Does Walmart Have A Coinstar? [all You Need To Know] 

But Walmart could not offer a wide variety of products and services to their millions of everyday customers.

Walmart does not have Coinstar machines in their stores, but they have partnered with Coinstar to offer self-service kiosks in thousands of their stores. The CoinStar kiosk will allow you to view your transactions, verify the last balance and transfer funds between accounts.

Does Walmart Have A Coinstar In 2022?

A cashier at the Walmart in Jackson, MS told me that she charges a $2 fee on customers who make cash sales. She did not have instructions on how to avoid the fee, but advised me that since the customers are responsible for the fee it’s best to just be patient and not ask.

In this article we take a look at Coinstar machines in Walmart.

How Do You Use A Coinstar Machine At Walmart? 

Using Coinstar machines is very simple. You just put the loose coins in the tray and the machine does the rest.

You can use the Coinstar machine to count your coins in multiple ways. When you first insert your coins, the machine will estimate how much you have and calculate how much change it will be to the nearest dollar.

If you get a receipt with your coin value printed on it, then you can either take it to the customer support counter, or give it to one of the customer support representatives. The customer support representative will give you the cash value of your coins.

If you don’t have a receipt with your coin value listed on it, make sure to go to the customer support counter. You will need to bring your receipt along with you.

How Much Does A Coinstar Machine Cost To Use At Walmart?

Coinstar machines currently charge you a fee for the use of their machines. The fee is currently set at around 11.9 percent of the value of the coins you are exchanging.

If you’re looking to sell your entire collection on a single platform, you can expect $100 in fees for an average transaction.

Can The Coinstar Machine Fee Be Avoided At Walmart?

The Coinstar machine will automatically count all of the coins fed into it, and will also automatically work out the deducted fee. However, customers are given a few extra options instead of simply receiving cash.

* In the “Tally/Total” box, enter your total, and then enter “0” in the “withdrawal fee” field.

To help support the needy, Amazon customers can also donate a portion of their purchases to charity. The platform also allows individuals to receive e-gift cards to be used with specific retailers and restaurants, such as Amazon, AMC Theatres, Starbucks, and even more.

When a customer chooses one of these two options, they will no longer be charged the extra fee, and they will receive the full value of their transaction.

Are There Any Alternatives To Coinstar Machines? 

The above-mentioned institutions have coin-changing programs which allow you to convert your coins into other forms of currency. The process is simple and fast, and you will avoid the fee associated with coinstar.

It’s common to receive a bill for an extra fee of $80 to $100 when you travel with pets.

Which Walmart Locations Have A Coinstar Machine?

The Coinstar machines can be found in most Walmart locations around the United States. However, not every one has them.

The dedicated mobile app allows customers to search for a Coinstar kiosk via a smartphone or tablet. It will return results based on zip code. The app is currently available for iOS and Android users.

If you want to know more about Walmart, you might also find out if they have ATMs, if they have MoneyGram, and if they have layaway.

Conclusion: Does Walmart Have A Coinstar Machine? 

When is the last time you were at a Coinstar? How about before that? If you are like most people, the answer is not very often. Coinstar has the solution to that problem. With Coinstar, you can scan your own coins and then redeem them by sending them to any Coinstar machine.

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