What Is Carrier Hub? Must-know Android App  

Android devices come with different pre-installed apps. Many Android users use their phones for years without knowing what some of these apps do. Others become curious when these pre-installed apps start affecting their phone’s functionality.

An excellent example of such an application is the Carrier Hub app. This pre-installed Android app is famous for many things but mostly the issues it creates on devices.

Carrier Hub is present in T-mobile, Verizon, Sprint, and other networks. Each network has special Carrier Hub applications embedded into Android devices to support functionality.

This post is about Carrier Hub. You’ll understand what it is, why you need it, and more after reading.

What Is Carrier Hub? 

Carrier Hub is a unique application designed to allow features that ordinarily don’t work on the Tmobile network devices. VoWi-Fi is one of those features. Therefore, it is the focus of the Carrier Hub app. In addition to allowing VoWi-Fi features, the Carrier Hub app provides customer-related network engineering assistance to T-Mobile. 

In most cases, the app comes pre-installed on Android devices, but sometimes it doesn’t. When it isn’t pre-installed, Android users may continuously get pop-up notifications to install the app. 

If you get such notifications, you can click download to get the app or ignore the message. However, it may be a bit difficult to ignore the continuous popping up of notifications on your device. There are also situations when the app fails to download, and you keep getting messages to download it. 

Why You Need The Carrier Hub 

The Carrier Hub app allows you to use features like VoWi-Fi. So, if this is a feature you need or would most likely use, install or leave the pre-installed app on your device, mainly if you use the T-mobile, Verizon, or Sprint networks.

You should also know that the app sometimes comes with many issues. These issues are why many people think the carrier hub app is a virus or a spy app. It isn’t! However, it is best to leave the app undisturbed if it isn’t giving you any issues.

Issues Associated With Carrier Hub App 

One of the reasons people are wary of the app despite its unique functionality is because it tends to be problematic. Here are some of the issues that accompany the Carrier Hub:

Increased data consumption:

One of the most complained about issues from the Carrier Hub app users is how speedily it consumes data. The app consumes more data than most Android apps because it keeps running in the background.

Drains battery:

People often complain that the Carrier app drains the phone’s battery life fast. These battery issues usually happen after installing or updating the app. It hasn’t been officially confirmed that the Carrier Hub app drains the battery, but many users have testified that it does.

Problematic device performance:

Many people who have installed or updated Carrier Hub apps on their Android devices have complained about the negative effect on their devices. Some of the performance issues that come with the app include lagging and phone freezing.

Phone alarm going off unprovoked:

Some Carrier Hub users have complained that the app caused their phone’s alarm to ring at random times.

Texts and calls issues:

There are complaints that the Carrier Hub app affects calls and texts negatively. According to reports, some users complained of being unable to send or receive texts when they launched or installed the app.

Others complained of the app affecting their mobile data calls and Wi-Fi calls. However, most complaints about Carrier Hubs’ negative effect on calls were about the recurring call drops. According to reports, the app interrupts long calls.

Can You Disable Carrier Hub On Your Android Device? 

You should opt to disable the Carrier Hub app if it negatively affects your device. Disabling the app may be your best option if it is pre-installed and you can’t uninstall it. Here is how to disable the Carrier Hub on your device:

Step#1: Go to your phone’s settings

Step#2: Click on “apps”

Step#3: Tap the three-dot icon at the top right of your screen.

Step#4: Tap “system apps”

Step#5: Search for “Carrier Hub” and tap it.

Step#6: Tap “disable”

How Do You Fix Carrier Hub Not Responding Error Messages? 

Amongst all the issues that may come with installing or updating the Carrier Hub app, crashing problems are one of the rarest. The app hardly crashes. However, it can be a tiring experience when it does because of the “app not responding” messages. These messages continuously pop on your screen, preventing the seamless use of your device.

There are many reasons why the app may crash. However, people don’t dig deep to discover why it crashed because of the app’s problematic nature.

You can fix this problem in three ways. You can try any of the three methods to solve this problem. They are:

Clear Cache:

To clear cache, go to your phone’s settings, tap apps, then Carrier Hub, and then storage. Here you will find the “clear cache” icon; tap it to complete the process. If this process doesn’t work, you might have to try any of the two other methods.

Force stop:

To force stop go to your phone’s settings, tap apps, tap Carrier Hub, and finally tap force stop. Force stopping works most times, but there are occasions where it causes the app to go haywire.

Restore factory setting:

This method is easily the most effective way to solve Carrier Hub crashing issues. However, restoring factory settings means that your phone software would go back to how it was originally. This means that all information stored on your device would be lost.

So, before you carry out a factory reset on your device, ensure that you have securely backed up all helpful information stored on it.

How Do You Uninstall Carrier Hub On Your Android Device? 

Uninstalling the pre-installed Carrier Hub app on your device may seem impossible. But If you must uninstall the app because of its issues, you should go through any of these routes:

System app remover:

Your device must have root access to take out the Carrier Hub app from your device with the system app remover. This app remover requires root access to take out the Carrier Hub app from your device successfully.

Here is how to use the system remover app:

Step #1: Install the app

Step #2: Open the app

Step #3: Using the search icon, search for the Carrier Hub.

Step #4: Tap the box next to “Carrier Hub” and tap “uninstall” to remove the app from your device.

Utilize ADB:

This software gives you a direct link to a shell called Unix. This shell runs direct commands on most Android devices. Of course, to use ADB, you need a computer. Here is how to get it done:

Step #1: Go to phone settings.

Step #2: Tap system

Step #3: Tap about phone

Step #4: Turn on the developer’s options by tapping the build figure multiple times (7x).

Step #5: Go back to the settings menu and open the developer option.

Step #6: Tap USB debugging to turn it on.

Step #7: Turn on your computer and download ADB

Step #8: Create a folder and extract the Zip file into the newly created folder.

Step #9: Open the folder after extraction.

Step #10: Long press the shift button while right-clicking a blank space in the folder.

Step #11: Click on the icon – Open Powershell window

Step #12: Enter the Android debug bridge command

Step #13: Use a cable to connect your phone to your computer.

Step #14: Run the ADB command on the screen to remove the app permanently.

What Are The Permissions Carrier Hub Uses On Your Device? 

Here are the permissions Carrier Hub uses on your device:

Location: Allowing this app to use this permission means the app can pinpoint your precise location and your approximate location.

App and device history: This permission gives the app access to all log data.

Media files: Gives the app access to all media files (pictures, videos, and documents) in the phone’s storage. It also allows the app to remove or modify files in USB storage.

Phone: The app can access and modify the phone’s state, status, and identity.

How To Stop Carrier Hub From Having Usage Data Access On Your Device 

The Carrier Hub app tracks your data usage to solve customers’ concerns and issues. Here is how to stop the app from tracking your usage data.

Step #1: Go to your phone settings

Step #2: Using the search bar, find “data usage access” and tap

Step #3: Tap the Carrier Hub app

Step #4: Tap on the toggle button to turn off the data usage access


The Carrier Hub app is useful but comes with many issues, and for many people, the problems outweigh its usefulness. The good news is that you can uninstall it if it becomes too much for you to handle.

This post is an overview of the Carrier Hub app, the issues that accompany it, and how to deal with these issues.

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