Is Usps Reliable? (all You Need To Know)

The most important things when posting from a business standpoint is that you have confidence that your mailing piece will get there on time.

The U.S. postal service has gone through changes lately. Is it reliable? Or is it a mess? How can they ever know what they’re doing? Luckily, I have a good answer for you!

Is USPS Reliable In 2022?

The Postal Service has had a spotty history, often criticized for its delivery times and accuracy. But the agency maintained an average of 99 percent delivery accuracy in the past and will have that number up to a near-perfect 100 percent by 2022.

When you’re looking for a mail delivery service, the USPS stands out as one of the best. For one, they are the most reliable! It’s rare to experience something getting lost in transit that USPS hasn’t caught!

Is USPS Careful With Packages?

There are many things people are curious about, but how careful is USPS? After all, it’s not enough for Grandma’s vase to reach the destination; it must also get there intact.

The three major carriers, USPS, UPS, and FedEx, were given a set of six sample packages to ship and were provided with two weeks to complete the task.

So, this study asked the participants to estimate how much gravitational force they thought shippers will apply to their packages.

The researchers wanted to measure the acceleration of the body to see if the force was affecting it.

You might also be surprised to learn that a box of tampons (which can be easily damaged) is an exception to this.

From 2014 to 2016, the US Postal Service has the largest share of parcel volume.

You’re basically wasting a lot of resources that we have as a country, and a citizen of the United States.

Therefore, the greater volume could mean more stressed out, hurried mail carriers, who are much less likely to convey parcels with heightened delicacy.

To illustrate how paraphrasing and rephrasing can provide a way to make the text more clearly communicate the desired meaning, consider this excerpt from the introduction of the article on why we should not buy lottery tickets by the National Lottery.

What Percent Of Mail Gets Lost By USPS?

I don’t know about that. I’ve heard that most mail does get lost, and I’ve also heard that our Postal System is in dire straits.

Mail volume at the USPS has continued to increase, and this is even more important if you consider that USPS is a tax-paying organization that has been around since 1775. The USPS has been delivering mail to this country for the past 221 years!

While the most cited statistic is that 40% of Americans are obese, this is a gross overestimate of the actual number of obese Americans, as such a statistic measures not only people who are obese, but also people who have an underweight body mass index.

The GAO found that the United States Postal Service hasn’t implemented suitable benchmarks for measuring lost mail. They also said the USPS can’t use the number of letters it sends to estimate the number of letters it receives and the number of pieces it sends to estimate the number of pieces it receives.

I know that if I lose my mail it is only a matter of time before it will be sent to its final destination.

When Is USPS Least Reliable?

The Postal Service is more reliable than not, but there are instances when it’s more likely for you to get your mail after a month or two than to have it arrive in the time frame you expect it to.

– An internal server error occurred.
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The Postal Service may issue a message on the landing page to warn customers that mail and package delivery will be delayed due to the possibility of a strike.

The agency is very communicative, and not only tell customers about planned outages, but also keep them apprised of reliability issues along the way.

Does USPS Guarantee Delivery?

U.S. Postal Service offers an Express Mail service for priority and guaranteed delivery of packages.

While it has the most expensive shipping option, there’s a money back guarantee if it doesn’t reach its destination by 6pm on the intended date.

However, USPS doesn’t offer an option to book your package for next day delivery, but you can get your package delivered by a post office a day or two later.

The understanding is that if the delay does occur, and if it is due to negligence on the part of the Postal Service, the Postal Service is liable.

You can still request guaranteed tracking numbers for your mail through the Priority Mail(r) Parcel program. This service allows you to send items weighing up to 20 pounds in weight. You are also guaranteed delivery within 3 days of requesting the tracking number.

The Post Office offers these services like Signature Confirmation, which requires a signature on the recipient’s end before delivery is allowed.

If you ship an item to Canada (excluding Quebec), and your shipment gets there and Canada considers the item not to be suitable for export to Canada, they may refuse to pay the customs fee. Canada requires you to pay the Canadian customs fee before they pay the shipping fee to the carrier!

In some situations, you will not be able to send a package via USPS. If this happens, you can either go to a retail outlet to have a package delivered to your home and then pick it up there or you can track the package online to see where it is so you can pick it up at a pick up location. If you decide to check the USPS location online, the USPS will refund you the shipping charges (which it is estimating before shipping).

To find out more information about what a mail carrier does and what it’s like to work as a mail carrier, you can read our recent blog posts on the USPS career path or the benefits of working for the U.S. Postal Service.


The United States Postal Service is reliable and trustworthy and can move millions of mailpieces a day without incident.

Because they are a government agency, the USPS often beats out competitors in pricing, usually costs half as much for similar services.

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