What Is Target? (what Is It Known For, How Is It Different, Type Of Store + More)

The 1990s and 2000s witnessed an era of great expansion in the retail sector. Walmart, Amazon, and others became household names.

Target is one of the largest retailers in the U.S. and the world. They have over 1,900 stores in the U.S. alone. They’ve got stores in China, Mexico, Canada, and more! They’ve got a store in Saudi Arabia!

What Is Target?

Target is a national chain of big-box retail stores, with some small formats available, mostly near college campuses and urban settings. Target’s store formatting and staging differs from Walmart. Target’s prices are more expensive than Walmart’s.

Target has been around for quite some time, having their first store in 1902. While they have grown in size and popularity over the years, they have not made an impact on the business world until recently. They have made their own mark in the world of business and retail with their store design, product range, and the experience they offer their customers.

What Type Of Store Is Target?

Target stores are discounted department stores, and General Merchandise stores are big-box stores.

Also, Target can be described as a hypermarket because most of the stores sell groceries and general merchandise.

For example, you can buy Target gift cards, which can be used like cash and at Target-owned stores and online for discounts.

The most common is the big-box/hypermarket where food and other items are located on one side with all other merchandise stacked on the other.

The smaller-scale Targets are about 40,000 square feet smaller than a typical Walmart Supercenter.

So they created small convenience stores, mini markets, and other outlets that targeted the people who liked the small, convenience stores but couldn’t afford a larger store.

Also, it has added smaller stores, which are perfect for urban settings and college campuses.

While it is not as large as the full store, Target’s urban and campus locations offer affordable shopping for the students and urbanites of the areas they are located.

What Is Target Most Known For?

The original target, which is a store chain, has done a good job of making a small fandom into a large one.

Target has the highest concentration of private label brand names on the market, which has helped the retailer significantly improve their sales performance.

Beauty Department
There are many reasons why you should get your hair cut and if you are looking for a hair salon in Toronto you need to know some facts and get the best one for you.

Also, Sonia Kashuk, a brand for targeted age group beauty, is available in the store.

The retailer has been going through a lot of expansion and is getting ready for new partnerships.

I know you must be tired of playing games with me.

At Target, you can find upscale but affordable home goods, like those from the Threshold houseware line.

Up & Up is an American family sitcom which aired on the ABC Television Network from June 20, 1990 to March 20, 1992. The show was created by Gary David Goldberg, who co-wrote the pilot with Jeff Schaffer. A total of 15 episodes were produced before it was canceled.

This is a very interesting comparison. Target’s up & up brand is priced at $2.95 for a 3.5 ounce bag of popcorn. Target’s other brand name, Value Essentials, is $2.95 for a 3.5 ounce bag. Up & Up is also priced at $2.95 for a 4 ounce bag.

Target primarily sells its own store-branded clothing, but it also has a wide variety of other brands, including Goodfellow and A New Day.

The company has collaborated with famous brands and design houses, like the crazy Lilly Pulitzer x Target event in 2015.

How Is Target Different?

Target’s target market is a well-defined group of people with particular characteristics (i.e., their gender, race, age, or income).

That’s why Target is competing with Walmart but not aiming for the same customer base.

Target uses demographics to know what to target to their customers. Their target market is mainly women who can afford to spend a little bit extra on home goods.

It is targeting two different people: one is going for the young people like you with an aspiration to move up the scale, and the other is targeting the people who have reached the peak of their career and want a place to relax, to reflect and think about their future.

For Walmart, the demographic is women in their 20s who are college students, single moms, and stay-at-home moms and who spend lots of time at fast food joints. But its target customer is the same target customer as before: women who work.

In addition, Walmart is all about the customer, because even in a comfortable financial situation, with a family, every dollar counts.

Target’s thinking is that it needs to make its stores more appealing to young, tech-savvy millennials who have been slow to embrace the retail landscape.

What Can You Buy At Target?

The Target in my area had a grocery store and a general store on either side.

Clothing; Accessories; Footwear; Housewares; Electronics; Health and Wellness; Toys and Games; Baby Products; Books; Media and Entertainment; and Home and Garden.

Although you may think that the Bullseye Playground goods are worth an extra mention because the inventory frequently changes (and often seasonally).

What Does Target Sell The Most Of?

Target’s most profitable departments were beauty and household essentials. It was no surprise that Target grouped beauty and household essentials together.

These games are always the top sellers, but as they are based on licensed properties, they sell out soon after release.

Target’s beauty department has positioned itself as a cheaper alternative to the fancier department stores.

Is Target A Brand Or Discount Store?

Walmart is a store both selling name brands and discount brands also sold at discount houses such as Target, Sam’s Club, Costco, BJ’s and others.

Target has a little bit of a niche in the market as a slightly more “upscale” discount retailer.

Is Target Expensive?

Target is a discount store compared to actual department stores like Macy’s, but Target’s products are more expensive that Walmart’s.

If you want to use a credit card for the purchase, then the cost is the same as if you paid cash.

In another example, a $60 sweater from Macy’s costs $90 at Saks, but only $46 when bought from Nordstrom.

Walmart offers several household essentials for much cheaper than Target. The Walmart website has a comprehensive list of what products they offer for less than Target.

If the ability to get the lowest prices on everything you need during your shopping trip is important, it’s very likely to skip Target.

Buying cosmetics, accessories, or home goods for a little extra money could be a lot of fun after all.

If you’re planning a trip to Target and want to see what items sell out, you can always check the website for their next arrivals.

You can also learn more about Target, its competitors, its target market, and its slogan, by reading our analysis on Target.


Target has defined their niche as a place you go when you are looking for something that is on sale and also it is more upscale than most stores.

While, the majority of items offered will be suitable for the Millennial mom, there’s also enough variety to offer something for everyone.

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