What Does Starbucks Do With Used Coffee Grounds? (your Full Guide)

Starbucks’ waste management was just one of their most successful sustainability efforts.
In an effort to keep their stores as environmentally friendly as possible,
they only buy compostable materials and use green technologies such as an advanced beverage cooling system.

There are many things that your Starbucks does with its grounds. The first one being that it uses it to make the delicious coffee that we all want. Another one is that it has an interesting recycling program where you can send your grounds to Starbucks where…

What Does Starbucks Do With Used Coffee Grounds In 2022?

The Grounds for Your Garden Program allows gardeners to use the coffee grounds that Starbucks throws away. In locations where this is allowed by local laws, gardeners can take their used coffee grounds to local Starbucks stores and ask for a free container to put them in for their gardens.

If you have any more questions about coffee grounds and how they can be used, read on to learn more.

What Does Starbucks Do With Spent Coffee Grounds?

For the average American, the leftover grounds from a Starbucks cup are probably the part of your daily routine that you forget about most of the time.

The answer may surprise you. Instead of throwing away the used coffee grounds, Starbucks gives them away for free to local gardeners to add to their compost or garden soil.
You can read the full story on Starbucks’ website.

Here are the full text for the 3 questions with their answers:

Grounds for your Garden has been popular since 1995 and still produces a lot of results. Most people find it valuable to have a compost bin in their backyard, so they give the coffee grounds to their kids to play with.

How Can You Get Used Coffee Grounds From Starbucks?

If your store has the program you should call and find out if they are still taking used grounds. If you find yourself in a store that does not have the program then you are in luck. The store may have bags of used coffee grounds for sale at the checkout.

A five-pound bag of coffee is placed in the bag with the customer’s name on a tag. The customer writes the name on the bag and takes it home.

You can ask the barista for a bag of used coffee grounds as a special request.

The Gardens for All program is a really cool initiative that shows how Starbucks cares and invests in its community.

What Are The Advantages Of The Grounds For Your Garden Program?

It provides organic matter to the soil by making the soil rich, and it improves the soil structure through the compost. You will be rewarded throughout the planting season with improved plants and bountiful harvests.

Starbucks has given away more than 500 million pounds of coffee grounds to customers through their coffee cups over the years. This has given them the opportunity to reduce their waste in the garbage by over 250,000 tons.

When a customer buys the coffee they pay for it but it also ends up making the soil in their yard better.

Then, the coffee grounds are spread on the soil, and the compost turns the plants into a green wall that protects them from the sun.

Are Coffee Grounds Really Good For The Plants?

The grounds from a single cup of coffee can add a considerable amount of potassium, magnesium and other minerals to your soil, and is a great way to help plants grow healthier.

Some professional gardeners claim that coffee grounds can be used in the garden to improve the quality of your soil.

It is not a surprise that Starbucks coffee grounds will improve soil since they have been used extensively by some farmers as a fertilizer.

A recent study conducted in the United States discovered that coffee grounds left after making a coffee is a great fertilizer.
And it’s completely free!

How To Use Coffee Grounds In Your Garden

You can use compost tea to help break down leaves and other yard debris. You can make a compost tea by mixing compost with water, and adding a little soap or an essential oil. You can also compost your yard waste in a compost bin or pile, and then apply the tea to your vegetable and flower beds.

For the most part, coffee grounds are just as simple to use as compost tea for plants. Just add a few bags of grounds into a bucket, add some water and add a few drops of bleach. Wait a few days or weeks and then you will have a bucket to water your plants with.

As of this writing, many plants including tomatoes need acidic soil, so make sure to use your coffee grounds for those plants.

If you are trying to control weeds or attract earthworms into your garden, you may spray your garden with used coffee grounds.

Some people think that coffee grounds work as a natural pest control. They even think that they prevent slugs and ants from causing damage. If you’d like to try that, you can make a protective barrier of coffee grounds to protect your plants from rodents and slugs.

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I do not believe that the company has actually offered used coffee grounds to local gardeners, but I have made an informal inquiry and found that they do have a program called Starbucks Grounds For Health in which composted grounds are offered to local gardeners.

The company has a similar program in New York.

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