may be good news to learn that Subway’s oil is vegan. In fact, it’s one of the few oils that are.

I don’t know about the garlic oil you’re referring to but regular oil is only vegetable oil derived from soybeans.

In addition, there is a wide variety of condiments at Subway, including things like vegan mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, hot sauce, soy sauce, and many more.

What Are Some Other Toppings That Pair Well With Subway Oil?

A few examples of a great pairing include adding a touch of oil to your favorite salad dressing before you drizzle over a salad or drizzling it over a piece of grilled fish. You can even use oil for marinades and bbq sauce.

Aside from vinegar, mustard is also an excellent choice with oil, and mustard itself is kind of acidic.

And mustard and oil are also common ingredients in many salad dressings.

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I was reading through the posts in the forum, and most people were getting their food hot (steaming) with a cast iron pan. I would suggest getting a small nonstick pan. Then, if you find that you want it to be more or less’spicy’, then you can use the spices.

The best salt I’ve tried for any sandwiches is from Costco and it’s like a sea salt.

Can You Buy Subway Oil?

The oil that is used in Subway is not your typical store bought oil, it’s an herbal oil that is used with Subway’s special sandwich bread. In order to purchase the extra oil, you must go to the “Herb Shop” next to the Subway restaurant and request it.

Also, while it’s not completely free, they offer free refills if you go through the drive-through, but they’ll make you pay if you go to the counter.


Subway offers two different types of oils to sprinkle on their sandwiches.

Vegetable oil blends are also a great choice as they go well with many kinds of toppings, spices, and vegetables.

I’ve always had garlic paste and garlic salt with it in my meals.

In addition to canola and other vegetable oils, Subway also uses a small amount of palm oil. Subway wants to use more sustainable sources.

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