What Is Amazon Relay? (all You Need To Know)

All carriers are concerned about what’s going on with their business, and they’re wondering if Amazon Relay can help their business expand.

In this guide, we will take a look at what Amazon Relay does, and how it can really help your company run more effectively!

What Is Amazon Relay In 2022?

Amazon ROC (Retail Operations Command) is a platform that consists of several technology solutions that allows carriers to self-register with Amazon and to find, book, and execute Amazon loads. With no more need for manual data entry, carrier fleets can generate greater visibility into their operations and improve compliance with safety regulations. Payments are processed each week, and the ROC team swiftly handles issues.

You might not know about Amazon Relay, but if you’re a carrier and you want to improve your business, you should consider using it!

What Capabilities Are Enabled Through Amazon Relay?

Amazon’s new service will let carriers self-register on the Amazon network and get involved in the process of routing.

Load Monitoring: Load monitoring monitors the load on the vehicle and calculates the power consumption required for that load. The power demand for each load is stored in the database for each vehicle. A carrier can review the list of loads for the vehicle and choose the optimal combination of loads to reduce the vehicle’s power consumption and its fuel consumption.

The vehicle’s movement is recorded and stored in a MySQL database and processed in real time.

Finally the user will be able to access data through the mobile application.

When you reach a new speed limit, you will receive a text message and an audio alert on your phone, to remind you of the new speed limit. You can also set text messages to be sent to your phone or email depending on which speed limit you are reaching.

It also makes it easier for carriers to generate greater visibility into themselves and compliance with various regulations with greater ease.

There are many different products from Amazon Relay with which carriers can be confident that their company is operating more effectively than ever before.

How Can Drivers Track Their Performance with Amazon Relay?

When carriers are using the relay dashboard, we can see how well they are performing.

The Dashboard allows you view the number of carriers that are registered to Amazon. It also lets you view the number of loads that are in progress.

They can also see that if a relay job fails, Amazon Relay will reschedule it without any penalties, and not let the job keep running.

You will be able to see information about your carrier fleet, like information about types of carriers, average response times, and location.

If your website isn’t showing consistent results in user engagement, conversion, etc., you need to look at what your website is doing.

How Does Amazon Relay Benefit Shippers?

It’s common for carriers to have limited visibility into their trucks and loads, leading to delayed load requests or safety violations.

Data entry is no longer needed. The fleet can generate additional information with greater visibility. This increases the speed rate for load booking and compliance with government regulations.

What Are the Requirements to Carry Loads for Amazon Relay?

Amazon Relay’s technology is made available for all carriers who want to join the program.

Requirement carrier include a good internet connection and a good bandwidth.

First, they need to register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and have proof of insurance for each vehicle they plan on using.

It is a good idea to make sure to have proof of insurance before you register with Amazon Relay.

ELDs will be required on all trucks by January 1, 2016 and are currently mandated in all 50 states.

Device drivers can track information about your car on their own, which will help them to understand when your car is unsafe and when it can be used.

This is important because, sometimes, a state DOT number may be on the same label as a federal DOT number. Thus, the MC number must match up with the interstate DOT number, and the MC number must be the same for all carriers.

The Carriers will be able to operate in two modes:

– The normal mode: the carriers handle all types of transport except
the transportation of persons;

– The second mode is the human transport mode: the carriers handle the transportation of persons.

For “Behavior Improvement,” the score should be at least 20, and for “Safety Improvement,” it should be at least 60.

Who Can Drivers Contact If They Encounter a Problem While Executing Loads for Amazon Relay?

ROCs are the people on duty 24/7 to look after all your Relay carrier operations. Their sole job is to ensure Relay carters receive the best support and customer service possible. You can contact them via email or phone.

All carriers have their own portal and app for their customers.

When Will Drivers Be Paid for Completed Loads for Amazon Relay?

All monthly payments have to be made on Sunday mornings. This includes any payment made during the previous weekend.

Therefore, all completed work before the deadline at 11:59 pm Saturday can be paid out with the following week’s Friday payment.

Please confirm that you are not only aware of this policy but also approve that any work done on the project after the deadline can be paid out with the following week’s Friday payment. If not, please inform the design or build team about this policy as well.

How Do Drivers Submit an Invoice for a Load with Amazon Relay?

Amazon AWS, the cloud giant, is coming up with a new feature to simplify the process of taking care of invoices.

When you are registered, you will have access to your Invoices. You can view your invoices whenever you want.

What Should Drivers Do If They Encounter a Payment Issue with Amazon Relay?

If you need an Amazon Relay payment issue to be resolved, the ROC team should be able to help.

It is convenient to submit disputes directly through the portal. However, all disputes must be submitted within 30 days of the weekly invoice.

Note that you must wait 7 days before you can request a refund.

Also note that you will receive a return shipping label upon registering with Return.com. Please click the link to the Return.com registration page, fill out the required fields, and your return will be shipped to your registered email address. You will receive a copy of your return shipping label by email.


Amazon Relay offers carriers an easier time when it comes to finding loads for their networks, book loads, and execute those loads on Amazon’s network.

As the manual data entry process is eliminated, carriers can improve areas of their business operations, like booking loads more quickly and improving their compliance with transportation safety regulations.

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