Does Kroger Have Coinstar? (all You Need To Know)

Kroger provides a wide variety of health services so that the customers have convenience and great experience during their shopping.

Coinstar machines are coin-operated self-service machines that you can use to make deposits (or withdrawals) of money out of your bank account or credit card. Some Coinstar machines have features like changing the currency and amount of your deposit, or a card reader to make payments.

Does Kroger Have Coinstar In 2022?

Kroger, like other stores, has coin machines in its stores that are used to deposit coins and receive cash. This is the most convenient way to cash in your coins and use an e-gift card. You can also use the coin machines to donate to charity and order gift cards. If you want to cash in your coins, you’ll pay a fee of 11.9%.

To read more about why you should use Coinstar at your Kroger, then keep reading for more important bits and pieces of information.

What Payouts Can You Choose With Coinstar at Kroger?

The first method is using a preloaded Visa Prepaid Card. Cards are available in denominations of $20, $50 and $100. This is the most popular method and it’s the easiest to use.

I have to use vouchers to buy the phone.

Kroger is a grocery store chain and these are cash vouchers printed on their money.

They are printed vouchers and must be picked up on the same day. This reduces the chances of getting lost. If the paper voucher is lost or stolen, it’s impossible to track it.

Gift cards as one of the main features of the new version (version 5).

Gift cards can be used like cash at a few restaurants but other than that they are like debit cards and like cash, they can be used only once and you cannot buy more.

You can do a lot of things. You can play online games, watch online movies, check social media, etc.

The organization will be made out to your name.

If you want to donate the money to charity, you can do so. You can use the coins yourself or donate them to a charity.

How to Use a Coinstar Machine at Kroger

Shopping at Kroger is as simple as locating the coin machine. Once there, follow these steps:

Open the machine using the red handle in the center.
Select the country of your country selection (e.g. ‘USA’).
Insert your coins.
Press the SELECT button.

Where Is Coinstar Located at Kroger?

In most Kroger stores, the Coinstar machine is usually located near the exit or entrance where the checkout aisles are.

This makes it easier for customers to get cash from ATMs, which don’t always take credit cards.

Because this is the right machine to have, and because of how hard the training is, I was hoping to order one from the Amazon Marketplace, but it doesn’t look like there are any available there. This means that I’m going to have to walk into another store and actually order one. Which means that I need to have a Kroger associates help me.

How Much Will You Pay for Coinstar Services at Kroger?

When you turn in your coins for cash, you will usually be charged a coin processing fee of 11.9% plus a $2.00 fee. Kroger does not charge this fee, although it does vary by store.

If you want to cash the coins or change the amount to another currency on PayPal, it’s free.

It is possible to make donations to the campaign. However, this campaign is not intended to be funded by donations, and donations are not recommended, but they are possible.

Do All Kroger Stores Have Coinstar?

Kroger has Coinstar machines in all stores. This is one of the convenient In-Store services that Kroger is offering to make your day easier.

Kroger and Coinstar have had a partnership for years, but customers can get the service at any of the stores.

To see the nearest store location with the Coinsource kiosk, add the zip code at the bottom of the search box, then click Go.

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Where Else Can You Cash Your Coins Apart From Kroger?

This is a service that will allow you to get your groceries delivered to your home.

If you have a problem with the bank, the bank will contact the credit monitoring company to see if your credit score is acceptable by the bank or not.

If you need more information on what exactly Kroger is, then check our post on Kroger’s business model.


The coin machines are located near the checkout counters. Customers can use these machines to cash in their loose change, or donate it to charity. They also can get e-gift cards for shopping.

Kroger coinstar services allow you to use your coins for a voucher that will let you receive cash back to your card for a fee of 11.9%.

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