What Does Change Shipping Speed Mean Amazon? (full Guide)

E-commerce is a huge business with Amazon being one of the most recognized retail stores around.
But is this all that Amazon offers?
It turns out, Amazon is actually a lot more than just a one-stop-shop for shopping.

When you check out with Amazon, there is an option for “Standard Shipping” which takes about 2 weeks to deliver a package, and an option available to expedite the delivery by 3 or 5 days.
When you purchase from Amazon, you get a tracking number to stay up to date about the time of your package.

What Does Change Shipping Speed Mean On Amazon In 2022?

One thing that I have to tell you is that when you purchase Amazon gift cards, they automatically get credited to your Amazon account within 24 hours. So if you buy gift cards and choose the fast shipping option, the gift cards will also be shipped to your location faster.

If you are still curious about the change shipping speed option on Amazon, including how to use it and what your delivery options are, then keep on reading!

Can You Change Shipping Speed On Amazon After Purchase?

Amazon makes it easy to adjust your shipping speed after making a purchase and if you need to make changes to that speed, it is a simple process.

Make sure you check the box next to ‘Send to my eBay account’ in the ‘Order and pay’ section under the ‘My eBay account’ tab.

Amazon can’t deliver your package until they receive your payment. You can select the reschedule option to choose a different date and time for your package to arrive, keeping in mind Amazon offers an estimated arrival time rather than an exact time.

Additionally, make sure you do not have any items that will need to be signed, like a check, deed, rental agreement, etc.

When you have updated your delivery instructions and saved it, be sure to check the tracking information to find out where your package is located. If the package is not in your country then you will need to choose a different shipping method or use another merchant.

When our package arrives at your doorstep, we’ve already done our part.

If you’d like to hear this message repeated on your package, you can change your shipping speed.

What Happens If You Need To Change An Amazon Delivery That’s Already Shipped?

You should check your Amazon orders and shipping speeds because you can’t change your delivery preferences once the order has already shipped.

The amount of packages would have to be insane if they are just simply being delivered inside the warehouses.

The company has found that once a package is delivered, it will show up on its app regardless of whether it has moved or not, but the company wants the app to update.

This is why you can’t change the shipping speed once the item is shipped, but you can contact Amazon directly to do so.

If it is not en route and you are unable to change it, then it’s probably stuck in a shipping queue. You should get in touch with Amazon so that they can look into the problem and get it shipped out as soon as possible.

It’s rare that you will be able to get a refund from the store you purchased the product from, so cancelling an order can sometimes be a good idea.

What Are The Shipping Speed Options On Amazon?

Shipping options range from free shipping, to discounted shipping, to premium shipping, and everything in between.

Shipping method will be in accordance with the following schedule:
Preorder: 1-3 weeks.
Preorder: 3-6 weeks.
Preorder: 6-8 weeks.
Preorder: 8-12 weeks.

Amazon has a bunch of different fulfillment centers. You can find items in your local market but they might not be available in every city.

Products can be available, if it is time for your order or if it’s a popular item, it can be ready for you in just a few days.

In comparison, an item sold and shipped by a third-party Marketplace seller based in another country will take longer to arrive at your doorstep in comparison to an item sold and shipped by a local seller.

If you have a large amount of items you are likely to order, you can get them shipped to you faster with a priority shipping option.

Some items are not made for expedited delivery. Some items are made for standard shipping. Some items may be made for expedited shipping. Sometimes it takes more than one week to get the items. Sometimes there is a delay.

The reason to you should see faster free shipping options, but it depends on each item.

You can order different shipping speeds depending on when you buy the product and if the Amazon fulfillment center sends it out or if it ships out by a third party.

Delivery is made with Amazon’s Fulfilment Centers that take care of packaging and shipping your item. If you choose Fulfilment-by-Amazon,
a package will be sent to Amazon’s warehouse and shipped to you via the delivery service of your choice.

Are Amazon Prime Shipping Speeds Faster?

People who have an Amazon Prime account can experience fast shipping on many items without paying more for it.

There are no taxes or fees in mainland USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

Amazon announced earlier this year the addition of two day shipping and Prime benefits on an unlimited number of products. The service launched in China earlier this year and will be coming to the US sometime this summer.

Amazon Prime members have the chance to change the delivery date, speed and time when ordering groceries off Amazon Prime or arranging in-home, garage, or car deliveries with Amazon Key.

There are so many questions that we thought it would be best if we made a page specifically for people who want to know more about Amazon Shipping.


If you’re buying something from an Amazon seller, you can change your shipping information at checkout. This will appear as an option in the shipping information section.

You can update your delivery preferences before it ships.

Thank you for your order. Your order is currently being processed and will ship soon. View your shipment details or select “View My Orders” for all your orders.

If you don’t want to wait for your Amazon package to reach you, you should probably contact Amazon directly and let them know.

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